The Bittersweet Sarcasm: Why It's Actually a Good Thing

I think this is an interesting subject, as a person who loves humor and jokes and of course, last but not least:

S A R C A S M .

To those who doesn't really know what sarcasm is:

In sarcasm, ridicule or mockery is used harshly, often crudely and contemptuously, for destructive purposes. It may be used in an indirect manner, and have the form of irony, as in "What a fine musician you turned out to be!," "It's like you're a whole different person now...," and "Oh... Well then thanks for all the first aid over the years!" or it may be used in the form of a direct statement, "You couldn't play one piece correctly if you had two assistants." The distinctive quality of sarcasm is present in the spoken word and manifested chiefly by vocal inflection

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence - Oscar Wilde

Some phrases have nearly lost their literal meanings because they are so frequently said in a sarcastic tone. “Big deal,” for example. When was the last time someone said that to you and meant it sincerely? “My heart bleeds for you” almost always equals “Tell it to someone who cares,” and “Aren’t you special” means, well, that you aren’t.

It is said that if you understand other people's states of mind and emotions you probably have the ability to understand sarcasm.

A study in Israel has college students listen to complaints on a cell phone company’s customer service line. The college students were better able to solve problems creatively when the complaints were sarcastic and not just plain angry. Sarcasm seems to soften the edges.

Sarcasm requires a series of “mental gymnastics.” Sarcastic or ironic comments make the brain to “think beyond the literal meaning of the words and understand that the speaker may be thinking of something entirely different.”

Studies have shown that sarcasm makes you a more creative problem solver. The use of sarcasm, in fact, promotes creativity for those on both the giving and receiving end of sarcastic exchanges. This is why increased bulk of it doesn’t go to waste, it is “mental exercise.”

Just like training your muscles, if you do 50 push-ups a day, over time, your arms are going to be toned. Over time, that extra work brought forth by sarcasm leaves our brains toned, too.

Some language experts suggest sarcasm is used as a sort of gentler insult, a way to tone down criticism with indirectness and humor. Other communication experts and marriage counselors typically advise us to stay away from sarcasm. They say; sarcasm expresses the poisonous sting of contempt, hurting others and harming relationships.

North Korea banned sarcasm against the government in August 2016. The government gave the warnings in mass meetings across the country. Media reports suggest that North Korea banned sarcasm altogether.

"Without sarcasm, what other shield do we have from stupid people?"

10 reasons sarcastic people are smarter than you think:


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  • i love chandler

  • The guy on picture really should win nobel prize for his sarcasm skill ; p

  • My view on humour was that it is good when you are laughing WITH someone rather than AT someone - Sarcasm can definitely fall into that category.


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