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Be comfortable in your own skin and stop asking for society's approval.

We are all unique in our own way. So many people think they need society's approval to be happy.

I don't understand why? Being part of the boring brainwashed way that society thinks is so uninteresting to me.

Anybody can think and act like everyone else. It's our uniqueness that makes us special.

From our own sexual fetishes to our different views on life and the world.

We value fitting in, but all that does is steals a part of who we are.

The things we should be most proud of is what makes us unique/weird.

It's the unexpected that makes life exciting not pretending to think and act the same as everyone else.

Stop asking society if it is okay for you to like something.

Stop asking society if it is okay to think a certain way.

If what you do makes you happy and doesn't hurt yourself or others

All that matters is that you are happy with yourself.

Be comfortable in your own skin and stop asking for societys approval.
Be comfortable in your own skin and stop asking for society's approval.
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  • Sing it sister 🙂 or daughter lolol
    Agree 💯... If you have to be something your not to fit in, get people to like you, it's not real, cuz they're not accepting the REAL you...
    I'd rather one person that gets me, accepts me, lives me for me, than 20 fake friends who are only my friends if I talk walk think act the way they do or the way they think I should...
    Quality trumps quantity every time...
    Always stay true to yourself, your own self worth is far more valuable than the fake people out there 💜💜🤗
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  • Love this. 😌
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    • cjgsu

      Thanks. I felt it needed 2 be saidπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

    • JoyGirl

      Thank you for the MHO. 

    • cjgsu


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  • TheorionMage
    The ONLY entity you MUST answer to is your Creator...
    everyone ELSE is just a matter of opinion and perspective.

    It is said: "If you're not PAYING me or LAYING me...
    YOU are NOT entitled to sit in judgement of Me" ~

    Johnathan Edward's "Sunshine":
    "... He can't even run HIS OWN life I'LL BE DAMNED... if He'll run MINE!"

    STUFF it! ;)
  • 1stranger
    Yeah, you're right..
    And I agree with Spongebob😄
  • ValkyriesShield
    You sound extremely insecure and I would put money on that you are one of the "weird" and creepy people that society shuns. If you were really as confident as you pretend, you certainly wouldn't have to make a post about it. I see that self-awareness isn't a "thing" for you; nor is theory of mind or empathy. Grow TF up and maybe work on not being so odd because, you aren't fooling anyone.
    • cjgsu


  • shy_am_I
    I'd like just being myself and not worry about how society views me. Fitting into society's ever changing "standards" of what is acceptable doesn't interest me. I respect the rights of people who choose to chase the bouncing ball of social and political correctness just don't try putting me down when I or others elect to go our own way.
  • TheUniqueOne96
    Nice one.

    "Live your life for you, because if you live it for other society, instead of yourself, you'll never happy and the same society will call you an idiot for it anyway."

    I just came up with the above quote, unless it's always out there, but the message is, prioritise your happiness and if anything, it's a standard that society and social media should promote, because there's no better feeling than happiness.
  • Kayla45
    Yeah, I never liked the concept of needing someone's approval or feeling like you should or shouldn't because of what people think.

    As long as you he yourself and not doing anything wrong in the process, then as far as I'm concerned your golden.
  • DiversityHire
    No, you just stop your rational thoughts on self-love, and maintaining a positive self-image.
    • cjgsu

      I'm sorry wut was I thinking πŸ˜”

    • Exactly. Now go sit in the corner and think about what you did.

    • cjgsu

      Aww man. This is so unfair 😤🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️

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  • oncpl
    One can't ignore society because it regulates carious conducts of life. I feel comfortable without clothes but our society doesn't approve roaming/walking naked in public. I have to tolerate it.
  • AlexDeLarge
    I've never followed trends or "the norm". How boring it would be to live that way.
  • PBandJ_Nerd
    I think the other reason why people do this is because some people might get the wrong idea or think someone is harmful when they aren't.
  • Easier said than done. I kinda agree with you on everything. But at the same time... I want sex and a partner someday. Or rather, I DID. "Being yourself" (mainly for a guy) often also means being alone indefinitely. And while I agree with you, it's REALLY hard to break that need to want to make others like you and get a partner and sex (a thousand times more so if you're a guy). I'm only used to it now because I have up chasing women and have accepted the inevitable of infinite singledom. Only because of that am I able to be a little bit more okay with who I am. At least, personality wise. I still hate my looks, regardless what people think (they just happen to agree with me, individually).
    • As a woman I can honestly say that no matter how weird you are, being confident in yourself is the sexiest thing... way better than being a clone of every other wannabe out there

  • RoxyFoxx
    As always, the ideal is balance and moderation. Society sets certain expectations for us for harmony. Think of society as a large, complicated machine. Every individual has a part to play. Otherwise, there will be social collapse. For example, society says that the road is for cars and the sidewalk is for pedestrians. What would happen if some pedestrians decided to walk in the middle of the road and some cars tried to come on to the sidewalk?
    On the other hand, we shouldn't just blindly accept everything that society says, for it may be wrong. The world has come as far as it has because certain individuals refused to accept the status quo and fought for change. Most societies once accepted slavery until anti-slavery reformers rejected the abhorrent practice.
    So, respect society and constructively criticise it at the same time.
  • ColHathi
    Easier said than done 😩 You said you don't understand, so I figure I'll try and explain it: A lot of people don't love themselves. We feel insecure about ourselves, and even though you're right, that's hard to convince ourselves of. On top of that you've got others that are perfectly happy with themselves, but who take satisfaction in showing how much better they are than others. That last one is a guess. I don't actually know, but I can imagine that that's the case.

    Please try to be considerate. What you're asking is not a simple thing, even if it seems that way. :/
  • berserk945
    I agree with you...

    There is one thing I enjoy but others believe its harmful to others. So they wish to rake them away even tho its a tool no different from a car or a hammer or screw driver.
    • i understand exactly what you talkin bout...

  • Bang5luts
    Thank you!! I have been saying this to so many people on here for months!
  • sammy2003
    I'm comfortable with what I have
    I don't need any fucking approval of anyone
  • Letsgo44
    Being accepted by society is the only thing that matters to me. It’s really important
  • Niya2006
    Amazing mytake <3

    I agree 💯
  • nawtee_me
    I agree totally, variety is the spice of life...
  • Nayyr
    Goog mytake
  • alance99
    Great Mytake , i really liked it 😊🙂
  • mrgspoter
    My skins ok it's my mind a bit broken
  • updog45
    Yeah, everyone is weird in some way.