5 Things to Know Before You Visit New England

A lot of people visit New England every year as its a very popular tourist destination however the fact is that there are a lot of things that people just don't understand before they come here.

If @falloutboy2001 and @whitesteve have anything to add that would be good.

1. The Weather

Here in New England we have a saying, "You don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it'll change." The thing about New England Weather is that it's a toss up what you'll get. It could forecast clear and sunny skies all week with 60 degree weather in February and you could get two days of rain, one day of snow, and cloudy skies all week with temperatures never reaching above 45. It might rain off and on for two whole weeks. in the middle of July. On top of that our weather is often really unpleasant. I remember this winter, I got up at eight o'clock in the morning. My dad was in the kitchen on his laptop, I asked him what temp it is. It was NEGATIVE SIX DEGREES my reaction could be summed up by

The high for that day was 8 degrees. The other day it was a hundred degrees with an incredibly high humidity and I was working the fields at my work.

2. The Tourist Traps

New England is FILLED with Tourist Traps and one of the biggest is world famous for its Witch Trials by which I mean Salem Massachusetts, now one of my ancestors was an accused witch and having been to Salem, its a complete fucking tourist trap. The sad thing is that THERE IS A LOT OF HISTORY IN SALEM but they completely ignore it all in favor of the Witch trials which actually didn't happen in modern day Salem. Salem used to be about 30 percent of the state now its just a coastal town. The Witch Trials happened in what is modern day Beverly. What is now Salem actually played an important role in the Revolution as a way for the American forces to get supplies as the British had blockaded Boston.

3. Boston is a clusterfuck

That picture perfectly summarizes what kind of place Boston is. The problem with Boston is that it the roads are based on old cattle paths and because of that the roads are incredibly hard to navigate. Its just so fucking easy to get lost in Boston that its not even fucking funny.

4. That Logan is either the airport for the Ill-Informed or those that couldn't find a flight at Manchester

Let me put this simply. Boston Logan Airport is a complete and utter cluster-fuck. The lines are longer, the traffic is worse and because it sees so much traffic there is just so much waiting and Manchester is more expensive. My family never flies out of Logan if we can get a flight out Manchester New Hampshire. Manchester is a better first choice, Logan is a second choice.

5. Boston is not the only thing to see.

There are some very beautiful places in New England, from the sandy beaches to the Dark woods of Maine where you the locals will tell you they still see Mountain Lions fairly often and my relatives can confirm this. There are some absolutely beautiful places and Boston is really only one tiny piece of it.

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  • High five mate! My family flighs out of Manchester because A) it's a town over and B) it's not the clustefuck that Boston is. I'll add a few things

    5. If you don't want to get sworn at, do not make rude comments.

    New Englander's, unlike our Southern counterparts, tend not to shake off a rude comment. My family visited the Grand Canyon recently, and some woman made a snide comment about my family (she was in the wrong, she thought we cut her but we didn't) and my father turned around and told her "fuck off, they called us up" and then told the cashier "serve her next, or she'll get upset" before leaving with out ice cream. We won't roll over or turn the other cheek, so be warned.

    6. When you go hiking, for fuck's sake, be prepared and for the love of god, go with someone who knows the trail.

    Each year people, usually tourists, get injured or killed when they fall or get lost while hiking. Wear sensible shoes, carry more food and water than you think you need, don't stray too far from the trail, and go with someone else, preferably someone who knows the trail or at least the area. Also keeping a phone on you is a good idea, just make sure you have coverage or have a satellite phone.

    7. PLEASE stop messing with the animals.

    Wild Animals are not pets. Squirrels and chipmunks bite, so don't feed them, and moose charge, so don't feed them or approach them. Deer travel in groups, so if you see one, stop and wait to see if others cross the road, and look around for more. We get bears sometimes, so stay away from them and DO NOT get between a mother and her cub.

    This concludes my reccomendations.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's similar to Long Island with the weather and I've been to most of New England as as a kid, you described it well and made interesting. I lived in Maine when I was small child but we moved to Long Island , New York soon after, my uncle has lived in New Hampshire for the past 30 years. Nice mytake though


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What Girls Said 4

  • Florida weather can be pretty unpredictable at times as well and gators. Lol. Lots of gators.
    I want to see a mountain lion!

  • Very interesting info. Thank you. I am going to fly to New England on business. I have already found cheap tickets on https://lowcost.club/ . I better spend more money in the country, for instance, on souvenirs than on tickets.

  • Thanks for that take:D ill be flying to new england next week^^
    Is boston really that bad?:D it just looks like a normal city to me from above:)

    • Boston is very bad compared to places like New York, LA, Seattle, Chicago,
      Boston is one of the handful of the large cities that never adopted grid planning

    • Okay but im from Europe and most cities dont have grid planing here so i guess ill survive:D

  • Cool it's a cluster fuck and reminds me of hell city lol


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  • I don't really mind the winter as long as we don't get an ice storm that knocks out power for a week. The humidity in the summer is what bothers me the most =.=

    Regardless, it is nice to be able to experience all the different seasons.

  • I'm STILL laughing about that NY/Boston map pic. That's just hilarious as hell and 100% true. LOL

    And I love NE weather; I LIKE having seasons. ;)

    One addition:

    #6 If you're not liberal, they want you lynched... careful what you say

    Yeah, we all know it's true.

    • "not liberal,"
      Amend that to socially liberal,
      Libertarians do just fine around me, of course libertarians are better than dems when it comes to civil liberties

    • Eh... I lean heavily toward libertarians and considering most liberals despise things like Objectivism, we don't tend to get along.

    • I'm democratic socialist when it comes to anything involving money, but when it comes to civil liberties I lean libertarian

  • It's the most beautiful part of the country that I've been to. I've been all over Maine and Massachusetts. Beautiful country. I need to explore the pacific northwest because I hear that's awesome too.

    • It is NOT the most beautiful part of the country, the
      Pacific Northwest and the American West are very much tied for that, don't get me wrong, Maine is fucking awesome but having been out west, dude we don't even hold a candle

    • Whoops, I just noticed that you've been to,
      I've been to twenty five states and the territory of Puerto Rico but the American West just feels primordial and the Pacific northwest can too

    • Yeah I'll have to check it out

  • Yeah our guys in our moving company headquarters up in Boston/Somerville have to undergo vigorous drivers training because the roads suck so bad.

  • So it's not a new part of England after all?

  • Which part you from

  • That picture is of Manchester Airport...