The Power of Prayer


Happy Sunday friends, my take today is on prayer. But let me first make one thing clear before we proceed here, and this is the truth. Whether we believe on something or not, our unbelief does not change the truth. It is for us to open our eyes, clear our doubts, and understand the truth. This is only way can make progress in life. If a man is lost on his journey, but keeps maintaining his wrong path despite several warnings by others, he is only harming himself and delaying his progress, but if he listens and makes the turn quickly, it is for his own benefit.

In our own human sense, we know that nothing happens out of nothing. All that man has created is for a purpose (good or evil). If man can be purposeful in his creation, then why can't we think the Creator who made man and the universe will be more purposeful? It amuses me when people think that life has no purpose, that man evolved from nowhere and that there is no power or forces controlling the universe. Well, I do not blame them, it is pure ignorance to reason this way. This can be compared to a child who attends a school and feels that he/she is wasting his/her time there. Another thought provoking thing is that despite all that man has created he has not been able to create life, by life I mean a living thing. This is because life belongs to God, who is the Creator.

Yes science will say we grow by eating and multiplication of cells, but in truth this is the handwork of the Creator. So if there is a Creator, who controls the universe and brings about the Sunlight, the rain, the moon, the seasons, life and death, then there is need to reference Him and follow His instructions. It is right for the creation to follow the instruction of the Creator, all the products that man has made follows his instructions, the car drives according to the command of the owner. Man is excluded from this principle, he stands at the commandment of his Creator. One way of referencing the Creator is through prayer. There are very difficult situations we find ourselves in life most times, and in such situations we feel this is situation is beyond our ability, and that we need a greater energy. This energy can be drawn through prayer. Help comes through prayer, and when such help comes, do not fail to appreciate the Almighty.

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  • Prayer is a very powerful thing and it works wonders


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