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I've Never Had Alcohol

Ive Never Had Alcohol

I've literally never had an alcoholic beverage. Never been drunk. Never bought alcohol. Never tasted it. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I made the choice not to drink when I was twelve. I know that sounds crazy, like what does a 12 year old really know about alcohol, but I got a phone call when I was twelve from my best friends mom who told me that my friend had been struck by a drunk driver right after she'd gotten off the bus one afternoon as she was legally crossing the street in the crosswalk.

Ive Never Had Alcohol

This guy had been so wasted that he managed to drag her under his car for about 3 blocks before he was stopped. He could have killed my best friend. It's a hundred years later, but even typing that brings back every emotion I had on that phone call. She was "lucky." She ended up with 4 screws drilled into her skull and a halo to stabilize her fractured spine, a broken arm and leg, fractured wrist, and the loss of a lot of her skin. It took a really long time to recover because some random couldn't put down the bottle.

Ive Never Had Alcohol

I knew at 12, I never wanted to be a person who could do that to someone because of a substance and the day I was able to visit her for the first time in the ICU made that very clear in my mind. Of course, you grow up. You see people drinking responsibly, and you know that that's not everyone, but it didn't change my mind. I made the choice not to drink and that was it for me. Despite being told that this would hurt my social/dating life as I got older, it never has because my core group of friends and people I date, all who drink themselves, know this about me and have to be okay with it. Period. They've never uninvited me to hang out, and I never stopped hanging out with them if we were at a club or bar because it's my business not to drink and not my business to tell them what to do or not do if they want to drink responsibly or if they are just getting drunk in their own home.

Ive Never Had Alcohol

When I went to college, the pressure to drink was enormous. Every dorm party, bar, club, event, house party, there was alcohol everywhere and some people were extremely aggressive when it came to trying to "make me" drink, but it just wasn't for me and having told my brother, who only occasionally drank, about some of these experiences, he told me his trick of filling a solo cup with water or soda and drinking that at parties because people would just assume you were drinking and leave you alone. He was right.

Ive Never Had Alcohol

Now as a proper adult, there are far fewer people who care whether I drink or not but on occasion, there are people who feel it's an insult if you don't drink, or they want to be 'that person' who gets you to drink your first sip, or they don't trust you for some reason, because you aren't drinking. It can be annoying, but for those out there that don't drink for whatever reason, know in your mind, that it is your personal choice whether you do or don't drink and that even if you feel the pressure to drink, you can say no if you don't want to. I would never, and have never lectured anyone drinking as to what they should and should not do because that's their choice, but they too need to respect that if you don't want to drink, that's your own choice as well.

I've Never Had Alcohol
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  • dwcl99

    (I'm sorry to use all caps, but I really wanted to convey how happy I am to read this).

    I'm the exact same way, been that way since around 12 or 13 years old as well.

    My decision came from a few things, but mostly from just listening to other people in school talk about how drunk or "wasted" they got over the weekend, and what stupid thing they did, and how they don't remember what they did, and stuff like that. In addition to hearing about all the ways in which alcohol can ruin not only your life, but the lives of countless others, it was just like, "what's the point?"

    Why would I willingly put myself in a situation where I wouldn't be in control of my own body and actions, and not remember what I did, for what? A little bit of fun? There are plenty of other ways to have fun.

    I decided early on that I was going to take an "all or nothing" approach to alcohol, seeing as how if you do a little bit, there is a higher likelihood of you doing more and more, and then boom, you're waking up in front of a dumpster somewhere covered in your own puke, trying to figure out where you're pants are, lol. I know that that is an extreme way of thinking of things, but its just like, why chance it.

    When I tell others that I don't drink, they look at me like I've got 5 heads and am speaking in Klinger. Its something that they just can't process, and pretty much their first response is something along the lines of "well you've got to try it at least once..." or "ok, it's now my goal in life to get you to have at least 1 drink."

    Its refreshing to hear your story, and to hear that there are others out there, however few of us there are, that think the same way.

    Thank you for sharing!
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    • Jamie05rhs

      Dude. ALL of this. 100

    • Tentia

      I felt that, and the original post...

