20 Types Of People I Will Never Understand

There are people in this life, that I would never understand, no matter how hard I will try. Those listed below, are such people:

(In alphabetical order)

1) Girls Who Don't Paint Their Nails

Why not? Painted nails (especially Dark Red, Crimson and Black colors) look awesome. It makes you way more sexy.

2) Girls Who Don't Shave Their Armpits

It’s not nice on guys either. But on girls it’s just a nightmare in my opinion.

3) Guys Who Complain They Cannot Grow A Beard

Ask someone who was cursed with thick facial hair. I have to spend one hour in the mirror every day, in order to get a full clean shaven look. And you have it naturally, and you complain on top of that! Aren’t you ungrateful? If you were me, then you would understand how boring is this daily one-hour routine on a daily basis, and you would pray you were beardless!

4) People Who Accept Wearing Braces

I would rather have my teeth rot and wear fake teeth later in my life, than try to tolerate daily bullying in school because of them. Yeah I was about to wear braces, but I refused.

5) People Who Accept Wearing Glasses

As I have said millions of times here, glasses make you look nerdy and idiotic. I know my eyesight gets worse if I don’t wear them, but…I don’t want to go out looking nerdy.

6) People Who Are Against Gun Ownership

No I’m not conservative, and you will realize it if you keep reading below (in #16). But…defending your life at any cost is essential. Even if you need to kill someone else.

7) People Who Believe There Is No Life After Death

It’s a very pessimistic thought isn’t it? First of all you have no evidence that there’s no life beyond death, right? And secondly, do you hate being alive in your current life so much, to the point that you don’t want to be alive again?

8. People Who Commit Suicide

Life is a gift. There’s no worse sin in the world than throwing away your most precious gift ever given.

9) People Who Don't Have A Schedule

I would go crazy if I didn’t have anything programmed personally!

10) People Who Don’t Round Up Their Age, Even If They Are Only Just A Day Away From Their Birthday

OK I understand if you are like six months away, but less than two months? It sounds like I’m afraid of getting older. For example in the end of October I will be 25, but I say I’m 25 since June, if they ask me. Not 24. It sounds silly.

11) People Who Eat Pizza With Fork And Knife

Pizza is sliced for a reason. It was supposed to be eaten with your hands. If it was supposed to be eaten with fork and knife, then it would not be sliced, but whole as it is.

12) People Who Hold The Hands-Free When They Talk

Hands-free was invented in order to not use your hands when you talk. But here the most bizarre thing is that some people use both hands when they talk with the hands-free. Not only one, but both! If that's not ridiculous then what is it? And why they bought it anyway?

13) People Who Like Only Instrumental Music

It’s really boring and monotonous isn’t it? Those people are usually gamers from what I notice. Don’t know why though.

14) People Who Name Their Kids After A TV/Movie Character

And this comes from a person who doesn’t want kids himself! Yes indeed, I don’t want to have kids, but if I knew that my parents named me after a TV/Movie Character I would feel really disappointed. To me it sounds like you don’t take parenting seriously if you value so much a TV/Movie Character. It’s best to use a name from a beloved family member in my opinion.

15) People Who Want To Look Idiotic In Their Pictures

Why do you do that to yourself and degrade yourself so much? Sorry but I cannot take you seriously if you act like that in your pictures. Don’t you have any dignity?

16) Those Who Are Against Sex Before Marriage

It’s really sad to think, that there are young people in our days, who still think that way.

17) Those Who Eat At Restaurants Daily

Not only it’s a waste of money…but are you so useless to be unable to cook something? Or too bored to wash the dishes later?

18. Those Who Listen To Music, Using Only The One Earphone

It’s so annoying. It’s like someone licking your earlobe, exactly. I could never do it.

19) Those Who Pay For A Very-easy-to-make Coffee

I understand if you buy some special coffee that you cannot make at home…but paying 30-35 times more to make a coffee that you could make at home at a way lower price…there’s no biggest waste of money than this.

