5 Things You're Just Not Entitled To

If you live in a developed country like the United States, Great Britain, or Canada, then you know all too well the luxuries afforded to us that many others in the world simply don’t. And I don’t mean cars, video games or computers. I’m talking about freedom of speech without fear of decapitation and right to a public education type luxuries.

However, especially in this day and age, so many of us have lost what it means to be appreciative of these things that others quite literally die for on a daily basis. Not only that, but these luxuries we have also gives many of us an entitled sense, even if we don’t think we have it. We think that things we deserve are things that we are entitled to, and that’s not the case. What do I mean? I’m referring to things we think we’re owed, but, truthfully, we’re not. And we never will be. Here’s a list of things we may deserve, but, frankly, we aren’t entitled to.

**Warning: This Take isn’t for the easily offended. And I’m serious.

1. An Explanation

As a teacher, I know first hand what it’s like to deal with people who believe you have to explain yourself to them. And it’s one thing to explain The Taming of the Shrew to a class of sophomores. But then there’s the other explanations. Why am I doing this? Why do I have to listen to you? Or, for a more relatable set of examples: Why did you break up with me? Why do I have to be on time to work? Why do I have to do what my boss says when I know a better way? Why do I have to have good grades to play college sports? Why did my mother choose drugs over me? Why did my dad leave when I was only 2 years old?

Here’s your answer:


That’s it. The world nor any of its living beings don’t owe you an explanation for anything. You aren’t entitled to it. Do you deserve one? Probably. Doesn’t mean you will be getting it, and sometimes, you just need to accept it.

2. Another Person

And I mean ANYTHING about that person, regardless of ethnicity, gender, and nationality. Their sexual history, sexual partners, education level, income status, body parts, touching them, relationships, phone call, text message…nothing. Many of us have this attitude that we own the other person, even if we don’t think that. If you take your girlfriend out to dinner for 4 months straight every Saturday without fail, she doesn’t have to have sex with you. If you make your boyfriend breakfast before he goes to work and give him back rub before he goes to bed, that doesn’t mean he has to reciprocate. If a woman walks down the street with an unusually short skirt, that doesn’t mean you can have what’s underneath it. And if a black person is walking down the street with a huge afro, that doesn’t mean you can touch it without their permission. And trust me, the afro thing happens because it happened to both my sister and I on more than one occasion in more than one area.

3. Respect

Sorry, not entitled. People say respect isn’t given, it’s earned, and it’s true. I’ll admit, I had to learn this lesson the hard way myself. I taught freshman my first year teach in 2013 when I was 23 years old, and I got my ass handed to me the first couple of months. I didn’t quit and eventually gained control, but don’t think that having a title, job, or status in society means people should just automatically respect you.

4. An Education

And I’m referring to an education on any level. From kindergarten through your PhD, you just aren’t entitled to it. Do some of us live in countries where we can have one? Yes. Doesn’t mean you’re entitled. America has free public education until 12th grade, or approximately 17-18 years old. Then college you have to pay for. Is it expensive? Yes. Are you guaranteed a job afterwards? No. Will you drown in student loan debt? Probably. But a lot of countries don’t even have the option. So while you’re over here whining about a LUXURY, because that’s exactly what an education is, just remember, some people don’t have it.

5. Acknowledgment

Are you the best running back on the team? Awesome. Did you get a higher score a test than a classmate? Cool beans. Do you have more experience for a promotion than a colleague? Good for you. No one cares. Part of my job is to tell students that they can be anything they want to be as long as they put their minds to it, but the truth is, that’s a lie. A huge lie. A huge lie I’m paid to tell. You can score higher on a graduation test than a classmate and they get accepted to a college and you don’t. It’s very possible that you’re a great athlete, but the mediocre lad next to you was chosen to go pro over you. Just because you are more qualified for a position doesn’t mean you will get it. Life’s not fair.

I’m sure most people reading this already knew some of the things I mentioned. But for those of you who needed a bit of a reality check, there you go. The point of this Take was to explain what you aren’t owed, but truthfully, none of us are owed anything. Few people realize this. Even fewer believe it. But that’s just the truth.

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  • Hmm. Thing is, yes, things are owed if you perform. It's a two way street. I am indeed owed things. Let me give examples.

