I want to share some memories that kids born in 90's (or later) won't have.

I want to share some memories that kids born in 90's (or later) won't have.

In the same way that I am not old enough to remember how big a deal it was to witness stuff like the death of JFK, moon landing, Michael Jackson, Madonna, John Lennon, Bruce Lee, or the Berlin Wall and Soviet Union falling down, I want to share things that I remember.

I am 29 and i feel like i am the last generation that will know and remember what the world was like before the internet and smartphone and social media disrupted the world and destroyed humans.

I am the last people that remember the pre-digital world.

1. I remember playing with a typewriter at my mum's office that has those alphabet stick thing that shoot forward when you press on the alphabet key, and if you press them all at once, (which was so much fun), they all get jammed, and your fingers get dirty with ink if you touch anything above the keyboard.

2. I remember using a telephone where you actually have to stick your index finger into a dial and dial in a circular motion and wait for that diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii thing to return to the 0 position before you can dial another number in order to make a phone call.

3. I remember being overseas and the only way to communicate with your best friend is by writing a letter. International calls were too expensive and email existed, but your friend's parents wasn't rich enough to have a PC at home so no one used emails to communicate.

4. I remember my cousin having an expensive PC at home that wouldn't do anything unless you can remember how to type in the command for MS-DOS to start a game or start windows, in other words, anything that happens after c:\

5. I remember using a cassette tape and a VHS tape for audio and video. I remember those two little square sponge in a cassette tape. I remember sticking my finger in that hole in a cassette to roll the tape back into position.

6. I know what is, and have bought and used, a MiniDisc player, and thought it was the coolest gadget ever. (I bet 90% of young people don't know what is a MD player)

7. I have seen and used my dad's LaserDisc player. (I bet 99% of young people doesn't even know LaserDisc existed)

8. I distinctively remember that sound that a 56k modem make when they are dialing and especially when they fail to dial, that doot-doot-doot-doot-doot sound.

9. I remember in 1997, seeing the Titanic movie poster for the first time, and thought, "what's this movie?" and I and everyone else have never heard of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

10. I remember, the Titanic movie, being on everyone's lips and minds for weeks and months on end, I remember hearing about a girl in Italy who has seen the movie for like 52 times and it was a bragging right to tell people how many times you have seen Titanic more than they have.

11. I first learn about David Beckham as being the guy who scored a goal against Wimbledon from the half-way line and got a red card for kicking Diego Simone in the 1998 World Cup, and not the superstar guy that everyone knows nowadays.

12. I remember a time in 1999 when I had come across a computer in the school library that looks perculiar to me at the time, as in, why doesn't this computer run windows? and how do you use it and what does it do? what's this funny PC brand that I have never heard of? and why does the mouse only has one button? mehhh...this thing sucks, it doesn't do anything, no one understand it or uses it.

Turns out, I realized years later that, that computer was in fact the original 1984 Apple Macintosh.

That's all I can remember for now, I will try to add more in the next few days.


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  • I actually remember some of these stuff. My dad still has a typewriter and uses it all the time, and growing up my sister and I would use it too. That kind of telephone is still on sale where I live, but it's expensive af.
    I remember when Titanic was released my parents took me with them to the cinema to watch it. My sister became obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio, she had gazillions of posters of him hanging on her walls.
    As for writing letters, yeah, I never did that.


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  • It is only when you see someone list out some memories from the 1990s you see how fast the world has changed. I am 8 years older than you but some of those childhood/early adulthood seem quite modern to me especially the computer ones - I probably didn't even know PCs existed until my teens - The old style typewriter and you were so posh, if you had a new phone that had push buttons - Public phone boxes - No mobile phones - A night out with a group needed military planning - You would need a time and a place then you couldn't leave until everyone arrived now you just ring and ask where people are.

    • lol, you are not 8 years older than me, you are 18 years older than me.

    • I will have to get my eyes checked - Could have sworn I read 39 - My bad I wasn't trying to shave a few years off just misread - Your take makes more sense now I thought being born in 1975 was a bit weird being nostalgic about 1990s, 1985 much more logical.

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  • I can relate to some of these (somewhat) but not because of my age. Cuz my family was just not middle class and couldn't afford those luxuries. I used a typewriter til like 3rd or 4th grade - rolled up the paper pushes it back to start a new line all that fun stuff. I still have a typewriter because I can.
    I remember the cassette tape too, though I used a pencil for infinite rolling.
    I have a rotary phone and still use it.

  • I remember cassettes


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  • I was born in 93.

    1. I have played with typewriter for long time.

    2. I've used those telephones around 2005-07. My grandparents still have that phone.

    3. Ahhh the letters. I had just posted a letter few days ago :')

    4. Used to play that spider or space game like that on my dad's office computer. I don't remember much. Their tech guy taught me how to start those games.

    5. I have stopped using those cassette tapes just couple of years ago.

    6. I've

    7. Nope I haven't.

    8. I remember those modems at my dad's office. I got internet access in 2010. Even now I'm using 512 kbps DSL -_-

    9. Don't remember but I know that Titanic was huge. But I remember poster of Road Home in 2001.

    10. ...

    11. Noooope

    12. ...

  • Oh god I'm glad I didn't have to deal with that shit you go on about, secondly why do you say the internet and technology has destroyed humans your using it right now, the technology we have today is a wonderful thing and has many positives and I really dislike it when people act like humans are fucked now.

    All the things you remember kind of suck especially when you compare it to moon landing etc it just sounds like you remembering shit technology.

    • oh well, your comment sure is one sign how humans are fucked now.

      do you talk shit with that uncalled for attitude to real people in real life, face to face?

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    • (or hopefully you won't even reach 18.)

      can't come up with anything else for an argument so begin avoidance.

      so classic.

    • "hopefully you won't even reach 18" LOOOL WTF DOES THAT MEAN you want me to die or something that's hilarious srsly.

  • Most of my friends are in their 30s+ and they wouldn't seem to agree with you. It seems like life before the internet was the dark ages, where some doofus could claim a rumor is true and they practically couldn't be fact checked. If it wasn't for the shitty state of affairs with the economy, global corruption and global warming set to destroy the world, this generation would have had it the best.

    • I don't have a problem with the internet,
      I mean, I think Google, Wikipedia, and most of all, YouTube, and a few other companies, and just the act of "downloading stuff" in general, are really really great inventions.
      I am fine with that because these are "machine-to-man" technology, just like a book or a TV where, the TV is giving me information, but I am not "interacting" with the TV.

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    • i am not saying "pre-internet" vs "post-internet".

      i am saying "pre-facebook+iphone" vs "post-facebook+iphone"

      i think 1999 to 2007 was a sweet spot in technology history.

      but after 2008, tech has kinda taken over and now human are more attached to their phone than say, another human.

      that is a very very very very sad fact.

      people don't know how to live without a smartphone anymore.

      people still have close friends now.
      but do they have any close friends now who is not a friend with them on fb/instagram/snapchat?

      i seem to remember a few years ago that, i managed to make some really really good and real friends without the pollution of facebook or snapchat or instagram or even whatsapp...

    • I don't know if people do, but I do.

  • I remember most of these things.

  • Sounds fun, I have seen these stuff in movies though if not personally.