Single Ladies: Be Your Own Valentine!

Single Ladies: Be Your Own Valentine!

Valentines Day is Sunday, yes, we all know. MyTake after MyTake is being penned about it, articles are popping up all over your facebook feed, YouTubers are making gift guides. The majority of which, caters to the men and women in relationships. So add this to the small(er) pile of articles for us single ladies out there.

If you've got some spare cash - I'm talking maybe $2 max after tax - I want you to get up, get in your car, and go buy yourself a face mask. They rehydrate your skin, they make you feel fresh, and you can giggle about how stiff your skin feels when it dries up on your face.

Not to mention the silly selfies you can take, if you're into that sort of thing. I am. I'm kind of into myself, I love taking pictures of me. Especially pictures of me treatin' myself.

Now, do you have more than just a couple dollars to spare? Buy yourself a box of candy, or your favorite snack. It can be something healthy - doesn't necessarily have to be chocolates or sweets. Nobody knows you're buying it for you. Seriously, they don't know that you're single and just treating yourself to a moment of indulgence.

With face mask(s) and snacks in tow, hop back into your car - maybe after stopping at the nearest Redbox kiosk - and head home. You've got your food, you've got your beauty tools, you've maybe got a source of entertainment. Change into sweats, slap on that face mask, and tear into your snacks.

One tip - make sure you don't grab a RomCom from the kiosk. I don't care if it's your favorite genre - if you're already feeling pretty down and out about being alone on Valentine's Day - it's only going to make you feel worse. Maybe rent a horror movie, or just a plain comedy.

If you put it into perspective, you're spending what? $2 on a face mask, $5 on candy, and $5 on a movie from Redbox. In total, you're spending $12.00 on yourself and treating yourself to a night of relaxtion and indulgence. Which, if you think about it, is probably at least $40.00 cheaper than any Valentine's Day you'd have if you were spending it with someone else. Trust me, I went gift shopping with my sister tonight and she spent roughly $70.00 on her fiance.

You might feel reluctant if you're a penny pincher, but really. You work hard, you deserve to treat yourself to this. You spend those $12.00 and you spend them rightfully. Hell, take it one step further and run yourself a bubble bath. Put on some music, or grab a book - do both! Anything that relaxes and calms you. Dieting? It's Sunday for chrissake - it's a cheat day. Eat that junk food, and use the face mask as a way to combat the greasiness that it leaves behind.

Love yourself, today espeically, even if you can't manage to do so any other day of the year. Because you deserve it, you deserve to do good by you. Be your own Prince Charming.

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  • Great take - Your Valentine date is the best I have read among the myriad of advice on the perfect Valentine's date - I might throw in a few single male touches but the mask and selfies are definitely staying in. I might throw in a few beers and the sports channel, nothing more alpha and masculinity affirming than watching wrestling in a face mask (cosmetic not actual wrestling gear).


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  • Cool! Well suprising events have me not begin single for valentine day!


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  • What about guys?

    I just hung out with my coworker friends... me, three guys, and a girl. Probably my best Valentine's Day for years.

    • I've been a single female for 22 years, not a single male. It was on a dude to write a MyTake for dudes.

  • If only I had a girl like you to be my Valentine life would be good


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