    1. The government wants me to be a law abiding, tax paying citizen who will join the military and defend the country if they need me to. (such as in a draft.) Hence, they owe me stuff in return. It's a two way street.

    2. Women expect to be treated decently, or that I would help a woman out if she was in peril. Hence, women do owe me things too. It's a two way street.

    3. Employers want you to work hard, arrive on time, not slack off, do accurate work. Hence, they owe me stuff too. It's a two way street.

    4. If I get married, my wife will expect me to be there for her, to risk my life to keep her safe if needed, etc. Hence, she owes me stuff too. It's a two way street.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I disagree with 4. Getting basic education isn't only something everyone is entitled to in MEDCs, but in Europe it's actually a duty - take Germany for instance, you have to complete at least 9th grade. Then you can go off and work but anything before that isn't really your choice as the state even has this school-duty law and Germany is by all means no exception:


    So yes, education is something you are very much entitled to.

    • Entitlement means you have a birthright to it, meaning that there wouldn't laws in place to make sure you get it nor to make sure you actually go. It'd be a choice on some level. So, no it's not.

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    • Yeah I figured she blocked you after saying that shit to you because there was no response. Lol I hate her and I'm glad she's gone.

    • @Library I don't really think much of people who block others when they realise they have no point in a debate but are too ignorant to admit it at all :P

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  • The part about education is rather silly in my opinion. First of all, we would have to discuss according to WHO I'm not entitled to an education. Because the right for an education is actually an article on the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights (which the US didn't sign...). It is also an article in the UN Convention on the Rights of Children. So legally speaking, I AM entitled to an education as Swiss citizen. Also, I believe in the fundamental ideas of European secularism, which considers education a philosophical right for every man, woman and child.

    Also, your argument that other countries don't have it is pretty lame. People in other countries don't have other things either. Are you saying that we shouldn't be entitled to democracy or religious freedom or personal property or physical integrity because other people don't get to have these things?

    And when we speak about free education such as free college, the whole entitlement-outcry is actually a really dumb and childish attempt by the conservative media to make its supporters in the US sound like arrogant assholes. In reality, free college education has absolutely nothing to do with being entitled or not. It's simply a socially and politically smart thing to do. Education is by far one of the most important resources on this planet and if you ask me, US education already sucks ass in its current form. Sure, there's Harvard and Yale but the great majority of American colleges and high schools are literally pathetic to the level of education in Europe or East Asia. Not only is this bad for social reasons (lack of education leads to all kinds of social problems), it's also bad in economic terms. One of the main reasons why the 21st century belongs to China instead of America is because China actually cares about educating its people. It's not about entitlement, it's about understanding that you're better of as a whole society if you help each other out so that everyone can get a top-notch education, rather than being a bunch of jealous egoists.

    • Let's be clear, by entitled, I mean that you should have something just for being you and the only one who really believes they are entitled to anything are not very humble. Deserving something is one thing, being entitled is another, which you're arguing for deserving something. I never said no one deserves these things, just that they aren't entitled to it. And my argument about other countries isn't silly because it proves that you aren't guaranteed to get it. Entitlement means you'll get it, deserving something doesn't. Your reasonings are flawed.

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    • you see nonstop entitlement takes by girls on here-why a guy should always pay for the first date, what a real man is with the inherent claim they deserve one, etc etc etc.

    • @feminismisnarcissism You wanna know why the US does this? Because it is in a circle of a few, very pathetic friends who decided not to sign the UN Human Rights' Charter (besides the US, there is also Saudi Arabia and North Korea who didn't sign the charter and the Vatican didn't sign it either (and a few others, mostly islamic countries)). Nations who actually signed the charter also care about human rights. Plus, America, along with France, Britain, China and Russia has the right to veto UN decisions even if they are unanimous which is about the dumbest and most undemocratic policy ever.

  • You know what I believe is a much more needed mytake?

    Something like "Expressing sadness, loneliness, or disappointment about something doesn't mean the person feels entitled."

    Or perhaps "Phrases thoughtlessly tossed out like 'you're not entitled' or 'life's not fair' or 'people have it worse off than you' are neither helpful nor enlightening seeing as how those things are already well understood in 99.99999% of the cases by the person it's being told to."

    It's been my experience that the overwhelming majority of people who hear this already know this. It does *NOTHING* to help their situation. Nor is it a form of tough love.

