Smile: A Child's Poem

Here is a poem by one of my daughters.

Smile (a child's poem)

Every time I wake up

I go to the yard of my house,
look up at the sky,
and say to myself:
today will be a beautiful day.

The weather doesn’t matter,
I have to smile,
I have to be happy,
I have to enjoy life.

Today is a beautiful day,
I smile,
I’m happy,
I enjoy life.

I woke up
and went outside,
I gazed at the sky
and said to myself
it was going to be a beautiful day.

It was a beautiful day,
I smiled,
I was happy,
I enjoyed life.

Now I can happily sleep.



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  • Haha it's adorable and awesome. You should encourage her.

    • She has her own blog, where she shares her poems, and some random posts she makes.

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  • Uh so random?

    it's a kid not Edgar Allen Poe or Shakespehere worthy, but it's good


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