    • Anonymous

      Pssst! We do exist! LOL. I know I am always stunned in life to find people like me who have chosen to just not drink. The culture is very much you turn 21 or just become a teen and you're supposed to go wild and start drinking, and I just wasn't THAT person. I purposefully went to a nice quiet restaurant with friends for my 21st and as soon as the waiter found out I was now 21, he was like, oh let me show you this drink menu, and are you sure you don't want a drink, oh we can put it on the house, and some of my friends were like, but you gotta drink now. I have had to fight for myself, really and truly, to be who I am when it comes to refusal of alcohol. It's frustrating to hear people say over and over again, well how can you have fun at xyz if you're not drinking like it's the only way through in life.

      I really follow your sentiment that it feels good to know I've always been in control of my body and aware of my surroundings because all sorts of insane stuff can happen when you aren't and these are things you can't erase. And to your point as well, how is someone telling you just how horrible their hangover was, and how they can't' remember the night before supposed to inspire one to want to actually drink exactly? Do you, I guess, but I'd rather not have to go through all of that "for a good time."

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  • AdithyaR
    Excellent choice, I respect you.
    I also chose to never drink, but I never had any big reason like that. I just chose to not drunk because it has become so socially acceptable that you get weird looks for not drinking and I personally wanted to challenge that.
    And I know how it feels to have your friends stare at you for it. I still have friends who keep joking they're gonna get me to drink. That's basically disrespecting my consent.
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    • Anonymous

      Obviously, I can relate. If you keep saying no, at some point maybe they'll get the strong hint that you're not interested and stop trying to disrespect your consent.

    • AdithyaR

      Hopefully yeah.

  • Lone_wolf122
    I've never had alcohol.. Smoked.. Taken drugs... I was invited a lot but didn't do it... I do stuff because I like them and not because it's what people do.. And all of those don't seem appealing to me
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  • Uannoyme
    I can't say that I've never had alcohol or that I've never been drunk, but I haven't done either in a very long time. Honestly, I don't see the appeal. Most alcoholic beverages don't taste good, and I don't enjoy the feeling of being drunk. A lot of people seem to believe that everything they do should involve alcohol, including events for kids. That's sad if you ask me.

    Anyway, good for you!
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    • Anonymous

      OMG, it's funny you mention that.....pre-covid, I was invited to a friends baby shower and I arrived thinking it would be this chill thing with a couple ladies handing out gifts and mom to be advice, but I drove up to what might as well have been a college rave. Everyone was drinking except for the mom to be and the music was booming throughout the neighborhood and there were people everywhere. From the moment I walked in until I left, I was offered a drink by 9 different people. I mean, it was truly like no other baby shower I'd ever been too.

    • dwcl99

      Holy crap, I hate going to pretty much all social gatherings, because they just all end up becoming a drunken college frat party. It's like people are unable to have any sort of gathering without copious amounts of alcohol involved. I don't get it.

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  • Cynicaldreamer
    Good for you anon! I don't drink either-

    I'm 35 and never had or wanted a drink before. Nor do I smoke. No particular reason, I've just chosen not to, or see the point in doing so.

    I have nothing against people who drink; if you're an adult and do so responsibly? Great! But don't mock or judge people who choose not to drink.
    • Anonymous

      Absolutely. This was one of the most annoying things in college was people telling me I couldn't have fun or enjoy a bar without drinking as if they could have fun through me or knew my mind. I mean, I get that it's a bar that people literally go to, to drink, but I was there with friends, just laughing, having a good time, and making sure everyone made it home safe with me, their very sober driver. I don't smoke either. I could never. The smell just makes me want to hurl.

  • Sharknado88
    I'm 28 and I've never had a drop of alcohol. Occasionally there are people that try to persuade me to drink but I've turned every one of them down. Just never had any interest at all in even trying it, I've seen what it can do to people and I decided to stay away from it
    • Anonymous

      Cool. I like hearing how other non-drinkers came to that choice if it wasn't an alcoholic thing because at least in the US, society encourages people to drink. Good on you for sticking up for your choice.

