30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

There's been a few takes on here over the last couple of weeks, one being "30 struggles that make being a girl difficult" and "30 struggles that make being a guy difficult". Both were written in a satire way but the second one was written in response to the first one. In the take written by a guy he mentioned how "he'd like to see a realistic take about the struggles women go through". Which brings me to the one I'm writing.

Aside from the obvious things that men and women go through as that gender. I believe most things we go through are not because of our gender but Instead because we are simply human beings. So, I decided to write this based off of what I experience not as a woman but as a person.

*Note* I apologize in advance for any repetitiveness.

1. Fear of Everything and Everyone

I don't have fears because I am a girl and I'm suppose to fear going out alone at night. I know there's bad people in the world and I'm very aware of that and my surroundings. I have fears because of many negative experiences and because I have anxiety and with that comes fear. Fear is a human struggle not a gender specific struggle.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

2. Job Difficulties

I don't have job difficulties because I'm a girl. I have job difficulties because I have a huge list of things to consider when looking and applying for a job which complicates the process. Job difficulties are not a gender thing but instead a people thing. Getting the job one wants isn't always as easy as one would like it to be (no matter what gender).

3. Constant Worrying

I don't worry because I'm a girl, I worry because it's apart of having anxiety. There's many people out there that are big time worriers both men and women alike.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

4. Low Confidence

I don't have low confidence because I'm a girl and we just naturally have low self-esteem especially in comparison to other people. I have low confidence because I was bullied for 3 years in middle school and it drained any contentment I had with myself. Then any other negative things said to me after that just added to the issue. Many people both men and women have low confidence, it's quite a common thing.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

5. Issues with my Appearance

I don't have appearance issues because I compare myself to other women or famous people. I got appearance issues in middle school because being called ugly for 3 years straight tends to take a toll on a person. Many people have issues with their appearance not because of their gender but because someone made them feel that way. Both men and women experience this.

6. Constant Judgement

I don't get judgement from others because I'm a girl and we're judged for certain things. I get judged because I'm weird and most people don't understand me or my life. Men and women both get judged all the time for many reasons and to varying degrees.

7. Feelings of being a Disappointment

I don't feel like a disappointment because I'm a girl and I'm not living up to my gender role. I feel like a disappointment because I have yet to accomplish in life the things most people have which makes me feel like I'm letting people down. Both men and women can feel like a disappointment to others in their life, that's not an uncommon thing.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

8. Being Overly Emotional

I'm not overly emotional because I'm a girl and girls are naturally that way. I'm that way for three reasons : 1) I have anxiety and with that comes over emotion. 2) I've always been a sensitive person and feel very deeply. 3) Over emotion runs in my family. Being an emotional person isn't based on gender, it's based on the person. There's girls that are not emotional at all and guys that are very emotional. It just depends on the person not the gender.

9. Difficulties Connecting

I don't have difficulties connecting to people because I'm a girl. I honestly don't know why it's so hard for me. Even when I was little I've always had a hard time making connections with people and the older I get the harder it is. That's why I cherish the connections I do make because it's a rare thing for me. Connecting to people isn't easy for everyone which means both men and women can have this difficulty.

10. Being Underestimated

I'm not underestimated because I'm a girl and girls are naturally underestimated by others. I'm underestimated because I don't have much life experience or the same life experiences as others, thus making them think that means I can't do anything or that I know diddly squat. Which they are quite wrong about. I believe both men and women get underestimated by other people for many reasons. Bottom line, it's a human struggle not a gender one.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

11. Replacing Negativity with Positivity

I'm not in a negative frame of mind because I'm a girl but instead, because negative experiences tend to lead one to a negative outlook. I try hard to have a positive outlook on things but that doesn't always last long. Though I try. I feel that a negative or positive outlook one has on life is not based upon gender but instead what they go through in life.

12. Overwhelming Anxiety

I don't have anxiety because I'm a girl, I have anxiety because it's my after effect of what I endured in middle school. I've always been nervous about certain things but I never had anxiety until after what I went through in school. Anxiety is a pretty common thing in both men and women.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

13. Changing Moods

I don't have changing moods because I'm a girl and girls get PMS (though that is part of it). However even when I don't have PMS, I can be one way one minute and something can make me another way the next, it's another joyous effect of anxiety and low confidence. Both men and women experience changing moods and some people experience them more then others.

14. Often Not Feeling Well

I don't chronically not feel well because I'm a girl and girls get periods which makes them not feel well. There is truth in that but again even when it's not my time of the month I still feel yucky. I get a lot headaches, stomach aches and many other things. So, my not feeling well is a person based thing not a girl based thing. Everybody everywhere experiences not feeling well and some are more chronic with it than others both men and women.