20) Young People Who Don't Listen To Music From Before The Year They Were Born

Ah this is the one that deserves a whole essay. But this isn’t the right MyTake to do it. Anyway, I don’t understand why many young people, don’t bother discovering music from older decades, and they stick to modern stuff from the 90s-00s-10s. Especially when they consider awesome some obscure pretentious modern artists…I really want to bang my head against the wall. Well I guess it’s also the peer pressure. You might be branded as a weirdo if you listen to stuff from the 80s or from the 70s, only.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I know right... I can't have bare nails. I always paint them black. Always black, Unless I want a change and paint my middle and pointer fingers pink or red or something. On Sunday I decided to painth my nails blue and black ombre and red and black ombre. You know, one blue the next red, the next blue, the next red. And my thumb nails and shimmery pink with a black heart. As you can tell my looking at my account or nails or website, I'm obsessed with Harley Quinn at the moment :) she's so cool. And YES THO. I don't understand people who dont shave their armpits, and then wear a tanktop... its just gross. At least wear something that will cover up the hair if you're too lazy to shave.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Lots of good points here. I especially agree with 3, 6, 8, 17, and 19.


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What Girls Said 15

  • Wow this take sucks.

  • I wear glasses because I want to see, read, write, not get hit by a car while crossing the street etc.. I hopw now you understand why some in us wear glasses.
    Before talking about lenses not all of us can have them, I can't and some people's eyes get irritated.

  • I agree with some of these points. But I strongly disagree with others.
    Not all girls like or can paint their nails. They might be allergic to nail polish, and there certain jobs where women can't paint their nails.
    I prefer to wear braces and be made fun of than feeling bothered by my teeth. It's a sacrifice that is worth.
    People can look good with glasses. So, if you need to wear glasses and if you're able to buy them , then you should. Instead of worrying about looking nerd. Lots of people wouldn't be able to drive and do other things if it wasn't for the glasses. Plus, if you have poor eyesight and you don't wear glasses, you start to have headaches.
    As for committing suicide, yes, life is precious. But we don't know what a person is going through. They're hopeless, they're depressed, they feel like their life is not worth, they feel like no one cares about them and so many reasons. So, we should never judge a person who does that.

    I could go on and on about your Take, but I just wanted to talk about these topics I mentioned.

  • Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one who rounded up my birthday! I'll be 21 next month, but I've considered myself already there for quite some time now (I haven't been illegally buying alcohol or anything though, haha).
    I also choose to believe in life after death, and I also believe in God. It helps me try to understand and accept things better, and I sincerely believe in it. It's changed my life for the better to become stronger in my faith.
    I had braces in junior high and I HATED them, but nobody ever made fun of me. The only two comments I ever got were "Hey, you got braces!" and "Hey, you got your braces off!" I'm really glad I got them in the long run, and especially at a young age.
    I luckily have perfect vision, but if I didn't, I would probably choose glasses for the fact that I don't feel comfortable sticking anything in my eye. I have a hard enough time with eyedrops on the rare occasion I use them.
    I rarely paint my nails because I go nuts when one of them chips, which inevitably happens, especially in my line of work. I also am not patient enough to let them dry, and I do a terrible job at painting them. I've found it dries out my nails after awhile too and makes them feel more brittle.
    There are actually a lot of things I totally agree with on here though. I'm just trying not to write a book!

    • I think that with the beard thing, it's a "the grass is greener on the other side" thing. Women do the same thing with wishing their hair was thicker/thinner, or straight/curly.
      I definitely don't get naming a kid after a TV show/movie/book either. If I have a kid, I want the name to have much deeper meaning than that, preferably a family name.
      I can totally relate to the young people not listening to the music from before they were born thing too. To me, some of the best music was created before I was born. I don't understand why someone would choose to listen to half of the garbage on the radio these days.
      Sorry, I'm done now!

    • I know many men who round up their age, but women don't do it.

    • I do, but many people are like "But you still have X days to go!" It's like, so what? I'm already pretty much there! I also have a thing where I hate to be thought of as any younger than I am, because I was always the baby of the family and never taken seriously because of it, so I'm definitely not afraid of getting older.

  • 1) I chew my nails, so I can't paint them, and I use my hands a lot so I'd chip the paint anyway

    4) I had braces for a few years. You don't get made fun of now, most people have braces at one point or another. Besides, I had trouble chewing certain things and my smile was embarassing because my teeth were so crooked

    5) I have to wear glasses sometimes, not because I can't see, by because I get blinding headaches if my eyes work too hard, and glasses fix that. My boyfriend is thinking about getting a pair because correcting contacts only work so much for someone with 20/200 vision.

    6) I'm just going to say that in societies where there are less guns there are less homicides, less accidental deaths by guns, and less police shootings, and let's leave it at that.

    7) there's not proof that there is or isn't, so I don't care either way

    8) I understand why people commit suicide. You don't have anything to live for, you're depressed, you've got an addiction that you don't think you can quit, you feel like everyone is better off without you... There are many many reasons why someone would commit suicide, and I'm not saying it's right but it's understandable.