  • lilyanony1
    I quit drinking in 2016 best decision of my life. It wasn't actually doing anything for me or my life. Just blinding me from the guys only interested in sex and fake friends.
    I realise now that drinking was my krypyonite.
    It kept me so dumb
    • Anonymous

      You live and you learn, right. Cool that you didn't ignore that voice telling you, there was another way.

    • lilyanony1

      Thanks, honestly it was like an epiphany. I woke up one morning and decided that I had had my last drink. I don't miss nor do I remember what drinking is like. If I were to drink again it would probably be because someone else has asked or given me alcohol by mistake. I could go out without drinking but by not drinking others claimed it made them uncomfortable. 😒 You lose a lot of friends did I mention that?

  • SystemOfTheMachine
    I started drinking a bit in college at parties and I have only been drunk about 3 times I think. I have never blacked out. But, after I learned that ethanal is a class 1 carcinogen and has similar risks of cancer as cigarettes. I just decided I'd rather live longer and not do the drug, so I don't drink anymore.
    • Anonymous

      It's good to learn what we're putting in our bodies and weigh out whether it's worth the risk for us.

    • Yep, ethanal turns into acetaldehyde in the body and it then becomes a genetic mutagen that can harm your body's DNA and cause cell scarring.

  • NYCQuestions1976
    Excellent Take. I rarely drink as well, but fortunately not for the reasons you wrote. I was one of the first of my friends to get my driver's license, and my station wagon was the biggest car any of us had. So I became the designated driver by default, and rarely drinking just stuck with me. To this day I still rarely drink, like maybe two to four times a year.
    • GOOSEBOY78

      yup been there dude designated dickhead duty. its not fun watching and helping drunky get in and out of the car without vomitting in the car.

    • @GOOSEBOY78 Yes it was generally a thankless job. I can't even count how many times my friends would break my chops because I wasn't drinking or only had one beer the entire night.

      "You need a nipple with that beer?"

      "No, because I'm driving your sloppy drunk ass home."

      "Oh yeah."

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. My designated driving rule has always been if I'm driving, it's going to be in their car, because if they are puking and going nuts, let that be in their own cars and not mine.

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  • JoeSchmoeCool
    Yeah, I understand your sentiments. I don't drink either. I've seen enough of what alcohol does to people and never saw the appeal. My family has had a long history with alcohol and I'm glad it's been dialed back.
    • Anonymous

      Sorry to hear that, but glad that they, or you, or both are recognizing the issues it causes for your family.

  • AD240pCharlie
    I have a few friends who don't drink. One made that choice for religious reasons, another because of medical issues and the third simply because she doesn't want to. That has never been a problem. They have never judged me for drinking or partying, and they don't mind hanging out with me and my other drunk friends when we're out. It's actually a great thing to always have that sober friend in the group when everyone else is drinking.
    • Anonymous

      That's a really good point and one I definitely believe in. You have to watch out for your crew and if you happen to be sober, better for it.

  • Anon621
    I respect your decision. I used to drink alcohol but I now have a medical condition that prevents me from doing so and I want to make sure to take care of my body as best as I can
    • Anonymous

      I definitely understand. I developed a chronic health condition in my late 20's where drinking alcohol can be very detrimental to my health and condition, and one of the best things ever was the doctor telling me this with this kind of "I feel sorry for you look" on her face, but I was like, don't drink, so not an issue.

  • Bratsondanielle
    I never drink either. I don't do drugs I don't do weed. ... I don't think it's good. It's also extremely expensive

    I know people who earn money like me, but still live in a trailer. I live on a huge property in a house and drive a big new truck

    I don't know I guess it's just what you want. I want it my way...
  • Newhead
    Good for you, that is very responsible of you. I think your strong mind and compassion for your friends is admirable. I love that you also don't condemn other who drink responsibly while declaring your stance on never having alcohol yourself.
  • Maraneva
    Wow, that was pretty good to read especially as someone who can relate. Our neighbour used to drink way too much, sneak out of the house and crawl to the bar to get just one more bottle and come back home shouting and throwing a tantrum. Made up my mind never to become anyone like that and it's going on strong. I do drink homemade wine though so it's not like I'm completely 'unadulterated' or something lol but with dorm mates literally begging me try a sip, with colleagues laughing at me all the time for avoiding a drink or a smoke, I just turn down the 'offer' politely. If someone actually becomes aggressive in trying to persuade me, I just interrupt and tell them straight up that I wish to keep my liver and kidneys healthy and end the discussion at that.
    by the way, cool water trick your brother taught you. Good one.
    • Anonymous

