A comparison of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's effectiveness as leaders using face-reading analysis

First off, I did an experiment here asking for volunteers who would allow me to read their faces. Some of them told me I was correct. If you do a search for the posting on face reading on this site you might run into it.

So my purpose for writing this take is to give you an analysis of each political figure's characteristic using the ancient art of physiognomy so you can get an idea as to who would be more qualified for a specific office, what not hearing by mouth that 2016 is supposed to be the year of elections right? The only thing you can go by when a person is running to be in office are their ad campaigns and propaganda, so this take on each candidate's qualifications is unusual and fresh, but can come in handy in the future.

I am going to start off with Hillary Clinton. I think I was on this website looking over a post when I ran into Hillary Clinton's childhood photos. She looks probably about 15-20 years of age perhaps? But, looking at her face a little closer I've noticed that her destiny was written on her face; that she was a people person.

A comparison of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's effectiveness as leaders using face-reading analysis

Looking at her photos in her older years I can see that people put their hopes and respect on this woman and their needs are met. I also see in her face that she is a woman who looks at both sides of the issue and try to appease both parties; the impression I get is the feeling of having my needs met when I look at her, so my heart is rest assured.

As far as being all ears and eyes for the people and meeting their conditions and needs, Hillary fulfills. But as far as other tasks assigned to presidents which include implementing strategic plan of action, say negotiating war related matters, would require more wit and cunningness, like the moves on a chess board. Hillary is good for doing projects that relate to drafting up bills or processes of the legislative branches; looking from her face, she's used to these procedures, but Hannibal-cunning strategic chess moves I'm not sure if she has.

As far as Barack Obama, he's been in office for years now so you think he's doing SOMEthing right. I mean the man is a very persuasive speaker; I noticed he uses a lot of imagery to appeal to his audiences, but hey if I wanted a good motion picture running in my head I'd go back to watching The Gladiator lol.

But, doing a facial analysis of Barack Obama, I've noticed several things about him, and this brings up the picture of the dirty side of politics I have learned about in high school classes. The impression of Barack Obama is that he seems to be focused more on what opportunities can be brought to him, like perhaps favors that he can get in the politic-world. Also from the looks of his face he seems to also have mistrust issues, as he himself probably knows that in the dirty world of politics come your back-stabbers, so he's definitely trying to watch his back. These seem to be the main issues encompassing his mind, or at least that is what I have seen thus far.

So there you go; I just wanted to inform you about what I have seen from my face-reading to bring awareness and possible use of using the ancient art of physiognomy to determine the person of subject's qualifications for whatever task they are assigned to for future prospects in question. And hey, the art of physiognomy came from the Greeks, who also began the idea of democracy, from which the American foundation is laid. For you critics, go figure.


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  • How bout a little Phrenology to add to your junk-science. Or maybe read the guts of a chicken or the shit of a bear. What does their horoscope say for this month? This is really just your attempt at influencing people politically. I just farted, and it smells like Ted Cruz is a moron. How bout we judge people on their merit rather than how the mole on their face makes you feel like they will start WWIII.

    • To be quite honest I really didn't even pay attention to politics or siding with any one candidate for that matter until I saw Hillary's face by accident and then I became intrigued and decided to read Obama's to give people comparisons. You don't really know much about a candidate's personal qualifications other than their propaganda and unfortunately that's eXACTLY what it is-propaganda. And you're right I'm trying to influence you; if it can lead you in the right direction then sure by all means.

      If you meet Obama he's probably going to try to step on you because of the mistrust issue complex he himself has for being backstabbed. Obama desires for FAVORS in office, trust me.

      But Hillary's face indicates that you have her trust and she will get right at it if you know what I mean. I also see that Hillary seems to see a huge lump sum of money in her lifetime, and the issue of money can also seems to show up in her face as well...

    • Hillary is a very balanced beam type of person. It seems as if she wants to see both sides of the issue for a balancing act if you know what I mean.

      I mean, unfortunately not everyone has the gift that I do so I'm here to shed give my input so that you have more information to go by than just their campaigns you know? But you choose what you want to believe but I hope you weigh out your options based on the information you have at hand... this article is a supplement to your decision-making

    • And yes you can look at their merits as well... that's a good idea lol

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  • I thought only Chinese people believed in face-reading magic.

    • Well apparently the Greeks have done this as well... they term it 'physiognomy'...

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  • Lmao at Hillary being uncomfortable with cunning moves.

    This the woman who doesn't use government email servers and runs all her work over email servers she owns personally so that she can delete them and not have them belong to the public.

    • I mean I'm not saying that she is NOT cunning, it's just that I see more that she is definitely good with things involving procedural stuff, but chess player outwits I haven't really seen written on her face, like the cunning strategic plan of action Hannibal used to fight the armies on the other side. You can look up Hannibal's technique he used in the fields... if I remember this correctly... lol

    • Many people have their own server. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush owns the server that runs jeb@jeb. org, the personal email account he used as governor to conduct official, political and personal business. Asked who controls the server that operates that email address, Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell responded: “He owns it.”Mar 4, 2015
      Jeb Bush owns his own email server MSNBC

      Enjoy! :)

  • So what does this face tell you? :


  • Sounds like bogus 'science' , something like Lambroso's theories.

    • I forgot to add that my analysis of Barack Obama's face is from the frontal view. But from the side view as in the photo I posted, he seems like , yes he is concerned about other people, but he got needs to. Hillary= the people Barack= how do I promote myself/dirty politics/watch your back/wins favors to get promoted

    • You could also ask a fortune teller or a medium. LOL

  • They both are horrible leaders as they only care about themselves.

  • So you are using pseudo science to propagate Hillary Clinton over Barrack Obama? Seems legit.

  • Rand Paul for president!

  • Hillary is most definitely not a peoples person...

    • Her destiny is set in her face even before I think that she became a politician; I mean the young photo I saw her looked pretty young as I said 15-20 years old. I see multitudes of beaming happy, satisfied people written on her face, and I also noticed that your fate can also sometimes be written on your face. I think this woman is set to stand behind "We the People", because she is, at least I think more than Barack Obama actually. I think she cares for the needs of the people more than Barack Obama ---now this is coming from someone who is not really into politics. I happen to glance at Hillary one day then looked at Barack Obama then decided to write this post to inform the public about my findings and the revival of a technique.

    • what kind of people are you representing? gays and whore doesn't represent all the people. there are lots of different people. america is bankrupt because of you too.

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  • people are jealousy of her..

    • In what way are people jealous of her I ask?

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    • how long do you think you are going to last with that ignorance? not long.

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