Things I Like About Myself.

I have been so happy lately, and my life has been going smashingly!

I'm gonna write about what I like about myself.

Things I Like About Myself.

My sense of humor.

I love my sense of humor. I love my shitty puns and my pick up lines :D I know my humor is very stupid and very dark, and even if others don't find me funny, I do and thats all that matters!

My eyes.

I've been told I have lovely eyes by many people. They're blue-green with brown around my irises and dark blue around the edges of my eyes. They also change color depending on the time of day. (Hazel through the day, bright blue in the morning and dark green at night)

My booty.

My booty is the only thing about my body I DONT hate. It's nicely shaped and sized for a girl of my size.

My intelligence.

I wish to be an author and to do so, I have to have some form of intillect. I love how smart I can be, (Straight A and B student with honors classes) and I know how to handle many different real life situations accordingly.

My maturity and my immaturity.

I love how mature I can be, say when I am being philisophical or just open minded, causing people to question if my age is even real. (Yes I really am only 16 and female).

I also love my immaturity because it allows me to have fun while others my age are confined to set rules for their fun.

My music taste.

I love my music taste. I listen to anything from Beethoven --> Skrillex --> Metallica --> Carrie Underwood etc. I can be screaming along to a song one minute while on my walks and the next just destressing while listening to Moonlight Sonata.

My writing talent.

I love how well I write, no matter what it is. A short story or an essay for school, I will almost always love the final outcome. I have a vast vocabulary and try to incorporate it into my everyday speech patterns, which shows quite often in my stories. As an aspiring author, I kind of have to be good to end up getting published. (But there's the few exceptions such as 50 Shades OG)'s my home.


My open mind.

I am not judgmental at all, and I am very open minded. I don't care how someone looks/acts/dresses as long as they're happy+not harming themselves or others. It's a trait rarely found in society nowadays.

What do you people like about yourselves?

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  • You are super duper thorough with yr shout-outs -- like, you remember to tag ALL the people, ALL the time. That's the kind of thing that will definitely pay dividends someday when you have "networking" to worry about -- I have a feeling you'll stay in the forefront of people's minds more than other contacts will.

    Also, you have lots of very nice things to say about everyone -- and they're not "the usual" compliments. They tend to be pretty original, not-the-usual-compliment-walking-down-the-street type of thing. Memorable, instead.


    Apropos of absolutely nothing at all -- Skrillex is really, really fuckin' short.
    And Afrojack is really, really fuckin' tall (actually, the only person I've met in the last 7-8 years who's taller than me in heels).

    • ^^ I seem to remember you writing something like "I like shorter OR taller guys, just not the same height as me", so, there you go. Perfect XD

    • Haha thank you. I try to just be a good friend + a good person.
      And I always have nice things to say about people, even if I don't like them. I'm glad my stuff is original though!

      Also, that's kinda awesome ahha. I know Skrillex is around my height.

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  • Wait.. wait.. wait...
    You are intelligent and have a great sense of humor + You have great booty?

    My mom was right. Such girls exist ;_;

  • Good positive take - Nice to see how happy you are - What do I like at myself - I suppose if I was talk about my life, it would be like a mountain path of gradual climbs and steep drops, I am just coming out of a valley where I fucking hated myself and I definitely feel myself coming out that which is good but still need to climb a bit before I start buzzing again with self appreciation and awareness so when you see the very positive tones you know I am in the zone again.

  • I don't know what's more disturbing, the fact that they replaced Miley's head with Nigel Thornberry's, or that they kept the boobs in that picture.

  • These are all great attributes, and cool Take, as always ;)

  • 👍 you awesome! I wonder how you have so many ideas for mytakes lol. I also wonder why u don't get many opinions... It might be ur name scaring people away! Lol

  • If your booty is the only thing about your body you don't hate, then why bother writing others?

    • Cause my eyes aren't apart of my body, and the rest is something not tangible- intelligence, my writing skill, my humor. Those are parts of my personality I know I have and I like.

  • I like everything but my looks :D


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  • These are great and we love you here. For me:
    My hair, I wanted to dye it coppery red but I changed my mind and am keeping it a dark chocolate brown color.
    My music: I could be listening to def leppard one minte and Anthony Hopkins the next
    My love of reading. Right now I am reading Les MIS. Love it so far.
    I love my boobs and legs. But prefer to be complimented on my mind

  • What I like about yourself:


  • I just want you to know that I really admire and look up to you... Great my take :))

  • My eyes.