    It is also my suspicion that people who say things like "you're not entitled" or "life's not fair" or "others have it worse" are not nearly as compassionate as they think, nor are they helpful. More often than not, I suspect, they are exasperated with people lamenting being lonely, disappointed, sad, or they cannot see a solution. Thus they throw these tired phrases out and pretend they've said something useful.

    P. S. I agree with most of what you said.

    • you should write it

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    • Anything that's informative can be helpful :D

    • This is why you're one of the best

  • And this is why feminism needs to die.

  • I agree with you on most of this except for the respect part. I think what you meant by that is "honor is not an entitlement." We all are entitled to basic respect. There is a difference between honor and basic respect. If people didn't give basic respect each other then this world would be so corrupt because people would be so rude to each other. People would've crossed boundaries and became bullies. The definition of honor is "high respect" and "distinction". Honor is something that is earned while basic respect is just good old manners and it is expected to be given to people even when you don't know them unless they did something that made you lose all respect.

    • Nope, I meant respect and you're not entitled to it. You don't have to be mean to someone to be disrespectful. You can be nice, but that doesn't mean you respect the person.

    • uh bye bye lol, and you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. That whole take is all of your opinions, not what people actually accept as fact. You wish it was how the way the world operated but too bad that's not how people generally think. Good luck with trying to get people to think like you lol. You're just a nobody telling us what we are not entitled to...

    • And yes I am entitled to it. Who the hell do you think you are?

  • 2. an explanation

    Yes, in some cases you aren't. But say a cop came into your house, shot your parents and left. You are entitled to an explanation. You are entitled to an investigation. You are entitled to justice. Because these are people serving for the collective good, using money collected from you and everyone else. And in this kind of contract, you are entitled to things like an explanation.
    If you take a job, your boss witholds 3 months salary, fires you, has you banned from the building and security no longer lets you in. You are entitled to an explanation because you signed a contract, a two way agreement.

    3. respect

    It depends how you define respect. You dont have to think highly of me. But I am entitled to not being disrespected or harmed by others. Its a fundamental human right, and I do believe in those.

    I dont think torture during police interrogations, or in prison is ok. They do owe you decent treatment. Maybe you dont agree. But I personally choose to believe in things like basic human rights, and I think everyone IS entitled to them and owed them. Because I choose to believe the world can be a better place.

    4. an education

    Yes I am. As a citizens, who pays taxes. My parents and grandparents having paid theirs. I AM entitled to a public education, it is my constitutionnal right (in France). The state is funded by the citizens, and the citizens decided that public education is something they wanted. So funds from the state (which come from the citizens) are funnelled into this education system, and every citizen is entitled to reap the benefits of the system they pay for, that their parents and grandparents paid for.
    So yes, actually, as much as you're entitled to eat an apple you bought in a supermarket, you ARE entitled to a public education.

    The state isn't this magically entity that rules over us just because. It is there by the grace and hard earned money of the people to serve the people. And the people are entitled to its service. Period.

    Its a two way street. If im paying taxes on literally everything, youd best believe Im owed. If Im going to be drafted to "defend my country", youd best believe Im owed sth in return. I think a "nobody owes you anything" attitude is just pure complacency and wed still be living under monarchic rule if the population was like that. Your countrys leaders demand your money, time, alliegance and sometimes life. As a citizen, they DO owe you some things.

  • Yes, I agree with this. My generation is very entitled. So am I. I regularly come to expect these things from other people. I try not to though.

    I think to each person they are the most important person in their lives, whatever anybody says. I think what people fail to realize is this is how everybody feels. Everybody gets to control their life, and that bothers some people unfortunately.

    In short, you are basically owned nothing. People have this attitude towards life sometimes too. They feel that because life "screwed" them life is in debt and they are owed success. Nope, that's not true at all.

    Good MyTake

  • 1. In my opinion, if you make an opinionated statement and you don't defend it with an explanation, you're a little bitch. One time this girl called me a pussy and when I told her to explain what she meant, she responded with "I don't want to explain myself." Coun-ter-pro-duc-tive *Clap* *Clap* *Clap *Clap* *Clap*

    2. That, I agree with.

    3. The problem isn't that people think they deserve respect right off the bat. The problem is that people think respect is earned by being respectful when, in reality, just handing someone your respect at first encounter only ends with you feeling beaten down wondering what you did to them.

