Things I Wish I Knew Before I Moved into my First Apartment!

My spouse and I moved to Texas a couple of months ago. Neither of us had ever rented an apartment before, so this was our first experience doing it together.

My spouse and I decided to find a small apartment that is well located, affordable (so that we could settle down for a couple of months) in this foreign city that we barely knew. My spouse had to deal with his new company (which was the main reason why we moved in fist place). So I was in charge of finding us the perfect home...

We were in a little bit of a rush to find an affordable place to live, I was researching apartments online, saw a couple of pictures of how the apartment looked like, I immediately focused more on furnishing and decorating my future new home (by looking for the latest decoration trends and thinking about which color I would paint my walls).

I end up falling in love for the second apartment complex that we checked, one big mistake was not exploring enough apartment complexes! We forgot to do a better research on the apartment complex that we decided to move in, somewhat ignored all little signs that were right in front of us and we end up making the worst mistake of our lives...

I wish I had...

- asked or researched how old the property was:

We found out that the apartment complex been here since the late 70's and it needs to be constantly fixed. They started fixing the roof and it's been loud all day long, for weeks...We did not receive any notification that the roof would be fixed. Appliances break down often, our A/C just stopped working...

- seen the real apartment that I was going to live before I moved in:

They showed us a demonstration of how our apartment would look like instead of showing us the real one. The agent said that the apartment was being "prepared" for us. That was our biggest mistake because I did't exact know what I was going to get after I signed the contract and received the apartment keys.

-known how loud this area could be:

I can hear my neighbors because the walls are so thin. Some of neighbors play loud music late at night, have pimped auto engines that I can hear (every morning when they are leaving their home to go to work). Dogs constantly barking and there is the trash man that comes every second day at 4 am to collect trash and it's really noisy (the trash cans are old). I've been sleeping with earplugs...

- seen the pool that they are so proud of and that has been closed since we moved in here:

When the lady showed us a demonstration of how our apartment would look like, she did not show us around. We had to look around ourselves to find out were the pool was and it was disappointing.

- known that I had to pay every time I need to do laundry:

We end up finding out that we need to pay to do laundry in their laundry room.

- realized that they have infestation problems:

We've had several cockroach infestation problems in our kitchen. We've seen huge cockroaches in our balcony and we can't open the windows or they will come inside our home... Because the construction is from the late 70's there are holes everywhere, it's easy to get infestations from everywhere. The lady kept talking about "pest control" and that it cost $10, we didn't realize that this meant Infestation Problems...

- chosen an apartment complex with better community features:

I wish I had chosen an apartment complex that is surrounded by grass where I could go sit down in the afternoons and read a good book, enjoy the good sunny weather and gaze at the clouds, hang out at night with my spouse, have a pick-nick with my spouse sometimes, were I could exercise every morning...

I wish hadn't signed a 12 month contract:

I was seduced by the a special promotion "You'll get 1 month free IF you sign a 12 month lease contract" .

The lesson here is "You pay for what you get" , and sometimes it is just better to pay a little bit more than living like this. In a couple of months when I get out of this place, I'll find me and my husband a place that gives us better quality of living, that is worth paying for and we will definitely take our time, decide wisely and do some quality research.

I am upset, frustrated and ashamed of living here, I'm glad that my spouse and I didn't buy any expensive furniture (could get bed bugs, cockroaches eggs, etc) I will never invite friends or family here...

We know what we want now and what we are looking for!

A Life Lesson I'll never forget...

Have a Lovely day!


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  • Man, you always have to make sure you see the place as it is. And go by the property at various times of night and day to see what it is like.

    • Yes, Lesson learned :( still got 8 months here... Not going to buy any furniture, I don't want to take roaches along to the new place, or have bed bugs in my future $3,000 mattress...
      Wood furniture could keep roach eggs or something right?

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    • ok...
      Anyways I will not buy too much until I move... Just saving up and then we will get everything cash, no payment plans... Not having to transport too much...
      Probably moving way earlier than planned... If we pay rent ahead...

    • At least you will get used to living simply and not accumulate a lot of stuff...

