Ranger's Top 10 Traffic Grievances!

Yep, that's right. You read the title correctly. I am about to share and, in some cases, lambaste ten things that I see on the road with great frequency that - literally and figuratively - drive me bonkers. Enjoy!

1. Not giving a "thank you" wave when you allow them to merge or switch lanes.Ranger's Ten Traffic Grievances!

2. Bumper stickers with VERY small print.

Your bumper sticker is supposed to be a memorable quote, NOT the entire speech!

3. People who flip you off for no reason whatsoever!

One time, a guy actually took BOTH hands off the steering wheel AND took his eyes off the road just so he could hang out his window - ON THE HIGHWAY, mind you - and flip me off! With a young kid sitting in the passenger seat!

4. Your turn signal is still on, bro!

4A. ...or you didn't even use it in the first place!

5. Not turning on their headlights, even when it's dark, cloudy, or raining.

I'm sorry that I have a very intense love of not having to buy another awesome new car, of not having higher insurance rates, of being able to walk and run and play sports, and above all, not dying. Okay? Really, I am. But would it kill you to think of all the other people out there who just might share those same loves as I do? Especially if you're that guy I pulled up behind a couple of nights ago who actually (get this) turned off his headlights...RIGHT BEFORE GETTING ON THE HIGHWAY?!?

...unless you're Batman. Then it's totally cool.

6. When someone activates their turn signal and you try to be a nice, courteous driver and allow someone plenty of space to change lanes...but they never do...

...and then you get tired of waiting, speed on ahead, and THEN they switch lanes. And you feel like a jerkwad.

7. THEY don't allow you space to merge or change lanes!

Or in some cases, even go so far as to speed up...

8. Another driver gets into the passing lane and then drives the exact...same...speed as the person in the cruising lane!

9. Driving UNDER the speed limit!

No further explanation needed here...

And now, the grand prize winner, the thing that amazingly has yet to turn me into the Incredible Hulk...

10. People Facebooking, texting, or looking for Pokémon after the light turns green!

"I would so love to see Helen reach her elastic arms into that car, grab that guy's phone, and smack him with it!"

The worst is when it's two or three cars in front of you and you want to honk your horn, but you're worried that the innocent bystander in front of you will think you're honking at them...or maybe THEY'RE doing the same thing!


*Whew* Rant over!


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  • The last 3 are probably on my top 5 list.

    Another one is simply not having any idea HOW to drive properly. Like, you know how hills work? If you're going UP, you need a little more gas to go the same speed you were going before. And that turn signal? See, it exists to tell the people behind you you're going to be slowing down and turning soon... you don't come to a complete stop and THEN turn it off. You just defeated the purpose of that feature, genius. And by the way, the highway merge? Either learn that a vehicle can't magically shoot from 30 to 70 in two seconds and get up to speed, or you're going to get us all killed.


  • Two more things:
    1. The people who don't overtake and keep honking even if they know that I have no other way or when I'm stuck because of the car in front of me.
    2. (This happens on two way road) incoming cars giving pass by flashing headlights and making me blind for absolutely no reason.

  • I can't stand people who won't yield to emergency vehicles responding to calls. Once I saw someone hog the left lane on the highway when an ambulance is driving lights and siren and it took them over 3 miles to get out of their way... In light traffic conditions. Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine. They have their lights and siren on for a reason, move over!