Obvious and Not So Obvious Phrases and Criticism People Hate Hearing

Obvious and Not So Obvious Phrases and Criticism People Hate Hearing

Stating the obvious...

Your handwriting is terrible. (Doing the best I can.)

You're not perfect yourself. (Obviously.)

You have small boobs. (Duh.)

Life goes on. (Does it...?)

Your nose is crooked. (Ugh...)

You have so many things to be grateful for. (That's true.)

You have a small penis. (Buuut...I'm a woman. o.O)

Stating the not so obvious...

You're wrong. (What?!)

You're not perfect yourself. (Not so obvious to others, apparently.)

You're far too sensitive. (Lawd...)

You had so much potential. (I did?! When?!)

I couldn't care less. (Or could you...?)

Everything happens for a reason. (Oh, really? Well then explain this for me... _insert Q here_)

Sorry, not sorry. (This one's just juvenile...)

Annoying, unnecessary, rude even. Sure. But they are constant, no matter where you go.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • The one I really dislike, because there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, is "you are so short" Yes I know I'm short, I'm 5 something, I say this because whenever I give the last number everybody wants to argue with me I think I'm about 5'4 which I completely know is shorter than average, and honestly so long as you don't make a huge deal out of it, I'm really alright with my height, again there is nothing I can really do about it, most of the time I'm even willing to make fun of myself. However as I indicated before, I have had people tell me how short I am, as if to suggest my height was something I chose, or because of some bad choice I made in the past. "Yep I woke up one morning and decided, I'm just not going to grow any more!" ;-)

    • Even I agree with dat opinion of yours Bvroon
      ... Some people argue right in front of me whether I am 5"4 or 5"3
      It really annoys me

Most Helpful Girl

  • Concise, well-written myTake. 😊💖 This is when word-of-mouth goes astray and nonsense.
    I would like to add equally annoying and shallow criticisms:
    1. You would be beautiful if you were thinner.
    2. You have no future.
    3. If you were much more , I'd date you.
    4. He/she's out of my league.
    5. Dreams do come true (Do fantasies count, then?)
    6. Your eyebrows are messed up (Do them, then 😠)
    7. Real men wear pink. You don't wear it, so you aren't a real man.
    8. You only have one life to live.
    9. You have an obsolete phone/PC.
    10. We would be friends if you were more outgoing.


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What Guys Said 5

  • It's neither good or bad. It's that fortunate and unfortunate part of life. But those criticisms you mentioned are overdone ones people tend to use. I would say that growing up being told I was too sensitive probably got under my skin the most.

    For me I'm more concerned about honesty in people. Which means I want to know what they honestly think even if it is criticism. I don't have to agree with them, but I would rather hear their honest critique than to have them lying and smiling in my face while they're really just thinking critical or unkind things about me.

    • Too sensitive rings a bell for me too!
      What does it mean anyway?

    • @BeautifulMind59 Basically when people say that they're thinking you're so soft and fragile and easily wounded. For me I had to learn to stop showing so many emotions with people, and then they stopped saying that.

  • It is a nice take and good advice to people to really think about what you say plus how you deliver it.

  • Stating the obvious:
    America has a gun problem.

  • "You have a small penis" is definitely not bad on its own. What if it's followed by "... and i love you," or, "... and i don't care."? Definitely not terrible by any means. Heck, even a rejection like, "... and i don't feel like our connection is strong enough for us to put extra effort into making sex work," isn't even that harsh. If you're a well adjusted guy it's just a body part.

    What i hate are the negative ideas that too often follow.

    "... and the second i saw it, all the months i knew you and every feeling i ever felt for you creased to matter. And if you try to say I'm unreasonable you're a woman hating MRA (no matter how many times you've schooled them) because this is a one sided issue. Nobody cares how you're treated, only my feelings are important."

    These are some really deep down ideas that are ubiquitous but nobody ever wants to talk about.

    On my rants over. Good take.

  • " i told you so"


What Girls Said 3

  • What I hate the most is:

    You are wrong.

    And then you ask why... No answer, because me being wrong pleases the other

    And then when you have a break up, terrible consolations:

    You deserve better
    Life goes on
    You have a lot of things to be grateful for.

    Just spot on. Good job.

  • This isn't really a criticism, but I despise when people say "it's not my fault! It just happened!" No, Jessica. You didn't slip on a banana peel, spin around with such velocity that your clothes disintegrated and land on his erect penis. You made a choice. Own up.

  • Great take ( it's criticism) 😂😂😂😂😂😂 just kidding it's a really good take 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