    4. I agree there.

    5. I disagree entirely. Not with the fact that you're not entitled to acknowledgement, but with your statement that there isn't a correlation between effort/skill and success. There is. Sure, Student A may have higher grades than Student B, but maybe Student B visited the college more or applied for more scholarships for that college. Effort. Maybe Employee A has more experience than Employee B, but what if Employee B has skills that are better suited for a leadership position as opposed to a Joe-Shmoe worker? Player A may be a better player than Player B, but Player B probably gets along better with other players and has a better sense of teamwork. Nothing happens by chance.

    • naw, 5 is right much of the time. there are other factors but your example stinks. in most businesses-it's who you know more than anything. which means connections and personality.

      Further as he said-life isn't fair... and sometimes you actually fuck yourself precisely by claiming you're entitled. Give you an example, show you what I mean: SO i know this artist on facebook that lacks in skill, training, education in art. I love him, as I'm the same. He got hated on a LOT by those WITH skill, education, training, etc... So I took to promoting him, to shut them the fuck up-others liked the idea and followed... he's now arguably the most famous artist in facebook art groups and sells his paintings for hundreds of dollars... and the haters are devastated... they got all the things one supposedly needs for success, he doesn't... but he's the one who got famous. go figure :)

  • I think the first point is bullshit💩. Not entitled to reasons? Man, that's religion
    "Cmon you stupid baby, just get it over with and become a Christian, why? Cuz fuck yew" LOLZ

    Apart from that I don't agree with education and respect.
    In the country I live we get education, entitled to get one as a citizen of the country? Yes.
    Entitled to get a financial grant to help or pay off for your education? No.
    Do you have to do it? No.

    I believe in giving basic respect. Basic as in I would respect my fellow motorist while on the road, I wouldn't be the disrespecting douche who would potentially ram someone off road as an example.

    • You aren't entitled, you're permitted and there's a difference. If you were entitled to it, you would just get it. My parents bought me a car and let me drive it. I'm not entitled to that, I'm just permitted.

    • creepy picture... christians are creepy

  • So the only thing your entitled to is what? Death.

  • Good take! It's all true.
    That's it.
    Things are just the way they are and stuff will happen. Live with it and move on.

  • #3 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Just because others don't have something it doesn't mean you are not entitled to it. It's the opposite. It's a travesty that they don't have it. This is mainly linked to #4. Everyone should get an education and that is the end goal of everything charities (among others) do. Things people should be entitled to include the basics like Food and water. Then the next level is education.

    The rest is just common sense stuff you should only have to tell a child.

    • Lol, my students are children and they understand they aren't entitled to an education, they're just permitted to have one. The idea that an education is your birthright doesn't make sense when you aren't in control of where you go for secondary school and when it's not your decision to go and you actually get in trouble for it because if you were entitled, there wouldn't be laws stating you have to go. Entitlement is a birthright, not country law and you're getting what people deserve and have mixed around with entitled.

      Also, if you really think this is common sense, you should try reading some of the comments from some of the 'adults' on here because they apparently don't agree.

  • I don't use bumper stickers but if I did, I'd want that last pic as one.

  • I agree with these for the most part but the problem with education is it's getting so expensive nowadays that it's getting to the point where only people who can afford education can get one.

    School may not for everyone but it should be available for those who want to go, especially if they need the skills for the jobs they want.

  • I will agree with point 2 but not really about the rest.
    Education is a fundamental human right as recognized by the declaration of human rights, so your opinion about who is entitled to it is irrelevant.

    And the rest of the points are just matters of decency.
    Sure, you may not be "entitled" to assholes treating you like a human being.
    But you won't be the one who is in the wrong for expecting that.

    • he's talking about reality, not some stupid doctrine that means nothing. human rights don't exist-if they did, then the US couldn't veto every vote against the violation OF human rights, most notably CHILDREN'S rights, by "israel" in the UN.

  • A job.
    Actions and words without consequences.
    Actions and words without criticism.

  • if an education is a luxury how can you even consider and advanced society? you are basically sabotaging the future of your country by not giving everyone the best of the best education they can get.

    also you are not entitled to give an explanation why you did something but the person that did is also not entitled to understanding from the person they did it to.