15. Lack of Acceptance

I don't have trouble with people accepting me because I'm a girl, it's because I'm different and that's not understood by most. I'm shy, quiet, I keep to myself and march to the beat of my own drum. All things most people don't find very acceptable (for what ever reason). Not being accepted by others is not a gender thing but instead a person thing because it happens to everyone.

16. Constant Self-Explanation

I don't constantly explain myself to people because I'm a girl. I have to constantly explain myself to people because people don't understand me ( as I said before) which leads to constantly explaining myself to others. It's extremely tiring. I imagine many men and women may have that same difficulty and find themselves constantly explaining who they are to others.

17. Trust Issues

I don't have trust issues because I'm a girl and we should be leery about who trust. I have trust issues because my bad experiences made me that way. It's hard to trust when you feel no one is trustworthy. Men and women for many reasons deal with trust issues, it's another quite common thing.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

18. Different World Outlook

I don't see the world differently because I'm a girl and girls see things different then boys. I see the world differently because that's who I am and who I've always been. I've always seen the world in a different light then others. There are men and women who may also see the world in a completely different way then most people do which makes this another human thing.

19. Being Open Minded in a Close Minded World

I'm not open minded because I'm a girl and we may be more open minded then boys. I'm open minded because that's just another thing I've always been. It's good to be open to other ideas and what not. Anybody can be open or closed minded. It's just about who you are and what you believe not what your gender is.

20. Being Able to See Gray Area in a Black/White Issue World

I don't have this issue because I'm a girl but instead, because we live in a world where no one believes in gray area. When they believe in something it's either this way or that way but never anything in the middle. I on the other hand believe almost all world issues, have gray area. Not everything is as cut and dry as they'd like for it to be. I imagine though, there are men and women out there that see gray area too which again makes this a individual person thing.

21. Continuous Thoughts

I don't have never ending thoughts because I'm a girl, I have never ending thoughts because it's another wonder of having anxiety and a brain that never wants to shut up. Men and women both can have thoughts that never quite because it's a human quality.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

22. Sleeping Issues

I don't have sleeping issues because I'm a girl, I have sleeping issue because of my school experience. I had no trouble sleeping when I was a kid, then after what I dealt with in middle school I developed insomnia. It's not as bad as it once was but it could still be better. Many men and women deal with insomnia and sleeping troubles for a long list of reasons. Sleep issues aren't gender based.

23. Difficulties Believing in Happiness

I don't have trouble believing in happiness because I'm a girl, I have trouble believing in it because every time I allow myself to be happy, the other shoe drops. So, I'm just always waiting for that which makes being truly happy without fear difficult. Men and women both have troubles with happiness because it's not always easy to come by especially given ones life circumstances.

24. Constantly Trying to Create Self-Change

I don't try to create change in myself because I'm a girl and want to impress people because I could care less about that. I try to create change because I need to and want to, despite it being a scary thing to do. Men and women everywhere try everyday to better themselves and not for other people but for themselves. Change is a good thing, scary but good.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

25. Keeping Things to Myself (aka bottling feelings)

I don't keep things to myself because I'm a girl and it's just what we do. I keep things to myself because I just always have and you can chalk it up to being an only child or a shy/quiet person or whatever you want to chalk it up to but it doesn't change the fact that I've just always been like this. I'm better at expressing myself than I once was but still not perfect. This is a relatable issue to both men and women because it's a human struggle.

26. Criticism for being Bullied

I don't get criticism for being bullied because I'm a girl, I get it because nobody believes being bullied is a big deal. If I had a nickel for every time I heard "it's no big deal" or "just get over it", I'd be very rich right now. The simple truth is no one cares and that's why they say that because they don't care. Which means, both men and women have dealt with this too.

27. A Memory That Never Forgets

I don't have a good memory because I'm a girl and girls just naturally remember everything. I've just always had a good detailed memory which I am happy to have but like most things in life has it's downsides. I remember the good but that means I also remember the bad in vivid detail that plays like a movie through my mind. So, this too is another human issue not a gender one.

28. Self-Reliant While being Reliant

I'm not this way because I'm a girl but instead, because this was the hand I was dealt. I'm a person that does everything for myself but given my current circumstances has to depend on others sometime to help me out. It's not how I want things to be, it's just how they have to be for now. I imagine both men and women can relate to that.