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  • I feel like it really is impossible to move to another city and not make mistakes, unless you can actually go there and see things in person or you know someone there who can help you (or you're going to school and will be in the dorms, which is usually how I got by with moving to other cities). When I moved to Chicago, my brother-in-law, who is from there and knows it like the back of his hand, went and checked out apartments for me and told me about neighborhoods. And even then, it didn't end up 100% perfect, but most things went well. The one thing I was cheap about was air conditioning, and I'd never do that again--have to live somewhere air conditioned, especially in the summer. I have thought about moving to NYC before, and I have a friend there who would be able to do the same as my brother-in-law did.

    Anywhere else, I'd lay down the money and just take about a week or two and make the rounds myself in that city before moving.

    • Thank you very much for your opinion. It really helps. You are right, not being from here and then end up in this situation it's inevitable...
      My spouse and I are already look up new places, in a couple of months we will start visiting the homes and we will find a better place next year, in January or earlier (because of the lease contract, we might pay months in advance and leave earlier)...

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What Guys Said 7

  • I'll add one:
    - Check the plumbing before you move in when you see the apartment by turning the water on and off and letting the hot water run for a while. Make sure the drains don't close, the toilet flushes all the way, and the hot water stays hot!

    Also these are my thoughts on your points:
    - Definitely agree about seeing the exact apartment before signing lease! Absolutely necessary. I prefer to see it twice.

    - The 12 month thing... most apartment landlords/managers expect this, it's pretty hard to get around unless you offer to pay them more which is not usually a good idea.

    - I think paying for laundry is standard too IF the laundry isn't inside the unit. It does suck but yeah good one to consider. I end up spending like $40 a month extra on laundry.

    - I've lived in 3 buildings and a house, from 1850, 1949, 1980, and probably one from the early 1900s. A lot of the integrity I think depends on the original build quality and how well its maintained. The 1980 one was solid as hell. The one i'm in now sounds more solid than yours too. The 1950 one had holes and cracks everywhere. The 1850 one was fine. All of them have had uneven floors except the 1980 one.

  • YES. Also, make sure to call up the local cable company to make sure that specific apartment can get broadband before moving in.

    I work as a mover and I constantly move people out of apartments. I have heard horror stories.

  • lesson learned right. sounds like this place did a good job of creating deceptive advertising

    • Yes! My spouse and I were checking previous ratings and they are 90% negative...
      The website where I found this apartment rated it 4 stars. False advertisement...
      Not going to use that website in the future...

  • None of these things bothered me because I was just happy to be able to masturbate whenever I wanted.

  • Well, damn. I suppose you learned your lesson, then. One should always be wary of ads that sound too good to be true for they usually are.

    • Yes... Foreal
      Never going to use that website again. Better pay more and not having to deal with this situation...

  • A new 2-bedroom apartment in Sunnyvale CA is $4500/mo. :)

  • Sounds like you should have looked at the apartment throughout before moving in. The saying is true, you get what you paid for.


What Girls Said 5

  • You have to pay to do the laundry? That's too expensive in the long run!

    I really hope you can buy a house and a lot. That's a lot more comfortable, in my opinion.

    Mom and Dad used to refuse seizing cheap deals for apartment accommodation because they knew that maintenance will cost them cash in the end.

    • That's correct!
      Thank you very much for sharing your story...
      Yes we are in a really crappy situation, the place is cheap so we can save, pay months in advance and get out of here... Never again, paying less and living like this... It's not the worse place in the world, I really loved it.. But the living conditions are not the best and living with bugs and other disgusting insects? HELL NAAAW that's the worse and no A/C so far... We are melting here it's really hot here in Texas already...
      Now we know what to do... In the future we will buy a home!

    • Hmm paying for laundry usually isn't really THAT bad but it probably adds an extra $40-50 a month.

  • I've not move out yet.. hopefully your my take will stop me from making mistakes lol..

    • I hope it does, because I made a mistake but couple of months from now I will be gone from here...
      Check multiple websites, the website I was looking had false advertisement, have this place 4 stars, others websites showed 2 stars, make sure you look in multiple websites and the reviews...

  • Good to know. I hope to move out a few months after I get a job as a CNA.

  • Before I moved into my place, I walked around the property and met several residents who were out and about. I made a point to ask them how they liked it.

  • Why in hell did u move to Tex? Get to airport immediately!