      It's crazy how alcohol can affect some people. I remember going to a parade with all my co-workers after work and one of them was like the sweetest person ever at work. I never saw her fight or argue or get mad at anyone but she turned up to the event already tipsy and continued to drink for the next couple of hours and she was screaming and yelling at random cars and people and falling into the street. It was incredibly embarrassing and I was scared she was going to hit a few people as we all walked back to our cars and the police would be called. I think at that point, if you're that person, you have to change for you because people can only tell you so many times what a crazy person you are while drunk before they just ditch you, and truly, I never hung out with this person ever again after that event in any social setting. Anyway, good on you for keeping your kidneys and lungs healthy. We only have one life to live, that's for sure, might as well do it as healthy as possible.

    • Maraneva

      Exactly. I've sampled every liquor and I know how everything tastes and feels like. My dad let me do it just so that no one can fool me in social gatherings. Other than that, I don't really see myself drinking to tipsy points ever. I do respect the people who enjoy a responsible drink at home or at a restaurant. That's really good in my opinion. And yeah it's just one life we get.
      Oh and Happy new year 😊

    • Anonymous

      Happy New Year to you!

  • IAMNathanael
    That's a wise decision, good on you.

    The only alcohol I've ever had was when I swiped my step dad's drink. I could only get a sip before he took it back real quick. What can I say... I was a kid and I thought it was apple juice.
  • Finchie40
    I am sure you heard it all when it came down to being pressured to drink but the fact that you weren’t a hypocrite about it. gives no one a right to criticize you at all , I am sorry to hear about your friend getting Hit by a drunk driver, that had to be devastating to hear and go through. But as for me I do drink alcohol on occasion and I try to be as responsible as I can be , if I go out drinking I always make sure I have a designated driver or I will call an Uber etc. but I would never get behind the wheel if I have alcohol in me , I had friends that did and they suffered the consequences for their actions with DUI’s and huge fines and being locked up , and losing their driver license and I honestly didn’t feel sorry for them considering it was a really dumb move on their part and they deserved everything they got. Why I mainly prefer to drink at my home or a friends home where I am more safe , but their are a lot of people that just don’t care and do what they want , so I don’t blame alcohol I blame stupidity people with no common sense
    • Anonymous

      That's really good to hear that you drink responsibly. There is nothing wrong with having a good time with alcohol involved if that's what you want to do, but if it's to the point where you're putting yourself or others in danger, it's no longer fun or cool because as you pointed out as well, there are consequences.....some you can never take back.

  • kespethdude
    THere are people on medications who can NOT drink alcohol at all while on them. I am one of them, so I'm not vaing any either.
    • Anonymous

      I get it. I really do. When I turned 30, unfortunately I developed a chronic health condition that doesn't permit me to drink without dire consequences. When the doctor told me, it was with this look of pity, but I was like, don't drink, never have, so not a problem.

  • MrOracle
    My last whole drink (I've taken a sip of someone's drink here and there) was a Hurricane in New Orleans during Mardi Gras 2004. And prior to that was my 1999 NYE party.

    As a DJ, I occasionally get someone who wants to buy me a drink and gives me a bit of a hard time, but otherwise it's been a long time since I've had peer pressure to drink.
  • MecheD
    Very powerful, and I love the fact you don’t make it an evil thing in fact you keep it as a choice. I respect you and your will power keep it up.
    • Anonymous

      Thanks. I think a lot of people who don't know anyone who doesn't drink assume we are all just out here yelling at others not to drink, but that's their life to live how they please and as long as there is mutual respect, there is no problem. Also, a lot of people say how do you keep it up, but I've never had a drink so I have no taste for it or desire for it so it's like any other food or drink you've never had---you can't miss it if you never had it.

