Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay): The Loss of a Sports Icon

Today another great personality left this world...

Muhammad Ali(Cassius Clay)....the loss of a sports icon!

Dead at 74 years old...this man has a great career behind him...


He was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1942.

He became the world's heavyweight boxing champion in 1964

He became an olympic gold medalist in 1960.

He converted to islam in 1964.

When he got retired he was devoted to philanthropy

He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1984.

He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005.


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Most Helpful Guy

  • I am old enough to have seen him on TV, from the famous Joe Frazier fight and "The Thrilla In Manila" as a small boy, to his fight vs. Leon "missing two front teeth" Spinks, as a less small boy.

    A man who started out jive talking and embracing the warped ideology of the Nation Of Islam has long since mellowed out and he even become quite a conservative figure, attending more than a few Republican Party conventions over the years.

    Sadly, he has needed long term custodial care for about two decades now, due to both Parkinson's disease and I think brain damage caused by multiple punches to the head during some hard fights.


Most Helpful Girl

  • R. I. P You were and always will be The Greastest. (my dad's words)

    • *Greatest*

    • awww your dad was a fan

    • Both my dad and my late grandfather were.
      My dad has told me that obviously my grandfather would have remembered only too well the boxing match where our Henry Cooper ( later Sir Henry Cooper) put Cassius Clay ( as he was then known as) down on the deck for the first time ever, but sadly still lost the fight.
      Dad has also said that later in life Muhammad Ali always said it was the hardest punch he ever took, it was so hard he reckoned that his ancestors in Africa would have felt it! lol
      How true that is, I obviously don't know.

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  • R. I. P mr. Ali, you were the best of the best :(

  • Lol it always makes me laugh to see these people talking about Muhammad Ali even though they knew literally jack shit about him