The Concept of Compassion

The Concept of Compassion

It is one of those very special qualities that need humanity to possess, because unlike sympathy or even empathy, it takes willpower to be compassionate. Compassion needs contemplation, it requires selflessness, it's one of the ultimate qualities of humanity. Compassion is actually not only about being kind, it's more than that. Sometimes kindness is more bad than good, and compassion enables you to know when kindness isn't the way to go about a certain situation, and that a bit of cruelty is actually the right thing to do, because it's better for the person on the long run, so over all it's actually kinder.

Many people confuse compassion with empathy, sympathy and kindness, and this isn't right, because compassion isn't an instinct. Most of the time you actually have to beat your instinct to be truly compassionate. I mean is it easy to understand why someone was that rude to you? Isn't your instinct telling you to kick his butt for his disrespectful behavior? But you fight your instinct instead and take a moment to understand why he is acting like this, which might lead you to forgiving him, even though his behavior actually bruised your ego. There's much more to any situation than what we see, and it takes some difficult thinking to escape from our narrow perspective to see a bigger more fair picture. I believe true compassion is the way to stop your anger, beat your sadness and to end your pain, it's your way to truly forgive, heal yourself and move on.

That was what I believe true compassion is, because If you search for the meaning of the word compassion in google, you will find a different definition than what I've been explaining, which maybe the true meaning, I don't really know. I just explained a quality that I think very necessary to achieving humanity and "Compassion" is what I call it.

The Concept of Compassion
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  • cherryphi82

    I agree that compassion must be practiced, but it is an instinct. It is raw and unpolished in some perhaps, but it exists. It's because we have rooted it out of our hearts that we do not perceive it anymore and therefore mistakenly believe it is something we willfully choose. I don't think it is learned. It's something we already have within us; we just need to bring it out of us. Compassion towards ourselves is the first thing. But true compassion is modeled by our caregivers. That is how a child starts to cultivate it. Gordon B Hinckley, leader and prophet of the LDS church once said: "Mercy is of the very essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The degree to which each of us is able to extend it becomes an expression of the reality of our discipleship under Him who is our Lord and Master."
    And: "How godlike a quality is mercy. It cannot be legislated. It must come from the heart. It must be stirred up from within. It is part of the endowment each of us receives as a son or daughter of God and partaker of a divine birthright. I plead for an effort among all of us to give greater expression and wider latitude to this instinct which lies within us. I am convinced that there comes a time, possibly many times, within our lives when we might cry out for mercy on the part of others. How can we expect it unless we have been merciful ourselves?"

    Therein lies the root of compassion, I think.
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    • tinesters

      It is interesting that someone described as vile and evil by others would win MHO for compassion

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  • Fatslob
    The rich don't feel any compassion for us, did you see how much Megan Marmalade spent on her wedding dress? A dress she's only going to wear once, I hate the rich, they flaunt their wealth while the poor suffer, I just want to kill rich people, they don't care about us, why should we feel compassion towards them, let's all go out, buy zombie knifes and wipe the rich off the face of the planet.
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    • Elaine_17

      Well, I mean, if you had a lot of money, wouldn't you spend it on something that makes you happy? What else would you do with a lot of money other than spend it on something you want when you have the money? Now, you could spend it on the poor, but even if you give all your money up for the poor, the poor would still exist.

    • JZ909

      I think many of the rich do feel a lot of compassion. The Gates Foundation is a great example of what rich and compassionate people can do, and Jeff Bezos is literally trying to save the human race with Blue Origin.

    • Fatslob

      @JZ909 I hate life, I see rich people on TV and in the papers enjoying life, I'll never be happy, what's the point in being alive if you can't afford to enjoy life? Makes me so angry to see other people with money, I just want to kill everyone with more money than me, I hate this lousey planet, why can other people succeed but not me? I've lost all hope, I don't even try to become rich anymore, I'm just a natural born loosser. I don't even belive this is the real world, it's a simulation like in The Matrix and some bastard liveing in the real world has adjusted the programing so no matter how hard I try I can never win. My psychiatrist thinks the world is real and I'm crazzy, but he would say that, that's what he's programed to say. I want to kill all the rich people so they can't enjoy the simulation anymore and have to go back to being misseriable in the real world, serves tha bastards right for cheating and preventing me from being rich.

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  • Angelina25
    A very good take!
  • SkyeMind
    To me, Compassion is the act of putting yourself aside, to understand another persons angle. Doesn't mean you agree, doesn't mean you will follow, it means you will find an understanding of the person that other times go unnoticed.
    I do believe it takes will-power to be compassionate. It takes bravery. It also demands an awareness and insight that even though you think you're right, truth can be a kaleidoscope and be just as true from another point of view.
    Compassion is viewing worth of the person despite actions and personality. It's the understanding of the person beneath the mask.

    You say:
    "compassion enables you to know when kindness isn't the way to go about a certain situation, and that a bit of cruelty is actually the right thing to do, because it's better for the person on the long run, so over all it's actually kinder."

    I can't get that to be right. Compassion can never be "cruel". Then we have a definition problem. Compassion can be "I'm listening but not agreeing." Compassion can be "I'm helping yet not take the responsibility from the original action."
    Compassion is that whatever you do, whoever you are, wherever you come from.. I will listen to you and I will help you if you need it - but I will not compromise my own values because of it.
    Because Compassion doesn't demand it.
    I cannot fit "cruelty" inside Compassion though. What did you have in mind?
  • jennifer_bloom
    What you said makes sense - that compassion involves being gracious and not being offended every time your privileges are trampled on - I think often times people forget to be compassionate when they are looking only at the immediate or short term future. We would all benefit from learning to be more broad minded in how we deal with and relate to others rather than just limiting our social activity, mental functions or heart to our own independent social circle.
  • Neyila
    I agree. Not sure if it's innate, but I think it has a lot to do with upbringing.

    The reason why the world is what it is today is because some people lack compassion. I'm taking global warming, poverty, war, extinction etc.
  • SweedyPie
    Yes!! Great take!
    I agree 100%
    *standing ovation*
  • captainw0ww
    Yes! Amazing take
  • LegateLanius
    Thank you
  • LadySou
    how cute lol
  • Anonymous
    good take
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Loved this take.
    Thank you