My 5 Biggest Turn-Offs


Hey to all my little freaks, babybats, and Mansonites. Um so I guess I got like nominated or whatever for the #MyBiggestTurnOffsChallenge by @AbdKilani . I think the challenge was like started by @AngelicSin , but I don't really know. Anyway, let's just get to it before we all rot away, huh?

1. Isn't Accepting of My Style/Other Tastes

My 5 Biggest Turn-Offs

I'm not your project or your Barbie doll. You can't change me into what you like. NEVER tell me "You'd look better if you ______.", or something like that. I fucking get that all the time, and it drives me insane. Like, did I ASK for your input?! NO! No I did not, bitch. If you don't want me as I am, you don't get me at all.

2. Is A Tanned White Guy

My 5 Biggest Turn-Offs

You're ruining your skin and making both yourself less attractive and me vomit. No fucking thank you.

3. Wears Colors Besides Black

My 5 Biggest Turn-Offs

Yes, I am aware that black is technically a shade, smart asses. Anyways, black clothing is the best clothing.

4. Thinks Guys Wearing Eyeliner Is "Gay"

My 5 Biggest Turn-Offs

Like, really?! So guys can't rock some eyeliner or black lipstick? You're wrong. And yes, natural guys are hot too, but I want my future husband to wear makeup at least sometimes.

5. Has Abs/Muscles

My 5 Biggest Turn-Offs

I'm sorry, but it's just trying to hard to be masculine and ending up ugly. Abs are a sure way to make my pussy drier than my sense of humor.


~ Mrs Manson

My 5 Biggest Turn-Offs
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  • Berethor
    Well at least you had admitted that natural guys can be hot too, and that reminds me, had you already seen Marilyn Manson without a make-up? because I did, and I still don't buying your dark crusade against abs and muscles, not one bit. Maybe you don't find over the top muscles beautiful, and it's understandable, and in fact even even Arnold Schwarzenegger would agree with that. But I don't believe that you have a problem with any amount of muscle mass on a man. Also your dark crusade against abs and muscles is quite pointless, how many muscular men had you even meet in real life? to work out a lot and gain more muscle mass and strength is not easy, especially when it's in a relatively natural way, without steroids. Also the thing about muscles, is that they not only give a man a more masculine look, but they also give a man more strength, like many masculine things, muscles tend to be practical and not only good looking. But anyway, who give a shit, most women prefer strong men. Also looks like your list got shorter in comparison to the last time, and that's a progress. :)

    10 Deal-Breakers For Me β†—
    • nah, I still have the 10 but it was 5 for the challenge
      and abs are ugly as hell
      Marilyn Manson without makeup is still just as sexy
      ~ Mrs Manson

    • Berethor

      You could easily said anyone who not goth instead anyone who not wears colors besides black, looks like you had become little more tolerant, and little less goth extremist.

      ~ Mrs Manson

  • HereIbe
    So, in other words, you are shallow and appearance-obsessed.

    AKA: Very typical teenage girl who has a very conformist attitude (or at least it conforms to the mindset of very ordinary teenage girls).
    • AngelicSin

      I think that having a type or not being a fan of certain things does not make you 'shallow'. However I do consider immaturity the fact that 46 year ild is trying to make a girl feel bad only.

    • HereIbe

      @AngelicSin, being a fan or antifan isn't shallowness. Insisting that your particular tastes are some kind of universal standard is extreme shallowness.

      And how could I make anyone feel bad? I'm just keystrokes on a screen.

    • AngelicSin

      I don't think she ever said that what she likes is basically what everyone likes

  • Prankster13
    Huh okay.. wow.
    So besides some of my outfits I wouldn't turn you off lol. Nice. 😊
  • MemeSupreme
    the others I was expecting from you but the 5th one I wasn't. that's like the only one i find weird lol
  • Angelina25
    You're perhaps the first person to say that abs turn you off. Lol
    But the rest of the take was good.
    • Well there's a difference between what she says and what would actually happen when a hot guy with abs gives her attention πŸ˜‚

  • NhuanVan
    Lol the last one on abs is veey funny. Judo to you.
  • Kaneki05
    You'd look better if you dressed like marily manson. Did i win a prize or did this is still annoy you.
  • genericname85
    1 would be a mutual turn off and the rest i don't see why anybody would care for those, as they are pretty specific and very niche.
  • ultimega
    Interesting take, but are there any personality traits that would be considered a turn off aside from being too conservative?

    Not taking a jab- just curious, hun
  • VixenRach
    That last line though 😂😂
  • LegateLanius
    Okie dokes
  • Jjpayne
    Sounds about right for you
  • AbdKilani
    Lol good one 😊
  • DeVille_
    RIP lmao
  • Anonymous
    Seems right
  • Anonymous
    I like it and agree with 4 of the 5
    • Berethor

      With what part you don't agree? with the part about a man's muscles and abs? :)

    • Anonymous

      @Berethor yeah

    • Berethor

      @AngelicSin who would had guessed, she is one of the few girls on the planet who have problem with muscles, and only Marilyn Manson start working out, it would change her mind.