An Important Refresher For Men!

An Important Refresher For Men!

I wanna talk about something we all do but rarely talk about, in fact we may never speak again about our bathroom visits after we master our training... Yet some of you bastards need a refresher and air freshener!

I don't know what it's like for women but for guys unless it's at a high end shop you've go an 83% chance you're walking into a possible crime scene. Now in my mind a good public bathroom has 3 urinals, two toilets and one long sink. With a staff that regularly checks it. (Men seem more inclined to keep something clean that is clean than have to be responsible to clean it later.) Now that the image is set, time to get to the rant.

An Important Refresher For Men!

Are just for piss and the urinal cake! (Which is a very disappointing birthday treat.) If you put anything other than that in there you need to be given pads and a helmet to mark your "specialness" so I won't have to shoot you. If you find yourself the only guy set to use the urinal, Don't go for the middle one! Common practice is to leave a buffer of one between yourself and the next guy that may wander in. And for Fuck's Sake, NO TALKING!

Toilet Stalls:
An Important Refresher For Men!

Are Not Cave Walls! In an age where we can post the dumbest things we've ever thought online to our friends, why do you feel the need to carve/mark it on the stalls. No one can read your dumb, misspelled homophobic/racist rant anyways so what's the point. And has anyone ever actually called the "Girl" for a good time?! "Hey, it's Dave. I just got your number from the bus stop restroom and I'm looking for a good time!" (Though it would be a funny "So how'd y'all meet" story.) If you feel need to carve it in make sure it's on your arm so you can just bleed out and save the rest of the world from your "insights."

P.S. The metal support bar is not a "catch all" for you boogers and gum!

Ass Lint:
An Important Refresher For Men!

While most of you know well of the belly button variety the second and more unknown form of lint collects at the top of the ass-crack. Probably left by the brother of the moron who pisses on the seat because he's too important for the Urinal. Now there's a good chance that we all turn around to flush and to make sure we don't have to run for a plunger. So it makes little sense to me, when you look back and see the lint on the seat and don't WIPE THAT CRAP OFF! If you are dirty enough to leave that the least you can do is add it to the flush. And tell your brother to lift the fucking seat!

The Sink:
An Important Refresher For Men!

Is not a make shift urinal so no arching the stream up! It's for Washing Hands, which more of you fuckers need to do! Ladies and Men alike. It's called back splash and it's on your hands. Your dirty piss covered hands. Then on your way out and you if stunk it up, Warn a Brother! (Maybe change your diet too.)

Rant over, back to your kennel.
An Important Refresher For Men!

An Important Refresher For Men!
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  • Satanic666Deathslut
    Straight up facts brother!

    People seriously need to understand the concept of urinals, faucets, and stalls. Using the bathroom is one of the most basic concepts. A lot of the guys who do not know how to use the bathroom properly as well as behaving themselves, I honestly just think of them as immature or uncivilized.
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  • SarahsSummer
    That is wayyy more than I ever wanted to know about the men's bathroom and seriously hope they aren't ALL like that.
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    • We all hope that but sadly reality likes to disappoint us.

  • lovelyhoneybones
    If bathrooms had video games, they would never be empty. EVER! We would never see those males again. Rest in peace to the men fallen victim to those damn bathrooms.
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  • estoydorado1
    Eww! lol. I should point my brother to this refresher😓.
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  • WhereAmI
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  • Blitzkrieger
    I dont know where you live that men are so fucking unhygienic.
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  • StainedClass
    The "Call XXX for a good time" always kills me. Its hilarious.
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  • JoyGirl
    This is funny... LOL 😂
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  • Waffles731
    So true
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  • legalboxers
    Preach Brother!!
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  • John_Doesnt
    This is surely from Satan.
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