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From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

Hello everyone.

I know I haven’t been writing and posting regularly, and when I do I always promise that I will with little fruitation coming to that promise. I’ve been having a few minor life issues over the past four months or so that have caused me to put writing on the back burner, but I will say that I have some myTakes coming, two of which will address interesting topics such as the abuse of the term stalker and the effects of social media in relationships. So look out for those.

Seeing as it is Friday though I decided I wanted to do a nice lighthearted take, sharing with you some of the little things I’ve learned as I’ve grown into a young adult, that I think teens and other young adults (or the many clueless adults, who I cheer lead for) could benefit from knowing. Keep in mind these are my opinions based on my personal experiences.

Buying Non-Stick Cookware Makes You a Better Cook and House Keeper

I remember buying my first pots and pans set when I still lived with my dad. I was planning on moving out and figured it was time to get some of my own things – even though my roommates already had their own so I still can’t discern why I thought this was a good idea. Anyway, I got it on sale, and it was a wicked price, about 50 bucks I think? As it turns out, that was because it wasn’t non-stick; it was standard stainless steel pots and pans. All of my food ended up ruined due to sticking, and I honestly thought that had I forgotten how to make perfect eggs.

Then there was the scrubbing; the soaking; the praying that food would come off the bottom of the pan; the contemplation of just straight up throwing it out and buying a new one because it had been two days since you soaked it and you still couldn’t get that burnt hash off of there.

Buy non-stick pans, GOOD ONES, and take care of them. It reduces the need for oil, it makes cleanup easier, and you’re less likely to serve your friends crumbled, fugly meals.

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

If You Feel at Loss in a Conversation, Just Bring up Being Tired

This was something I discovered when I turned twenty. I had a lot of older friends since I lived in the boonies, and a lot of kids my age occupied their time by fucking in the brush or going to bars, so my only option for friends I could get on with meant people at least 5-10 years my senior. I realized that whenever they would talk among themselves, or whenever they were asked how they were, they’d always respond with “Tired”, and the conversation would go into a tangent about why they are tired, and why the other person agrees and is also tired. So whenever I felt awkward in a conversation or felt it dying down, I’d just start going on about being tired. It was amazing how everyone would join in.

So if you’re socially awkward and not good at making conversation, just talk about how tired you are. This is also why adults seem to be addicted to coffee - everybody's just apparently tired, so getting on someone's good side costs about as much as a large double-double.

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Can Get Stains Out of Your Shower Curtains

Being someone who has dyed their hair a lot (I know, I know, natural is better blah-bitty-blah-bitty-blaaah) it goes without saying that I’ve had a lot of hairdye accidents. One of which included me getting hairdye on my roomie’s teal, fabric shower curtains. In a panic the only thing we could come up with was spraying it with cleaner and wiping it off with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, since we were out of paper towel.


I later discovered that magic erasers can also get stains out of carpets, especially if you use a foaming CLR type cleaner. You are WELCOME!

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

Asian Buffets are a Better Deal than Ordering in

Okay don’t judge me, but any time I end up ordering in Chinese, I always end up with a minimum of a 50-70 dollar bill. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Holy Shit RJ are you waaaaaaaaaay fatter than we realized?

No, no I am not, spank you very much.

My issue is that I love variety of things, I don’t just wanna eat chicken and rice, alright? And my guy and I like different things, so if I want an order of veggies with almonds and he wants spare ribs instead, it’s easier to just buy both than compromise. So what do we do? Order a lot of different things. What does that equate to? A lot of leftovers and a massive fucking bill.

That’s when I realized that Asian buffets are a way better bargain. If you want sushi, or Chinese takeout, ordering in is far more expensive than what you would pay if you went to a buffet, because you’re paying for often more than what is considered a full serving of the meal. At buffets, you’re basically paying an admittance fee, where you eat only as much as you can, and have to pay up if you can’t finish it in a lot of cases. It forces you to be smart about what you order.

Not to mention they have those nifty iPad restaurants now, where you can select your order digitally, and it will be brought to your table, so there’s no lines or awkward human interaction outside of having to talk to your waiter or waitress.

Sure, you gotta leave the house but it beats putting your bank account through unnecessary abuse.