    • MecheD

      True 💯 ❤️

  • zeitgeist057
    You're awesome. I drink but not really that much anymore and I know what you mean about high school and college people just seem to really want to shove it in your face and get weird about it.

    I admire your decision and thank you for keeping the roads safe!
  • *Laughs in Muslim*

    It is true that most Muslims never drink alcohol, but nonetheless I still find it very admirable and commendable when I see others choosing to not drink as well, especially in a culture where it is the norm.

    Did you know that the Qur'an says alcohol is prohibited because it has several advantages, but its disadvantages outweigh the advantages? It basically acknowledges that alcohol DOES have its own good qualities.

    I hope you can keep it up for the rest of your life. It breaks my heart to know about people committing things like drunk driving, sexual assault, violence etc crimes under the influence of alcohol. For these reasons even though I am not the most religious Muslim out there I never want to touch alcohol in my life as well.
    • Lol this reply is exactly what I was thinking and people say *we’re* backwards for not drinking lol😂😂

      Tell em sis🙈😝

    • Anonymous

      How is it coming from a religious perspective, where, like Mormons, you're told not to drink at a young age rather than do you necessarily have just a pure unfiltered choice in the matter? I imagine it to be much easier if everyone around you is doing the same thing or shares a pretty similar view.

    • I can see your point OP, and I don’t know anything about Mormonism so I can’t speak for that religion.

      But talking about Islam, yes for a number of us it may be easier to not drink given a lot of us have grown up in an alcohol free environment. But some of us haven’t grown up in an alcohol free environment, like I am born and raised in England so while at my house nobody drinks beyond my house many people do.

      Our religion tells us not to drink alcohol for a reason, like the ones you mentioned in your MyTake- after all prevention is better than cure.

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  • Genkii
    I love the decision. I don't drink alcohol either. It messes with your head, and it simply just tastes terrible. I only drank in grade 10 at two of the few parties I ever went to (weirdly enough, all the parties were that year). It was just stupid, I didn't understand why people liked it. I thought I'd just try, and surprise surprise, it was gross. No fun.

    In my head, I always roll my eyes when people talk about drinking or offer an alcoholic drink. I'm fine with water or pop or juice. Juice tastes great and makes me happy. Alcohol tastes terrible and makes me feel gross. I'm proud of my choice and I won't let anyone say otherwise.
    • Anonymous

      That's awesome!

  • cjgsu
    Good for you. You saw the evils of something and chose to take the bigger path.

    How is your friend doin now?

    Did she make a full recovery or does she have some lingering effects from the injuries?
  • ItsDre
    You're not missing out on anything except for the social interactions that come along with drinking. And most of those end up bad anyway.
    I've never had a drinking problem whatsoever, but I always had a high tolerance. I would get to a point where if I wasn't activly drinking I wasn't drunk. I could drink alcoholics under the table.
    But I quit drinking about 7-8 years ago because I started to hate the way it made me feel, of course hangovers suck but my first sip and I'd start disliking the feeling. So I just stopped. Haven't missed it or wanted to drink once since then.
    • Anonymous

      Good for you. I think a lot of people follow that route.

    i can say this: you aren't really missing anything by not drinking.

    last time i had a drink was on the mates birthday the year before he died of bowel cancer. that was about 5? years ago.

    i dont find drinking fun anymore. i dont miss the hangovers either.

    especially now as i live and commute out of town for work.
    i grew up with a alcoholic father. i was never a seasoned drinker like he was anyway, i couldnt drink for 2 days straight. if i have one drink i ususally camp up cos i ain't driving...
    • Anonymous

      I'm sorry to hear about your friend. A lot of people do ask, well, how in the world can you live without drinking...and I roll my eyes because it's definitely not essential to life and I can't miss what I've never had! We make our own choices in regards to alcohol and if it's just not for you for whatever reason, you get to choose to stop or just never start.

