Deep and Dark Desires

Preface: I'd like to try something different for a myTake so I have a short story here. Given the content of the story, perhaps it's appropriate that this is my 13th myTake. I'd like to be able to flesh this out into a book but I'm not much of a writer. Anyways, just for a bit of entertainment, here's what I have:

At first it seems there are seven deadly sins

But at the end, the only one is letting them in.

Deep and Dark Desires

The three of them sat at a table in a restaurant. Richard and Angela sat on one side, cuddling next to each other while Kain was on the other side. He slowly found himself becoming a third wheel of sorts ever since the two met each other. Their relationship became stronger over the years and he wouldn’t be surprised if they married soon. But Kain and Richard were friends ever since they were kids in kindergarten. They grew up together and remained friends even after Kain failed college and Richard went on to become a doctor.

Richard: I’ll pay the bill.

Kain: Now, I can chip in some money. Let me at least pay for my own.

Richard: Ah, don’t worry buddy; I’ve got it. He who has the money, spends the money.

Kain became downcast and sullen at this remark.

Kain: I wish you wouldn’t bring that up.

Angela: Let’s not start this again. Look we’ve had a nice evening; let’s not ruin it.

A silence weighed down on them as Richard put the money on the table. To Kain, money was the blood of life and he was deficient.

Richard: Listen, Kain, we’re moving into our first house on Saturday. You’re welcome to stop by and visit.

Must he rub this in my face? thought Kain. Money, a girlfriend, and now a house? I should not see the place; if I don’t know what I’m missing then I’m not missing anything…Yet curiosity got the better of him.

Kain: Yeah, I’ll stop by to see the place.

Richard: Great. We’ll see you then. Would you like a ride home?

Kain: Nah, I’ll find my way. The busses are indirect but they’re still faster than walking.

Richard: Alright. Take care buddy.

As they left the restaurant, Richard and Angela sauntered up to their red Cadillac while Kain dashed to the nearest bus stop so as not to miss the bus. He imagined himself hopping an urban train to ride the roads with the other hobos.

They cruised along in their resplendent, sanguine-coloured car. Richard drove while Angela sat in the passenger seat.

Angela: I don’t understand why you still hang out with Kain.

Richard: Why, we’re best friends; always have been.

Angela: He’s just so negative, so somber. I can’t see it lasting much longer.

There she was: sinewy legs; curvaceous hips; callipygous behind; full, reddish lips; and shoulder-length brown hair. Were those baseballs under her shirt? They were round and firm like such. But wait, where’s Richard? …Who is Richard? It’s always been me and Angela; we’re meant for each other. We go to kiss, but wait – something’s not right…no! Not this again.

Kain bolted upright on his mattress. There was no bed frame; he couldn’t afford it. He couldn’t afford the mattress either which is why got one from out on the curb. It was the same dream again. He knew it was wrong to lust after his best friend’s girlfriend but his dreams, his desires, his hopes plagued him, mocked him. Kain looked over at a picture on his dresser. Through the somber apartment room, made tenebrous by the night, he could see a picture of Angela titillatingly smiling back at him. Frustrated, enraged, he went over to the dresser and snatched up the picture. “You’re not mine!!,” he yelled at the picture before throwing it out the window.

Saturday came and the three of them met up at the house. In the living room upstairs Kain sat alone in a chair whilst Richard cuddled up with Angela on the couch. A radio buzzed in background, as a child would noisily demand attention, often unheeded by adults, saying: “Doctors are warning people taking prescription drugs Anaflaxin or Calciferol not to take them together as the consequences are fatal.” Kain was jealous of Richard for having a beautiful girlfriend, a respectable job, and a lot of money whereas he has never had a girlfriend, works at a demeaning job, and has a meagre income. The three of them rose from their seats to check out the rest of the house. As they started down a sumptuous set of stairs, Kain had the temptation to push Richard down the stairs and so he did.

At the hospital, Richard was found not to have been seriously injured but was being kept under observation. Disappointed with himself, Kain walked through the hallways to an exit. Along the way, he overheard a pair of nurses talking:

Nurse 1: We’re out of chloroform.