  • I have a 20 yr. old Daughter. We discussed this subject recently. To my surprise, she SLAMMED her own generation. In addition to the entitlement attitude, she said that her generation...

    Wants it easy
    Want it given to them
    Want it now
    And, not willing to put the effort/work required to get what they want.

    By the way, my Daughter earned 15 College Credits in High School. She is in College now and expects to graduate a Semester early!

    I'm a PROUD DAD!

  • True. I have stupidly thought that I was entitled to be loved and to get a girlfriend. Now I have learned that no one owes me anything and for all the possibilities out there, I am probably going to die alone because all of the women i have ever liked either never liked me back or were already taken. I had the belief that if i was nice to a woman, that it would entitle me to being with them. No, all that does is make me a douche for expecting someone to do something for me if i be nice to them.

  • Not entitled to respect?



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  • Um what? I AM very much entitled to an explanation on a great number of things. When insurance decides not to pay as much as they're supposed I have the right to an explanation of benefits that details what is or is not covered. I AM entitled to an education, that's why it's the fucking law that children are required to go to school so we don't end up like you apparently, stupid. That doesn't include college, and it's debatable as to whether or not it should, but you thinking that people don't have an entitlement to truth and knowledge is disturbing.

    The rest I agree with. No one is entitled to other people, and the only respect we are enticed to is personal protection under the law. Meaning you can call me a bitch all you like and hate my ideas and opinions, but if you spit in my face and hit me, you're going to jail.

    So you're half correct and half fascist... not exactly something I'd brag about but you do you😒

    • lol wow you sound like a lot of fun... NOT

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    • I didn't ignore anything. you said a lot of blathery, entitled bullshit that is simply common. Amusing, but not thoughtful.

    • @feminismisnarcissism yeah, sure. Keep telling yourself that old man.👍🏼

      I just hope to god you're a 40 year old virgin. I'd hate to think of your ignorant spawn still percolating through the gene pool.

  • I honestly couldn't agree more and was talking about this with my family earlier. There are a lot of people, especially in my age group, who show very little to no appreciation for the opportunities they have, how incredibly lucky they are to be born in the US rather than in a war-torn third world country, and who have great senses of entitlement.
    In some of these other countries, people are executed in cruel and inhumane ways for their religion, sexuality, or simply speaking their minds. Some of them have closed borders in which anyone who tries to escape is executed or imprisoned. There are immigrants risking their lives just for a chance at life as we know it in the US, and there are so many ungrateful people who take what they have for granted.

  • Good take.

  • I disagree with some things you've said. For starters, if two people agree to be in a committed sexual relationship then they are entitled to sex from each other. I can also ask about their sexual history because if they have HIV or some STDs they are hiding from me, then that's just wrong and it makes you a terrible person. If he refuses to tell me his sexual history then I will not be in a relationship with him.
    As for touching people without consent, I agree and it's wrong to randomly go up to a black person and touch their hair.

    • Oh and respect is not earned. We should all respect each other unless they give us a reason not to. That's just being a decent human being. I can't believe you're a teacher. Hopefully your students think for themselves and not gobble this up.

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    • No one is talking about a boyfriend forcing himself on his girlfriend just because he's entitled to sex from her. But if she doesn't have regular sex with him, then he has the right to leave.
      And by your logic, someone with HIV doesn't have to tell me they have HIV right? Your reasoning is flawed.

    • Actually, if someone hides HIV from you and you get infected, they will be slammed with a civil and criminal suit. Will go to jail and pay you damages.
      Because you're entitled to not have your health put at serious risl because someone decided to be a terrible human being and lie to you.
      So legally, you are entitled to know that.

  • Brava! People try to get all if this information out of others so they can judge them lol, when it's not their place. As far as I'm concerned I don't owe anyone an explanation for anything. Their opinion formed has everything to do with them anyway.

    • if you have no responsibility for how you affect other people-you're entitled. lol so much irony

      this was NOT ABOUT YOU. it was about other people - you totally missed the point and demonstrated the entitlement instead. quite hilarious at your age.

  • I get whee you are coming from, but I think that "I dont owe you anything!" attitude is why so many divorces happen. For a good marriage you have to compromise and yes sometimes you owe your partner something, despite all the feminist hot air.

  • This is no opinion! Its fact!!! Love this my take!!!