  • dantheman1118
    I can respect that big time. I just can't wrap my head around people making that choice without even trying it. That shows great will power. It's amazing, really. I decided to quit drinking almost 4 years ago. I drank a lot and did it for no reason. I didn't need an excuse to drink. I just did it. I nursed a nasty hangover the day after the Superbowl and decided I should slow down but without even realizing it, I never really drank too much after that. I haven't been drunk since that Superbowl and all together in the last 4 years I have probably had 8 beers total. I don't consider myself a recovering alcoholic and I never went through the 12 steps. I will never say I won't have a beer if I want one but I just never want one. At this point of my life after all that I said I can honestly say before I'm dead I'll probably feel pressured into at least one beer. And for you to never give in to the pressure is crazy cool. I can respect that.
    • Anonymous

      Thanks. Believe you me, I have been literally confronted on several occasions how a human being such as me even exists, lol, but you know your own mind and body and I just knew and still know, it's not for me and don't feel like I've missed out on anything in life from not drinking. You as well know your own mind and if you somewhere down the line have one more, than it is what it is--the world won't end because of it.

    • dwcl99

      Yeah you actually get to be present in your life and enjoy the little things in life when you're sober.

  • Armourdillo
    I have freinds who don't drink, I'm a bartender so I'll usually make them mocktails (cocktails with no alcohol) and honestly much if the time I prefer them than to alcoholic ones
    • Anonymous

      I love that. I've had a few mocktails and of course the old sparkling cider on New Years instead of Champagne at midnight, but mostly I'm just a water drinker.

    • Jamie05rhs

      I like the "virgin" fruit drinks haha.

  • KingdomForAKiss
    Thanks for sharing your perspective!
    I enjoy a good drink now and then. But for health reasons, I don't drink very often as it leads to bad food choices for me. I'd rather think with a clear head.
    That's great that you've committed to something and have never wavered.
  • kkirk4442
    Except for a couple of sips when a kid, I have never drank alcohol either. I don't feel that I've missed a thing, and have gained a good amount, considering how I see many people act when they have been drinking alcohol.
  • Good choice.

    People say using drugs and alcohol hurts no one but the person who takes them.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, but to be fair to all, alcohol doesn't have to hurt the person who drinks it as long as it's not to excess but when you're talking about abuse, yes, it can absolutely affect whole families, lives, and livelihoods which can be ruined by it. My own friend's experience is the perfect example.

  • Unit1
    I may drink sometimes just for the lower glucose level or because i really love hot mulled wine but i will never push a non-drinker to "join the club". No means no and that's it. I ask "Want a drink?" and you tell me what you like to drink. I won't say a word about the non-drinkers. As soon as someone gives you some dirty looks or mentions a thing, get up and leave. They're not your friends.
  • guesswhoseback
    I don’t care if you been life long sober. Good for you. But it would be tough to date someone like this. I’m a very moderate drinker myself. I might one or two glasses a wine once a week and that’s it. Only on holidays or very special occasions I might imbibe more. But I hate feeling like shit the next day and I’m very good at limiting it. I also hate how I feel out of shape.

    But I would feel uncomfortable drinking in front of someone who doesn’t drink.
  • Archerer
    I envy you. Alcohol was the cause of almost everything wrong in my life. Sober now though :)
    • Jamie05rhs

      Good for you, man.

    • Anonymous

      At least you learned for yourself sooner rather than later.

  • I can't stand the smell nor taste. Def not missing anything there. I tried on my 21st bday and just not my style. Im fine going without alcohol
  • AMonthOfAugust
    I've actually maybe had 1 shots worth of alcohol in the tiniest sips though my whole life as well.
    And while I agree with everything you've said; it really sucks being that guy who no one want's to hang out with at the bar or go clubbing with. Not drinking is incredibly healthy in one way and incredibly isolating in another.
  • Lynx122
    That's totally fine. I wanted to drink when I was younger because it seemed like a really big deal and it was a new and fun experience but now I drink very rarely and when I do it's not a lot.
  • Fukmeblindf001
    Right on ,, you said it,, it's your choice,, if you have someone trying to do something like talk you into it,,,, it's not a friend ,,, walk away,,,,, good for you,,
  • DaMack999
    Stick to non alcoholic life. Your judgement will thank you.
    • Anonymous

      Ha, thanks!