    18) I need to be able to hear what's going on around me, but I want to listen to my music.

    • For #18... but you can't enjoy music that way. And like what will happen? If something dangerous happened then they would start running. So you will realize it, even if with your music on.

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    • Sounds too complicated to me. When I listen to music I want to be "surrounded" by it... well how can I say it?

    • Oh no I totally get it, I prefer to be able to listen with both earbuds, but if I can't I can make it so it still sounds fine

  • You are a picky little fucker aren't you? Who know what annoys me? People like you.

    • Not little. I'm OLDER than you by five years, or maybe six.

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    • Who's hiding? I don't hide that my name here is "Defecation"


      So think before you speak.

    • What? Okay good for you.

  • Dude, people wear glasses so that they CAN SEE! I don't get what you don't understand about that. Not everyone can wear contacts. Not everyone wants to. You're worried about how you look and what others think about how you look when in all actuality, I'm sure no one cares.

  • I do not understand you.

    Very odd, Sir. VERY odd.

    • Sir? Relax I'm not your uncle. Just about one year older than you.

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    • Yep, did see it. I don't do it.

      I say 'soon to be' but enjoy my few moments until I increase in age. lol. Will be 24 for another 11 months.

    • Personally I can't wait to turn 25. I count each day actually lately, and I say "49 days till I will be 25", as for today. Tomorrow it will be 48, etc.

  • Okay... I'll never understand why you can't understand these things...

    But hey, to each their own...

  • I don't paint my nails because I'm lazy.

    • Also because the only nail polish I own is clear and tastes bad, I got it when I was like 10 so I would stop biting my nails...
      To lazy to but more and to lazy to put it on...

    • Same here. I'm also too impatient to wait for them to dry, a very sloppy painter, and the chipping drives me nuts. There's no way a paint job will last longer than an hour with my line of work, and I've found that wearing polish for too long or continuously reapplying it leaves my nails dry and brittle feeling.

  • I wore braces and my teeth look amazing now;)

  • No Fun Allowed

  • I wear glasses and braces

  • Holy fuck. Remind me never to hang out with you. Picky, picky. You know what annoys the shit out of me? People like you lmfao.

  • I dont see a problem with number 16,


What Guys Said 13

  • I understand some of these but I don't get the glasses one at all. What would you have people with poor eyesight do? Stay at home forever because they can't drive? Or should everyone be forced into contacts? Not everyone can wear them, you know... Same goes for braces. What other people think of you really shouldn't supersede your general health.

    • I have to wear glasses, but I'm extremely insecure about how I look with them on. So I go out without them, and I cannot drive because "I have to wear".

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    • I find it very "10s". I prefer to have a more 70s-80s look.

    • Teardrop glasses were pretty big in the '70s.

  • I can come up with so many reasons for the 20 types of people you listed.. Well why don't you try to understand them with using your theory of mind. Theory of mind is the ability to understand that others have beliefs, desires, intentions, and perspectives that are different from one's own. Smart people have that ability you know.

  • Number 13 is offensive. How dare you lol

  • Why is it "really sad" that there are young people who wait until after getting married to have sex?

    • It's a backward thought.

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    • Dude, you are for years here, so you are aware that the site is consisted of stupid mommyish kids who get shocked every time they see a naked picture. Someone like me shouldn't be here. But for the extra money once in a while... I tolerate it.

    • I don't follow.

  • I agree with only a few of those but in general I disagree with you.
    I will never understand you either :)

  • 11,18 i dont understand if a pizza slice is very big and you dont want to drp the cheese ore if you are like me have phobia for touching dry powder and you hand gets really sweaty then you use knife and fork. For the 2nd point 18 I just plug on in because i want to hear if someone wants me something or if I want to talk to somebody but also wants to litsen to music.

  • When your list of people you will never understand gets longer than 6, you're either a dumbass, a psychopath, a bigot or all of the above.

  • You have no evidence there is life after death.

  • This take could not possibly ever make sense in any conceivable logical intelligible way.

    noun: bigot; plural noun: bigots

    a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

  • Meh, just a not so good take.
    List me too here at 21st position

  • who died and you king of the fucking world huh?

  • 1. Good amount of guys on here have said they don't 'really' like painted nails haha.
    2. I agree
    "First of all you have no evidence that there’s life beyond death" see how easily that changed with the removal of one word? Prove pixies and shit exist and sure.

  • You are fucking weird and also quite ignorant. Good day, sir.