Favorite movie songs and soundtracks

Hey gaggers starting to love this my take thingy ma bob. Now I did this same article for a small newspaper a few months ago it went down really well and got some lovely comments from readers so I will share it here aswell its slight adapted in places though.

As always I cannot list everything but I have heard lots of different music and soundtracks but these are some of the unmissable ones in my view. It is only my view though, if you have any fav's you like I love to hear them.

Lets Start...

Black Hawk Down - Gortoz a ran - J'attends - "I await" its written in Gretan which is a celtic lanauge in Western France

I dont think you can miss this beautiful piece of music specifically requested for the film by Ridley Scott its performed with Lisa Gerrard and breton singer Denez Prigent who also composed it. When you hear the words "We have a black hawk down" it makes you really think and sometimes a little tear as you try and think what it must have been like for the soliders in event.

Simply beautifully put together.

The next piece comes from another of my favorite films

Couples Retreat Sajna - A R Rahman (which translates to "lover" in Indian I believe)

This is a another beautiful cleverly crafted love song. Its lyrics are really lovely Me and My Partner Hannah love this one as we danced along with other couples at a wedding we attended.

Kerbie's Umissable movie songs and soundtracks

"you are the *** stubbon and imovable but when the *** is on the move nothing can stop the *** best line in the film so it gets on this list for this aswell haha

Oasis's stop crying your Heart out

A favorite of my girl Hannah's & Mine (Yes I have watched girly films with her) unfornately I have never watched Butterfly effect but have Made of Honor - In my view its a perfect fit for Made of honor it demostrates the shear determination for the lead character not to give up on trying to get Female lead character Hannah (my girl wants to make a Hannah fan club for all Hannah's not sure if that's going to work lol) who is about to enter the wrong Marriage played by P dempsey and also the other male lead in this is another member of the grey's A main leads character Owen Hunt

Unfornately i am 100% fluent on Butterfly Effect but I am told its a film i should watch and on a serious side actually this song also has a real life importance for both of us due to Hannah's Sister this is what i put on youtube when listening to this a few months ago.

"Means a lot to me this song , my friend played this to her sister when she was critically unwell with st4 melastic melanoma (cancer) , she survived with very low odds she's now recovering. She can see the stars again now"

Armageddon ! - the launch theme & and long distance goodbye Landing

the launch theme starts at the presidents speech when he talks about the 12 brave astronauts that are going to attempt to save the world its composed by trevor Rabin like a lot of the music in the film its incredibly emotionally moving and when I watched it did make me a cry a little but not as much as the wedding scene at the end (sorry guy's love weddings ! - my girl says I am big girl but as a photographer I like doing them anyway)

Next is the landing scene again another score with a incredible moving perspective to it which makes the armageddon score one of the best i have ever heard.

And to end the armageddon section - yep you should have realised this was going to make it on! - Aerosmith I dont want to miss a thing

Well words are lost really it was simply again beautiful

Now this is one song that annoyed the artist afterwards

The heart will go on

Apparently Celine dion got so annoyed with the song after everyone kept referring to it for ages. and some may not remember a interview with Kate winslet when she appeared in the film she was a young woman of I believe 19

ethierway Celine may hate it now but it will always be one of my favorite love songs and I sang it to my girl at her birthday with a karaoke machine and she cried.

Braveheart - Freedom

I dont think any of us have forgotten this film and its effect , this is probably my favorite song out of it personally (Note of info crying is highly likely!)

I think the song speaks for itself in everyway possible really like a lot of my others it convey's emotional , heartache , desperation , determination.

Last note of Freedom - Day's of thunder - David coverdale

This was one of those great soundtrack with loads of pure power cords and a real sense for action but it was wrecked by the film itself which did not do too well with the critics while it recieved a nomiation it never won any awards.

A shame really.

The Running Man - Jon Parr - Restless Heart (Running Away With You)

This is embossed in my head its one my all time fav arnie films besides Terminator, Kindergarten cop, Twins and the 6th Day.

I loved this right from the first time i heard it and when the song played I was like yeah way to show that evil character who's boss ! but on serious note more frightengly is how far we actually came to a situation where the worlds ecommony did collapse and what could happen.

Gladiator - (or anyone that's seen irish comedy mrs browns boy's agnes brown called it Radiator)

Now we are free - Lisa Gerrard

Absoultely love how Hans Zimmer managed to put this together superb; he really took the whole atmos of the film and really made it sing out in the music and lisa gerrard like in black hawk down's soundtrack see my first music choice in this take could not have done a better job of performing it once again simply beautiful.

Lets end the take one that might be a bit unusal to some and maybe missable actually but i kind of put it in the unmissables even if you only watch its youtube video once.

Pokemon - the movie 2000 - The Power of One - Flying without wings

While the song doesn't have much point to the actual film in whole but it does add a really nice feel to it.

And just for a giggle a rumour once said a someone had planned to make a oreo film it would be funny with songs like this I think it would be unmissable lol

Kerbie signing off....


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  • Now we are free - Gladiator is the best especially this one you include in this "MyTake" Now we are free - Lisa Gerrard