  • miniD
    I barely even drink water😂 I can’t get past the smell of alcohol. Even wine smells like apple cider vinegar 🤢
  • Jamie05rhs
    I completely agree with you.

    I, too, have never consumed any alcoholic beverages. It was a choice. I have no interest in drinking whatsoever.
  • Thank you for writing that.

    I had wine when I was a child... didn't care for it. I saw people drunk, they were fun, but didn't care for it. I don't drink it because I'd rather have my wits about me and it's a waste of money. I really appreciate my girlfriend doesn't touch it either.

    Take every social pressure as exercise to say no and hold your value system. If people can't respect you, ditch them.

    My friends don't drink either. It is in the top list of stupid things humans do. 2nd is smoke cigs. I absolutely hate that crap, but.

    In my book, the drunk driver should have been shot at dawn by firing squad. No excuse whatsoever for that lack of responsibility. Very quick way to reduce # of deaths by drunk drivers. So many more have died because of this problem. We accept it, but it's so wrong.
  • 1truekhaleesi
    That's nice. I don't drink because I'm on a shit ton of antidepressants.
    • That's exactly what I've been saying too.

  • dawsonnata
    I never drink either .. never have never will. Nor do I smoke or eat junk food. My body is pure.
  • Smegskull
    You aren't missing much. Most alcohol tastes aweful unless you force yourself to get a taste for it and anything that decent is way too expensive for what it is. I think the best alcohol has ever tasted for me is as a cooking ingredient rather than as a drink.
  • NoblesseObligeKK
    I understand your position, but I still gotta ask; are you mormon? Yeah, there's no explicitly logical reason to drink hard alcohol, other than societal pressures like fitting in. Although, certain doctors have studied the effects of resveratrol, thus driving the argument that wines can indeed be healthy in moderation, presumably without added sweetners; avoid Stella Rosa like the plague. Yeah I drank a lot and to be honest still will after reading your post, for me its become more of a ritual - Saturday game night, loggin on with the bois and smash kheds / blaming the booze if we lose hahaha.
    • Anonymous

      Definitely not Mormon. I would really dislike being put in a position where there is effectively no choice. I chose and still choose not to drink and to be clear, my story was not me trying to convince others not to drink because your choice is your own and if you enjoy it, then by all means, enjoy.

    • dwcl99

      I hate it when people assume that I don't drink due to religious reasons, bc that has nothing to do with it. Oddly enough, I actually have little respect for people who don't drink solely due to religious reasons, while I have enormous respect for people who don't drink due to their own choice.

    • @dwcl99 Thats dumb as hell dude. Joining a religion is a choice. Following the constraints that religion imposes is a choice. A religious person is not some puppet being dangled around by god. To assume that makes me lose respect for you.

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  • Massageman
    Good for you! It's sad that you had to make that decision due to the reason that you did, but it's great that you are doing this.
  • MyBigMystery
    It's good not to drink but I know a lot who do stuff like this then end up in some accident after trying to much drink for the first time. But yea I'd not miss alcohol if it was taken away most people act like dogs on it.
    • But I still find it weird to not try at all, you can just have one or you scared you keep drinking more?

  • I've had alcohol wasn't fond of it. Haven't touched it in over 12 years maybe more.
  • israelisevil
    Drinking is harder then most illegal drugs And more addictive then all besides meth and heroin good choice not too
  • Capricornunicorn
    I respect that. Wish I could have been as strong but there are some people in this world I couldn't tolerate without getting drunk.
  • SpiderManFan2002
    This was a lovely read!☺️

    I don’t drink either keeping it halal after all🙈😝👀
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    I have friends who drunk but I never tasted even a drop well many people did try persuade me but I haven't changed and also I don't have any reason to.

    My so ual life is prity much fucked I am the odd one out in every case you know i dint smoke donot eat non veg not even egg there are not much choices in vegetarian dishes but there are few choices at least 😂😂😂😂.

    But I think I will die of passive smoking one day and my friends will laugh thaf bugger never did a single habit but died b4 us 😂🙃🙃😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • This is like CRAZY gurl, you are crazy. Like just wow.