29. Constant Self-Comparison

I don't compare myself to people because I'm a girl, I compare myself because I have no confidence and I don't believe in myself as much as I should. Many men and women deal with this too.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

30. Constantly Trying to Achieve Goals Despite Obstacles

I don't keep trying because I'm a girl, I keep trying because I want to achieve my dreams. Despite constant obstacles and endless amounts of failure, I still get up everyday and try. Secretly hoping this time will be different while pessimistically believing it won't be. A wise man once told me "there's always hope" and I guess I keep that with me inside my mind. Both men and women can relate to this too.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being

By now, you probably think I'm a crazy loon and I may very well be but I have a point I'm trying to make in what I wrote. The point being with out the titles of man or woman, we're simply just people and people go through many things in life. Life isn't any worse for women than it is for men or vice versa because life is a struggle for everyone. If you get nothing get else from this MyTake, I hope you at least get that.

30 Things I Struggle With Not as a Woman but as a Human Being
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Most Helpful Guy

  • monkeynutts
    Thanks for sharing, personally I believe younger people have issues with letting go of trauma, is because we lack spiritual, and ritual rights of passage that initiate us into that elite club, which could be called the older and wiser clan, without the ancient practices of our ancestors we meander through life with our heads hung low, struggling to find meaning, and resolving little of life's challenges. Being bullied at school is horrible, I'm sorry that this has happened to you, I hope people treat you with dignity now. Issues of exceptance, and not fitting in is probably because you have not chosen your clan yet, you have to look for these people. Honestly I can say I trust nobody, and my own nerves make me second guess even my closest friends. This is hard to overcome, and personally I would use your intuition, and keep most people at a safe distance. Peace, courage and keep on rocking. Last piece of advice is to gather some of your belongs or build something, poor all your pain, and fear into this object and then destroy/burn it. See if this gives you closure.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    I don't mean to be mean... but life is mean. You either get out and face it or you hide and never accomplish anything.
    I have been on the threat since 2011/2012... lots of tradgy, trama, disappointment, loses, brokeness, redicule... you name it... ea. day, i thought i couldn't live anther.
    I had no choice, but to face the fact that I have to live and survive. I can't stay in my brothers basement forever. I moved on and left and made myself again after all the losses...
    I used to be here everyday, many have helped me... my life is somewhat back to normal, but the diff. kind of normal... almost 6 or 7 years now... life goes on...
    Whatever you have/had to deal with... there is only one person who can do it... it is you... or you can stay here and write another myTake 2-3 years later...
    we all strugels no mater, who we are or what we are...
    take ea. challege and crash it or take ea challenge and feel defeated...
    good luck
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    • 1) I'm not on here as much as I used to be and this is the first mytake I've written in awhile. 2) As I stated before I wrote the list, this take is based off two other takes about "30 struggles a women has" and then "30 struggles a man has" I don't feel are life struggles are based on ones gender, women don't have more struggles then men or vice versa. So, I wrote all the things I struggle with as a human being because it's things that most people deal with as a human. So, this was not to whine or play victim or what ever people think. It was simply to show we all have struggles because life is hard for everyone. That was the point of the take. Also, this is just a list of stuff but I never said I didn't face my fears or try because. I wouldn't be able to fail continuously, if I never tried. I appreciate the advice though and glad things are getting better for you.

    • Anonymous

      what you shared is the obvious... not 30 but 40 or 50... etc...
      its best to know what you have done to over come these rather than stating the obvious...
      are you out of your parents place?
      are you working?
      are you driving?
      are you dating?
      are you getting out of the house?
      are you making freinds in real life?
      what are you doing to make this world better? helping others, voluneteerning...
      are you making yourself more confident?
      one step at a time... which have you done since you started here?

    • I never came on here to better myself, I came on here because I like questions and answers. My own life stuff has nothing to do with GAG.

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  • Great take.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    Totally understand this. I have to constantly deal with pea brains and backstabbers. They'll accuse me of something that never even happened. They'll twist my words grossly out of context, assault me before I can defend myself, then they run, as I'm lying there wounded. And somehow, I'm still the bad guy.

    Life is ugly sometimes.
    • @DizzyDesii: Wrong. I said that in the Old West, abusers of women like the one you described would have been hanged, not let free to run loose.

      I used the dog rape as an analogy that taking someone's words out of context and starting rumors would offend her just as much as I was by you twisting my words.

      You lack reading comprehension, you're incorrigible, and you are stalking me. I wasn't just referring to you. I was also mentioning coworkers in unrelated instances, you prejudiced POS!!!

      I keep names out of it for a reason. STOP STALKING ME!!!