Nurse 2: But I thought we had a bottle left?

Once outside, he hailed a cab. Music played from the radio: ♪The hounds of hell are getting closer / I got the devil on my shoulder♪. Kain arrived at his dingy, desolate apartment complex. Once inside his room, he slouched himself down in a chair and was reflecting on what he had done when a voice emerged from behind.

???: It’s a shame what happened to your friend.

Kain: Who – what – wait, how did you get in?

???: Why, you let me in.

Already out of his chair, Kain timorously backed away. With a trembling voice he questioned the intruder.

Kain: Who are you?

???: I’m the devil – hear me out. I’m your friend; I can help you get what you want. About your friend in the hospital –

Kain: T-that was an accident.

Devil: Sure. It must be an accident for you to get away with it. ‘Let not light see your deep and dark desires.’ But I know what you want.

Kain: I don’t want your help - I’d rather die.

Devil: That can be arranged. Or I can keep you alive and make you watch as all of your friends and family suffer. Consider it. I’ll visit again tomorrow.

Kain slept restlessly that night, almost as if he hadn’t slept at all. He dreamt of a shadowy figure robbing a drugstore and stealing away into the night. He awoke the next morning and felt very tired. Combined with his lack of enthusiasm, his lassitude made work even worse that day. He briefly found some relief in his lunch break until the devil sidled up beside him.

Devil: Aren’t you tired of this? That boss of yours seems insufferable.

Kain: As much as I hate it, I need this job.

Devil: Certainly. But I’m sure that you deserve that promotion.

Kain: What promotion?

Devil: The one he didn’t give you.

Kain: There was a promotion?

Devil: There certainly should have been one.

Kain: So Nathaniel Bates won’t give me a promotion that he never created? Why, he wronged me on two accounts! You know, sometimes I wish that he would just drop dead.

Devil: Then make it happen.

At saying this, the devil handed him two vials: one of Anaflaxin and one of Calciferol.

Devil: Spike his coffee with one of each. Make haste!

Kain surreptitiously crept into his boss’s office and spiked the coffee just before his boss returned.

Nathaniel: What are you doing in here?

Kain: ...I was just admiring your office, the view. I can see myself working here in the near future.

Nathaniel: *scoffs* Not likely. Now get back to work!

The next day, Kain contentedly relaxed in his apartment and listened to the radio: “CEO Nathaniel Bates was found dead in his office this morning.”

Devil: Aren’t you glad I talked you into this?

Kain: Yes, but it’s not enough.

Devil: I figured as much. People get what they want then they want more. So listen closely: you can have Angela and as much money as you can carry.

Kain: What do I have to do?

Devil: Check the top drawer of you dresser.

He opened the drawer to find a cloth and bottle of chloroform.

Devil: Let me guide you.

Carefully, choosing a time of day when he knew that Richard would be away and Angela would be home alone, Kain snuck into their house and kidnapped her. Using Angela's vehicle, he drove to an abandoned shack on the outskirts of town, hidden in the woods. There he gagged her and tied her up. Still unconscious, Kain whispered in her ear before leaving: “I’ll be back with as much money as Dick has. Your life will be of the same quality; nothing has to change except who you’re with.”

Later that night, he found himself peering through a glass into the vacant darkness of a bank.

Kain: How am I supposed to rob a bank?

Devil: Idiot! You only have to break in and take the money.

Kain: I meant, how do I get away with it?

Devil: Just trust me. You have only to act quickly and, more importantly, act! Don’t you want a better life?

Kain: By any means, yes.

Devil: Then go.

With a tire iron, Kain shattered the windows and ran inside. He quickly filled two bags with cash but wasn’t quick enough. When he went back outside, the police had arrived. He froze in their headlights, gazing down the barrels of several guns. Looking around the devil was nowhere to be found.

Six months later: a nurse and a doctor converse outside a cell.

Nurse: How is our ‘patient’ doing today?

Doctor: Delusional as ever. He continues to say, ‘It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me! The devil did it!’

Nurse: It amazes me what criminals can get away with if they’re crazy. Personally, I think he should be in jail.

Doctor: Now, now. He’s also a victim in this. You know that he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.


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