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

If You’re Nice to People in Food Service & Retail, They’ll Hook You Up

I literally think that people who are mean to the folks who work in retail or food service jobs are some of the dumbest breeds of human on the planet.

I am SO NICE and FRIENDLY to the people I talk to at all of my local stores and food places; I remember their names, chat about their day, and form mini friendships with them, because they are providing me with a service that will only continue to get better with good treatment, and because I’ve been in their shitty position.

Wanna know how this has helped me?

I’ve had convenience store clerks go into the back of their stockroom to give me items that weren’t even supposed to be put out onto shelves yet AND apply discounts to them, I’ve had a shoe-clerk give me her employee discount, accept a coupon on top of a sale item all in one transaction, and I’ve regularly had my typical food clerks “accidentally” give me extra fries, pies, or chicken skewers “by mistake.”

They also don’t pussy out on my sub sandwich toppings either.

So think wisely about how well you treat the people who make your burger, sell you your daily conveniences, and help you size your feet.

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

Buying Cheapie Clothes is NOT a Bargain and not WORTH IT

Forever21, Urban Planet, Dresslink.com, Sammydress.com – most ladies know about them. While Forever21 I can forgive a bit since not all of their stuff is all that bad, the other three places I can tell you are NOT worth the money you will spend, no matter how little you get your purchase for.

First of all, there’s a reason those stores are so cheap; the quality isn’t good, the people who produce it are likely severely underpaid, and even worse the mass production of cheap products has been proven to add to carbon emissions drastically. Yes, it might seem worth overlooking because no one wants to spend 30-40 bucks on a top or 40-60 on a pair of jeans, but trust me when I tell you it is WORTH IT to buy more expensive, better quality clothing.

They won’t fall apart the second you wash them, they won’t fade as quickly, or rip, or fray, and they will LOOK BETTER. I have clothes that I have had for literally five years that look brand new because I spent decent money on them.

You can also sleep a little better knowing that there is a better chance that the people who produced those products weren’t working out of a sweatshop and are at least being paid DECENTLY. Also, you’re not basically buying and tossing clothes into landfills every single month. So buy wisely.

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

Kitchen Appliances are Fucking Epic Gifts to Give and Receive

I remember growing up that my stepdad would REFUSE to buy my mom kitchen appliances and stuff in general because he thought those “weren’t gift material, but work material.”

It drove her nuts.

Kitchen appliances are fucking EPIC gifts! They can make your life easier, they can enable you to make things you otherwise couldn’t make, and in a lot of cases they can actually reduce the amount of pots and pans you’d need to make a meal. I just got a crockpot as an apartment warming gift and I was so happy I could have died. And don’t even get me started on Panini presses! You can do so much with them! Pasta roller? Fuck yes! I will make fresh pasta every damn weekend!

Give the gift of kitchen convenience!

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

Who You are and What Matters to You Will Change Drastically, So Don’t Burn Bridges

Alright, an actual serious one: don’t let your less important opinions, emotions in the moment, or current beliefs ruin friendships in early adulthood. The things that matter to you now (like someone ignoring you on instagram, a friend of yours dating the guy you had a low key crush on, or someone telling you that your college degree is a bad idea, etc) are likely going to change so drastically over the next few years that it often isn’t worth burning bridges or cutting ties with friends over.

I and many of my close friends almost ruined friendships and connections over heat of the moment spats, differences of opinion, and petty situations. Over-sensitivity, immaturity and whatever else doesn’t have to ruin your chances of still having a good friendship if you just keep in mind that what you feel today may not be the same six months from now.

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

The Acquired Taste Thing is TRUE

Remember back when you first started drinking alcohol? You probably thought beer was gross, so was vodka and all of that other crap, and you’d never touch wine! That’s a gross pussy drink!

Why wouldn’t anybody prefer Palm Bay or Smirnoff Ice, right?

Blah, blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! THE HANGOVERS!

Once the frilly drink phase passes, you can actually start to appreciate a glass of wine over a wine cooler. I remember that when I first tried wine I thought it was terrible, and never believed anybody that it was an “acquired taste.” I figured that it was all a cover to seem more sophisticated by drinking a shitty “fancy” drink instead of a bud. It wasn’t until I began drinking wine at my mother’s house (as a poor young adult who couldn’t afford her own alcohol) and becoming a wine merchant that I learned that you actually CAN acquire a taste for things. I eventually began to not only like wine (and the buzz it gives you) but I actually could taste the different aromas and tasting notes in them and base my preference off of that.