    • you're stalking me. You need help. And plenty have seen the type of man you are. You say i block stuff but u hid my post. Whos hiding the truth now
      Why do some lack even the most basic knowledge about the history of public hangings? ↗
      People know your opinions you evil man

    • @DizzyDesii : I was calling out a general problem. Not just yours. I've encountered this elsewhere. You lack knowledge of history, you jump the gun to assault others' character, and you refuse to be corrected. You lie about others' intent.

      I didn't mention your name, because I wanted a real conversation. You are incessant. And you're bringing this drama to an unrelated thread. I've dealt with coworkers pulling the same crap you're doing. Stop thinking it's all about you.

  • DianaWest
    Wow. best Take I've read thus far. I could really connect to what you've said, especially the parts about anxiety, striving to achieve goals, continuous thoughts (my brain will never shut up, even when I am trying to sleep) and disappointment. Congrats. :)
    • Thanks. I understand the brain thinking when you sleep, mine does the same. I've even had dreams that I was thinking lol.

    I liked this myTake because I could relate to almost all of it especially 26, the part of being bullied. I was bullied by people and family but yea, no one really cares and just tells me to get over it too. I think the best thing that helped me to get over it was read books that helped me to empathize with myself and also go to counseling. I'm still dealing with it everyday but feel free to friend me and write to me. I think you and I have a lot in common.
  • Phoenix98
    All of those are issues lots of people have not just women.

    • I know. That was the whole point of me writing this.

    • Phoenix98

      O I apologize, I seem to have read your title wrong /= I thought it said 30 things I struggle with as a woman, been seeing a lot of those lately.

      So that's my bad on my part.

    • It's okay, no worries.

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  • Browneye57
    TLDR. But oh dear... another victim. Women are really good at that.
    But you really do have a choice how to react to the challenges - you are what you think you are, and we all create our own reality. If you think you can you can, and if you think you can't you can't.
    • I never said I was a victim. I was just saying what I deal with as a person and that none of that has to do with me being a women. That's what this was about.

    • I get what you mean totally when people share how they feel if it's not positive all the time then your saying your a victim. sometimes we just need to share how we feel. when people have that attitude it makes me feel more different than other people mostly other kids.

    • @Mynameisbobby - Children on GAG? pfft.

      Just because you have a feeling or emotion does not mean it HAS to be shared. Period.

  • Unit1
    I agree.
    I'm not liking this article because I'm a man. I'm liking this article because it basically has a real point compared to the first article and then the satiric follow up of the first article.

    It's humans issues.
    Having a penis or vagina means only so little with what you're going to deal with in life.
  • Mynameisbobby
    Thanks for sharing this. I feel most of these things too. Because I'm a boy people think I shouldn't be afraid or anxious all the time they say things like man up. I hate that expression. It says nothing about who I am as a person. I think this is the best my take ever!!
  • Yesnomaybe85
    A 30 yo American with 30 first world problems.
    This is so inspiring.
  • Logorithim
    Wow, what a comprehensive list. These things are all natural to worry about but nonetheless make life much harder than it needs to be.
  • cupidkisses
  • LuckyEnough
    Somebody shoot Trump into space, and swear this lady in. ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME!!! I know this will receieve backlash, but as someone who argued both the male, and female exclusive "takes", as being ridiculously closeminded, and non gender exclusive in nearly the entire post, I'm shocked to hear it from a woman, as they (in both posts) were far more domineering and unwilling to empathize with the other and agree that it's a selfish post to begin with. Bravo. Thus far the ONLY post I've seen that I agree with wholehartedly. We all struggle as people. We all feel singled out. We all share the same society, and all the hate and shame it throws around.
  • Aynsof
    Well put
    Whatever differences between the genders and the unique challenges thereof we all share an even greater amount of challenges just from the human experience and coping in our society
  • Jjpayne
    Thank you for posting this!!! This is so refreshing!
  • MelaninDoll
    Hermosa! I loved this mytake :) Good job baby girl!
  • CoffeeWC
    Thanks for pointing out the the things that make us human.
  • imwithstupid
    GREAT Post
  • Let the church say Amen
  • bubble_tea
    Great take!
  • Psycho21924
    Nice take
  • Wwwyzzerdd
    Women are humans?
  • GayHowellMeme
  • AdmiralBailey
    Awesome... girl
  • CT_CD
    Thank you for posting this myTake
  • Revolver_
    This is probably a good myTake
  • MisterSir
  • DanFlingwing
    nice and good
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    👽humans are delicate creatures👽
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Great post
  • Anonymous
    It seems to me that you take how others look and/or think of you more seriously than your own self-respect and self-worth.
  • Anonymous
    Nice take