Tips For Being More Assertive

Being assertive in life is one of the most important skills you can have. An assertive person expresses themselves very effectively and is able to stand up for their points of view while still respecting the rights and views of all others.

For these reasons and many others, Being confident and assertive are core communication skills. It does not mean being aggressive or rude, And arrogance is just fake confidence.Tips For Being More Assertive.The way you carry yourself and communicate are very important for building a healthy self-esteem and gaining the respect of others.

1. Set healthy limits and learn to say no.

2.Cleary express your needs and feelings, Don't assume other people are mind readers.

3. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about who you are and what you believe in.

4. Value Yourself and know your worth.

5. Don't be ashamed of wanting to win, But don't be obnoxious about it.

6. Acknowledge that everyone is responsible for their own behavior, Yourself included.

7. Always respect other's rights and boundaries.

8. Allow Yourself to get angry, But not immature. Control your emotions and try to resolve things in a healthy and positive way.

9. Always look people in the eye, But don't try to eyeball them down.

10. If you earn a compliment, Learn how to accept it graciously. False modesty is annoying.

11. Never, ever cry like a bitch!

Working with people, Not against them.


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  • Really enjoyed this take. Will definitely try these. Thank you.


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