5 Things That Just Tick Me the Fu** Off

Hey there g@g community, here's myTake on things I do not understand/piss me off.

The sex test drive

Sex is one of the important things in a relationship because it tests the couple's sexual drive.

I'm sorry if I may sound like a prude, but that just seems so risky to me. Coming from a home where my mom takes the role of my dad, I could never shake the risk you take in this "test", when you're still young or not even what I'd call a legitimate partnership. Pregnancy scares, being stuck with a child because your boyfriend automatically switched his position on if you got pregnant. I know you all are thinking, "this is so stupid, just find a partner that you could trust." It's not really that simple, people do change.

I don't like feeling used, I don't like the feeling of knowing I just got used up by something I literally gave so willingly. Unlike most when it comes to virginity loss, I actually could and probably would regret it if the guy I shared it with ran to the border. Then when you do have a kid and end up being a single mom, people say you made the wrong choice and they blame you for the kid, you having to work all the time, they think you slept around a lot because you had a kid. Call me unrealistic but I've always been cautious.

The misconceptions talk

It's not that black and white for us guys but women can date any guy they want to. They even can and do get guys that are rich and good looking but women never have to lower their standards like us men do.

Lies, bullshit and more lies. It's exhausting talking to some guys who tell you what's true and false when it comes to misconceptions on the female; they never want to listen, they constantly tell you what you look for and tell you how shallow you are as if they know you better than yourself. Then not only do I have to hear about the misconceptions in real life but online too.

People who use the term, "white knight"

How's it a white knight if he stands up for a girl, or agrees with her on a gender issue?

The irony is that most of the people who use this term always level men by betas and alphas (dog-like levels), yet they also have the nerve to be part of "brotherhood" groups that feel like men are being oppressed by women and marriage. Plus, when a woman speaks on their half to belittle her own gender (says pretty sexist stuff), they all congratulate her and give her a false sense that she is part of the club, but wouldn't her actions be the definition of a "white princess" ? (no pun intended)

People who just don't get the rules of etiquette

Women don't pay half for their dinner on dates. Since they have equality, they should pay half.

Uhh, sure? lol If you did ask someone out, you are expected to pay most of it; that's not a gender role issue, that's actually a rule of etiquette. Sure, it would be rather courteous if she were to pay her half, even better if you both agreed before you went on the date to avoid this issue. You don't just suggest a friend to buy hot wings at a bar but you don't wanna pay; just like you don't ask a person out (initiate first) and look at them awkwardly when the check comes . Just like when you're out with friends, you either agree to pay half or each of you take turns paying once each week. so many people on here act like this is so godda** confusing when it isn't.

People who bring politics and gender into everything

Sorry to break it to you, but you aren't triggering people anymore, and you're not edgy, so knock it the f*** off. It's one thing to be intellectual about this stuff, but I find politics and gender issue topics should be saved for special type of conversation. When you're just blabbing about it like there's no tomorrow and dragging the feminist/Donald Trump/rich and poor memes into gaming sites and s***, you're just making these things so uninteresting. Sir or ma'am you need to take a seat.

We can't sit and talk about regular everyday things anymore; there's always race, the opposite sex, sex, or politics that I always hear about. Can we talk about what you learned today (don't wanna hear a bleep about Putin and Russia)? Tell me what techniques you learned from stroking a paint brush, anything besides politics. When I used to hear a guy talk so deeply about what I listed above, I used to think, "Wow, he's so smart and intelligent," now I just think, "Oh god, am I watching the news or some wannabe cutting edge YouTuber? I don't mind a little here or there conversation about it, but when you make every issue into a political and gender issue it gets annoying!

Note: I know some smart a**es are gonna say, "Well all of these things you don't like talking about, you just talked about...hypocrite?" Nah, not really, this is my Take and things that do make me upset. I enjoy talking about these topics but in moderation, not so constantly about them.

Thanks people! Hope you enjoyed this myTake.


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  • A white knight is a guy that hates on other guys and pretends to stand up for girls because they have ulterior motives.

    • well, some guys seem to use it for the opposite term.

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    • you can make that correction on your mytake if you'd like, but this is just my experience. thanks for your add in though! :)

    • No problem.

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