Is beauty subjective or objective?

Something defined by subjective thoughts is actually having unlimited definitions therefore it can be considered as "indefinable", as in the end of his way to define beauty Plato too reaches the point that beauty is indefinable.
but Again Plato was the philosopher that Nietzsche describes as "boring".

if we want to have a definition of the word "beauty" it has to be an objective definition made by natural rules.

example: a peacock we see with more colourful feathers and consider more beautiful the peahen too considers as a more fit choice for copulation, as for lions too a male lion with a mane that we may consider more beautiful is the priority for the female lion. nobody in the world considers a red rose ugly. And between two kinds of animals like wolves and Chimpanzees wolves are physically known as beautiful even between those who dislike wildness but Chimpanzees though considered funny and cute are not knows as "beautiful" creatures. so if the beauty is a "subjective" definition why it becomes common in "the eyes of the beholders" when we observe the nature? and are humans parted from nature? or are just a kind of creature between all the creature lost in the complexity of nature? and if he is a simple part of the nature, can what we see as common beauty in nature determine the beauty in humans as an objective definition too?

I wonder...

so what are your thoughts? are you careless enough to reject everything out of "the eyes of the beholder" or Bold enough to step forward to define "beauty"?
Is beauty subjective or objective?
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