The top 3 versions of my favorite song (Time-Hans Zimmer)

This is the original song.

Made famous by the movie Inception, Time is by far one of my favorite pieces of music. Any remix is beautiful however here are my top and best remixes.

Comming in at number three is personal preference, it mixes electronic with a beutiful synth boad sound and just the perfect beat to make an extremely comforting piece.

At Number Two we have Time(Aviators remix) They have constucted to make it sound as though you were flying staying true to their aptly named group. I have found this song to be very freeing and enjoyable, I have to always think of flying.

And finally Number 1. This remix holds no comparrison with others, with beautiful vocals and deep tones as well as a tempo to die for I found this remix to be the best as it exeplifies how beautiful music can be.


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  • These were all so peaceful and beautiful. The last one was definitely my favorite though.


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  • I like the Inception song.

    1 of my personal favorites by Hans Zimmer

    Man of Steel - Flight

    those 2 songs make me feel like I can break through walls.

    such an amazing song for the moment you see Superman on screen, beginning to learn how to take flight.

    • The second one reminds me of another instrumental from call of duty. The first one I don't care for it feels a little to generic but i could see how others might like it. Hans Zimmer also did a call of duty for Modern warfare its a little fast paced but it makes you feel really awesome and if you find this super man music to tickle you then you'll love it. Sorry if I'm a little scattered i just came out of surgery so bear with me. Another is the entire oblivion soundtrack there are some truly beautiful tapes on there and they sound like your type here's a link and What do you think

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  • I can't lie the last one is #1

    • I love to do night drives whenever I have this on I crank it up and just let everything go. This was the first song i ever learned on piano, its very easy you can learn it in an hour. And when you get better you can add your own personal theme making it your own creation. Its so easy and simply beautiful.
      Here is one on guitar its not like the others but still has that awesome kick.

  • Thanks man, I greatly enjoyed this very moving and emotional piece. Glad to see good remixes.

    • Where you able to hear it before?

    • I usually listen to trailer/epic music, and I found it on a youtube video using that song (i found out the song was in inception afterwards).