Same thing goes for food. Foods I used to hate as a kid I know couldn’t live without as an adult, including onions. I used to hate anything with onions in it outside of the chip dip, but now I think that onions can add so much to a dish from a fresh, sort of spicy and crisp pop to a caramel-y, rich and savory note.

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

Going to the Doctor is a Thing You Definitely SHOULD Do at Least SOMETIMES

Do you know how many times I’ve discovered I’ve had something wrong with me after being forced to go to the doctor when I initially saw no point?

Too many to count.

Go to the doctor, they’re there to help you. If you’re lethargic, sick, constantly in pain – those people can help you figure shit out and get on a better path. Go see your doc.

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

Reusable Grocery Bags just Make More Sense

Lastly, but not least, the reusable grocery bags; environmental benefits aside, reusable grocery bags are ideal for the young adult living in an apartment, or who doesn’t have a vehicle. They fit more food, they rest comfortably on your shoulder, and they don’t immediately become useless trash or a garbage bag. Though the latter you might not mind…

I can’t tell you how many times reusable grocery bags have saved me from losing circulation in my wrists, arms, and fingers at the hands of twisted, flimsy plastic grocery bags. So invest in some.

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned

Alright everybody, that’s my myTake for the day. Not too much to really say here other than I really hope you enjoyed it, I enjoyed writing it and I hope you found some of these opinions/suggestions useful or entertaining at least. Have yourselves a nice weekend and I’ll see you on the next one.

From One Young (Clueless) Adult to Another ~ Things I Have Learned
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Darkfairie17

    This was a great take! All of your points are 100% true! I'm 27 and experienced all of this! I totally agree with the buffet, often when I'm going out for Chinese food I want to have a variety of things and ordering those items individually gets expensive. Sometimes you get lucky and there's a combo that has some of what you want for a good price, but often times there isn't.

    I also really like the part about not burning bridges. One of my biggest regrets is losing contact with a person simply because they said something I didn't agree with when I was younger.

    Is this still revelant?

Most Helpful Guy

  • It might sound weird, but even though I tried to take care of buying things of more use than my mother's things had, my girl realized they were even better than she thought at first. That made me feel clueless again about the quality of tools around the household.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Cosytoasty

    "my stepdad would REFUSE to buy my mom kitchen appliances and stuff in general because he thought those “weren’t gift material, but work material".

    I'd like to have a drink with your stepdad, hahahah what a line!

    by the way, if you can afford them, pure copper pans are the best, even if you can only buy one it'll transform your cooking beyond anything else in the kitchen due to the ability to sear food properly.

    Good take, wise young RJ as usual :)

    • Wise young RJ bahaha I like it. But yes I've heard that about copper pans, I'll have to look into that.

  • Luci92

    These are really good tips, I enjoyed this a lot, thanks :)
    I figured out that being nice to retail/hospitality workers makes the world of difference, I've had a lot of similar experiences with getting staff discount or free things, it's great!
    And I totally agree with you about the fast fashion point, have you by any chance seen the documentary called The True Cost? It's brilliant, I've watched it several times.
    Anywho, great take!

  • EmpatheticLady

    I cracked up at the Randy from South Park meme. 😂 Good list overall, though.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm really tired and need to sleep. 😜

  • MermaidLove

    Great tips!! Really agree with the alcohol, hated it when i was offered to try it when i was younger. Now its a whole different ball game, lol

  • mikemx55

    Alcohol: nope, it's still gross and terrible

    Kitchen appliances: reallY? I mean, really? Wait one full year to get a freaking kitchen thingy? They can talk to me never, cause they're freaks who think I'm interested in cooking

    • Maybe it's a girl/cooking type thing but I buy that shit all year round and can always put it to good use.

  • Library

    I like reusable bags. They are pretty big and better for the environment.

    But I do hate going to the doctor.

  • GoldCobra

    Lol nice take. I found the part about bringing up being tired in a conversation interesting since it can lead to other conversations as long as it is followed up with "why are you tired?"

