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Sensitivity Around Race

Nowadays you can get called "racist" for just pointing out somebodies race. I first noticed this when I was sitting with my 6 year old cousin. We were doing a colouring in, and I started to colour in one of the children in the picture, brown. My little cousin called me racist and I had to explain to him WHY it wasn't racist.

Look at all these awesome skin tones Crayola crayons!
Look at all these awesome skin tones Crayola crayons!

I know this is just a little kid, but I figured he must of learnt that from somewhere, and people just throw the word "Racist" around so casually now.

Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. What this means is any hate speech or discrimation against someone because of the colour of their skin.

Pointing out somebodies race is not racist, I mean you can't even say somebody is "black" or "Asian" without people looking at you like you said you hate them.

Sensitivity Around Race

I understand that racism still exists in our day and age, but society is becoming so PC you can't even point out a difference without people saying you are "discriminating".

There is nothing wrong with pointing out a difference, as long as you're not pointing out a difference for negative reasons.

This is not racism.

We need to stop being so PC.

Sensitivity Around Race
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  • mesamii

    I agree. I as a black person get annoyed when people of my same ethnicity immediately call anyone not black a racist. It's ridiculous how easily people throw the word around as if it has no strong meaning. Especially without evidence of someone actually being racist. I'm also tired of seeing supportive people get put down just cuz they aren't someone of color. The line is so thin these days that anyone who chooses to speak up is immediately deemed as a racist or white supremacists without being given a chance to state their whole idea.

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    • mesamii

      It's ok to see color, it's only facts

    • Exactly. I just hate that you can't state a simple fact without people deeming you as racist or discriminating, when it's nothing offensive or rude. I agree with you so much.

Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous

    Yes racist is getting thrown around too much , no matter what color we are
    we are all Gods children. My late Maternal Grandma loved people of all color
    we lived in a Minority neighborhood where all people of all color loved each
    other as their own. But Children can be confused at times on the race of
    people and i believe some Children are picking things up from older people
    and it could be their own parents. Yes we live in a sad World and it just
    makes you wonder why things happen like they do.

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    • Anonymous

      Thanks For Most Helpful Guy :)

  • jcampbell115

    Lmao colouring white on a white colouring book, that'll work well in the multicultural set. But yeah, they scrutinize racism heavily in job interviews even, where the better more experienced employee could be hired but the other will throw the race card back at them. Some things go a bit too far imho

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  • Your cousin must be thick.
    Ask him if you should colour in the face with the white crayon even if the paper is white because technically it’s bare (don’t tell them this bit). Then whatever decision they make accuse of them racism because you aren’t white you’re beige with a bit of pink.

    • My cousin is 6..

    • That’s ageism 🙄

    • Stoner710

      Is thick a British saying? I hear it in Harry Potter, Peter and the Star catch and on British tv show and YouTube videos. I’m wording if it’s a British thing to say?

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  • Mr_Flint

    I agree, simply pointing out someone's race is not racist. I hate some people take it that way.

  • GoodatBad

    Some people would think it's MORE racist not to colour him in!

  • Guanfei

    You're white. Whatever you'll do, someone will say it's racist.

  • xKatAttackx

    I'm sorry I just laughed reading this. Just trying to imagine. 🤣
    Humans have become something else. Truly something else.

  • WickedWill

    Everyone is racist to some degree, if you can't admit that you are probably more racist then those that can.


    Reverse discrimination? Identity politics? It will never go away in america.. I like all races... But look at the news its everywhere.. Sad..

  • andreasderjuengere

    Yes - but no?
    The yes-part: I agree that 'racism' is something that is fed by aversion, prejudices and 'quality' rating. It is negative, because it attempts to give a disadvantage to specific groups of persons.
    Take away the 'hate' - and racism is more or less nothing.
    The no-part: by thinking 'race' we already categorize people. That does not reflect their individuality. A skin colour or appearance of course gives me an indication of where a person (genetically or geographically) comes from. This then carries implications of that person's culture - and some cultures are less to my own taste than others. But that should be all, I think.
    If I would now still stick to stereotypes and 'racialize' someone - I am at the base of racist thinking.
    When I remove the 'base' from my thinking... there cannot be anything else that foots on it.

  • Juxtapose

    I go out of my way to offend PC people.

  • Anonymous

    I once had a friend that joked deeply about racism but claimed it was light. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    This is kinda irrelevant but my skin color is right next to the white