5 Creepiest Bone Chilling Mysteries That Have Never Been Solved

Note:Stop reading if you are sensitive or easily scared,

If you want nightmares or don't want to sleep tonight or ever again please proceed and read on....

5. The Elisa Lahm case

CCTV Footage of a distressed chinese woman acting strangely in a elavator in a hotel was found, just shortly after the fire brigade and services were alerted by Emergency call made from the same hotel, residents were complaining of bad sanitation and watering and a foul taste of the taps, when the fire department inspected the source of watering, the water tank, they found a young chinese woman dead in the tank, that had been in there some time, the woman was identified as Elisa Lahm, a young cantonese chinese student who was the same woman in the CCTV elavator footage.

What was unusual and bizarre about this and confused the authorites, was how could someone get inside the tank, as it was sealed and only a chainsaw could get through or into the tank.... With no doors or hatches to get inside, there is still no explanation for how she got in their in the first place, but the most disturbing thing about it all, is the CCTV footage, showing her making bizarre hand gestures and signs and moving slowly as if she is paranoid,exhibiting mental illness or showing signs of schizophrenia, some have speculated that she was possessed or being chased by a spirit or entity,.....

See below... This is the actual CCTV recording of her just before her time of death.....

What's interesting about it all, is that a notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez who was known in the area in 1984 to 1985, stayed at the hotel and it was also rumoured to be the last place the infamous black dahlia was seen.

4. Atlanta Blood House

In Atlanta, an elderly couple returned home after being out, making a shocking discovery and made a distress emergency call to the police, complaining of blood of a unknown source being found in spolches everywhere in the house, on the walls, under the tables, and bathroom, it apparently bleeding from absolutely nowhere in the southwest Atlanta home of William Winston, 79 years old, and his wife, Minnie Clyde Winston, 77.

At first upon inspection the police detective investigating thought it was theirs, and questioned if it was of human origin, after dna tests, it was ruled to not be human blood, and didn't match the couple, it was then thought to be a animal, but then no confirmed matches...

5 Creepiest bone chilling mysteries that have never been solved

The house upon inspection showed no signs of struggle or breaking in or entering, no windows were broken, so the theory of a robber or squatter was ruled out..

The police and lab scientists still never found out what was the cause of the source of the blood, and it was deemed "paranormal" event, it was speculated to be a hoax but was never disproven...

3. Dyalatov Pass Incident

In the Russian mountains a group of trekkers and campers were found all deceased, due to hypothermia, showing no signs of struggle or homicide.

But what was odd, was that some of the females had lips, tounges and body parts missing as if something or someone had mutillated them, but yet no signs of distress or struggle, it was deemed "paranormal" and some yeti-like entity was speculated to have caused it, due to some people claiming Orbs were seen floating in the air at the time.

2. Belmez Faces

In a Spanish town, a house was found where a image of a face kept on appearing on the carpet floor , mysteriously of no origin, after the carpet was removed several times, the image of the face still kept on appearing and no one knew where it was coming from, Investigators dubbed it "paranormal" and it was specualted that the house was built underneath a burial ground and that it was the face of a deceased person, hence where the image was coming from.

Investigators was put under scrunity together along with the local press, who seemed to perpuate the story that the belmez faces was a haunted house, for local economy and news coverage, it was speculated that the faces were a hoax and planted by the owner maria, who wanted income from the mystery, and charged admission to tourists.

1. Cicada 3301

Weird cryptic messages kept on appearing on the internet, written in hexidecimal, made for the public to solve, leading some to believe that the weird bufferfly symbol codes was CIA recruiting program for the most intelligent and intellectuals, to go on and join the CIA.


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  • Sometimes it is better not to know but I would find the code one very believable.

    • There's also something similar on youtube, every so interval and every few minutes, a account called webdriver torso uploads a 2 second video, consisting of sounds and shapes, all the videos are exactly the same, leading some to believe it youtube's channel to test bandwidth