  • redeyemindtricks

    I have actually never acquired a single taste in my entire life.
    Yes, srsly. Not a single one.

    I've LOST the taste for certain things. For instance, American candy and sweet cereal is just TOO MUCH for me now, although lots of other countries' candy/cereal has about the right level of sweetness. And I didn't hate bacon as a little girl (though I never *loved* it), but now I can't even be in the same *room* where bacon fat is frying without kinda wanting to throw up.
    ... but, acquired tastes? Lifetime total of 0. Good thing I was never a picky eater mahah

    Of course, I was also the little girl who liked all the "adult" "delicacies" as binge snack foods anyway. (I scarfed down grilled artichokes by the jar when I was 8. And when I got to name 6 pizza toppings for a birthday pizza, I picked green olives, green olives, green olives, green olives, green olives, and green olives.). So maybe it's all for the best. (:

    • Bluemax

      "I have actually never acquired a single taste in my entire life."

      Me too! All that crap my parents told me about just keep trying it and you might acquire a taste for it? Total bullshit. If anything, it had the exact opposite effect. Now I am like Israel with regards to eating things I don't want. My motto is "Never Again!"

    • @Bluemax ::fist bump::

      Although tbh the Israel reference went right over my head... explain that one pls? Tx

    • Bluemax

      Well, I must correct myself. It's not Israel's motto. It's a slogan often associated with Israel. It is a reference to the Holocaust and the persecution of Jews.

      Various Zionists used the slogan during the formation of Israel in the post war era. I believe the Jewish Defense League has made it their motto.

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  • YourFutureEx

    Fortunately or unfortunately, I discovered that "being tired to kill the convo" this year.

    I'm living with seniors and they're so loud and frolic. I'm an introvert so, I often find it uncomfortable in indulging with them. So, I use that "I'm tired" weapon. My NSA partner is so romantic, talkative and touchy. I have to use that in front of her too, when asked about why am I not that excited.

    It's sad that we people are not that connected to each other. I just hope everything gets better after some time.

    I also liked that "You'll change drastically" part.

    I hope everything gets better for you too as well :)

    • I'm glad that you enjoyed it and you found it a good read.

  • Bitterpill

    "If You’re Nice to People in Food Service & Retail, They’ll Hook You Up" As I work in retail I know just how true this statement is, nice customers ALWAYS get the best service.

    • Yep I used to work in food service, at Tim Horton's, and we would always "lose count" of the timbits for good customers and overfill their boxes.

    • Bitterpill

      I've been on the receiving end of it too, I always make sure I'm polite and pleasant to those in the food and service industry. There was one pizza place I used to go to regular and I'd always end up with a free garlic bread or something.

  • anonman32

    I enjoyed reading it. I did not know about the cooking appliances, i will remember it. Also shopping for good quality clothes, thats good advice.

    • 100%, especially if you have lady friends and the clothes thing is true.

  • ToruMatsuda

    Interesting good. But how do I prepare for when I accidentally set the kitchen on fire from my shitty cooking?😅

    • You'll need a wet towel for grease fires, baking soda, and a fire extinguisher. All available on amazon. com ;D

    • Yay but what's the baking soda for? Sorry for being dumb😂😂

    • To cover the fire. It stops it being able to get air so it goes out.

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  • OrdinaryGentleman

    Keep your room clean.
    Thou shalt keep your room clean for 2 reasons, a clean room means that you don't have to worry about bringing back dates early. A clean room helps you think while a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind... while that being said... my room is a complete mess right now.
    However, i learned to cook the best fucking steaks now that i am on my own, and make just about anything then again i have always liked to cook. Oh and now i can lift more too because i eat more:)
    gahhhh wish i left home sooner.
    Oh yeah, getting long lasting clothes is a goodie... ross is not a bad place to shop for things, socks are very cheap, shirts, jeans and jackets are incredibly marked down
    I tended to go on a buying spree and got a whole bunch of XL and L shirts but now that i am working out i need XXL :( now i have a bunch of clothes and jackets I don't know what to do with.

  • astrOnaut01

    Awesome MyTake. I needed to read something like this

  • SovereignessofVamps

    I love buffets and reusable bags too <3

  • Adigelunar

    good take-