Harboring the Silence and Awakening the Confidence

"Let me just start off by saying this: Life is tough! With all the bullies and judgment that is passed around by our peers and elders in this day and age, it’s difficult to figure out who you truly are. It seems impossible for anyone, especially us of the iGeneration, to stand up for ourselves when we are knocked down and pushed around. We can simply hide behind a screen or a device and let it rule our lives. Standing up for yourself is so difficult because we are constantly being told, “You shouldn’t complain; you have it so easy. In my day, we didn’t have all of this technology.”

Exactly! They didn’t have this technology which makes it that much easier for our generation to get into trouble or be bullied if we aren’t even around anyone. It’s simple to type something but to speak face to face with someone is a completely different experience. Our generation doesn’t have the experience of walking up to a business and stretching our hands out to a future employer and greeting them face to face. Now, we have the option of doing things from the safety of a computer screen.

However, that is what makes this so ironic. That screen can hurt or harm us. That is why we need to step up and speak out. Let your voice be heard and stand up for yourself. That is honestly my favorite part of being a human being. YOU CHOOSE! You choose who you are and what you say. You can stand up for yourself and be your own person. Be you!

I’ve always been the person that was too afraid to stand up and talk or speak about myself and how amazing I can be. You can be amazing too! I’m not alone in this. Out of the ever-increasing 7.4 billion people in this world, you are literally one in a billion and an eccentric special person. There is a song called “Gold” and it is sung by Britt Nicole and it is definitely one you should listen to. There is a set of lyrics that have stuck with me since the first time I heard it;

Sticks and stones break your bones,

I know what you're feeling. W

ords like those w

on't steal your glow, y

ou're one in a million, this, this is for all the girls, b

oys all over the

world, w

hatever you been told, y

ou're worth more than gold, s

o hold your head up high.

It's your time to shine.

From the inside out it shows, y

ou're worth more than gold.

The reason why I bring up song lyrics is because music has a serious impact on our mental and physical well-beings. In a study of couples who spent time getting to know each other, looking at each other’s top 10 favorite songs actually provided fairly reliable predictions about the listener’s personality traits. So, depending on people’s preference in music, their personality differs with that extra feature. If you see someone with headphones on and they seem like they are jamming to something fierce, why not try to see what they are listening to, even if it’s not something you would normally listen to?

It won’t hurt to try something new. I am musically diverse and most people call me an eclectic, meaning I literally listen to every type of music; rap, country, classical, musicals, pop, Christian, alternative, rock, reggae, Indie rock, opera, etc. I literally expanded my music preference to listen to everything at a very young age because I knew that each song made me feel a different way. Let the different music of the world inspire you to take charge and be something new and diverse.

I’m sure you would read this and think how simple it is for me to just say it and not show how strong someone can really be. “Be strong,” she says. “Speak for yourself,” she says. But she doesn’t know anything about the struggles we face! That is something I have even said to someone who was telling me that I was special. I know that there are 2 different sides to every story. But I can say that in the 17 years that I have been on this Earth, I have experienced some intimidating and life-altering hardships.

I was bullied for years over the most trivial things and that is something that sticks with you for years to come. There is no amount of time it takes to get over being bullied. Besides the bullies in school, I was in a relationship with someone who wasn’t an ideal person. He loved to tear me down and with that; I have learned to build myself back up. I’ve also been kicked out of my house and forced to find somewhere to live while hearing some very mean things from someone who was supposed to love and care for me for all of my life. It’s easy to build up a wall around you and not let it bother you as much but it still affects you.

My tips for you are let the people in your life show you that you are special, let the music in this world empower you to become a beautiful, miraculous person and spread your wings. Show that you are proud to be you and that no person or word can change how you feel about yourself. Smile in the face of sadness and embrace the challenge that life throws you. You will always be you and nothing will change that. I want you to be proud of yourself and be brave. Now with that, I leave you with a song to inspire you. One that many will probably know but some may not. Brave by Sara Barielles.


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  • Omg you're only 17 but you have such a big heart and know what's up :) I adore people like this because they're the ones who can make a difference in the world. Not only that but you're open mindedness with music is amazing and not many people can do that! Like I mentioned metal, instead of insulting me, or ignoring me after, you understood me 😢 this take is awesome and I don't have much words cuz I'm speechless but what I do know: you're an amazing person, you care about people, and I completely agree with. That was beautiful 😢 lol

    • Well, thank you, Mario! I try to understand people instead of judging them because it's just wrong to make fun of someone just because of something they like. I am glad you liked my myTake. If you would like to share it, you are more than welcome to! Also, I just posted another myTake if you would like to check that one out!

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  • Nice Take :)