Does anyone know of any good korean dramas like City Hunter?

So i finished watching city hunter some time ago, and i loved it quite a bit. It was my first step into the korean drama world, and I'd like to see some more like that. But I don't really know where to start. So i was wondering if anyone knew of any korean dramas that were as good as city hunter, with the same sort of action-packed/engaging story mixed with romance? I would appreciate a few suggestions!


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  • Iris is really good for that in my opinion. If you like action with some romance that's a good one. Modern day espionage type stuff..

    Chuno (Slave Hunters) is pretty good if you're into more ancient history type action with romance.

    Those are 2 of my favorite action/romance dramas. Let me know what you think.


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    • I've been on that site... but it doesn't list the shows in order of popularity so its not really useful for me

  • City hunter is japanese actually. It was written by Tsukasa Hojo. It's a very popular but old manga that was adapted both as an anime and a movie with jackie Chan.

    The koreans tried a reboot of the japanese one.

    • ahh i see. thanks for the info. do you have any recommendations then?

    • Well that's the thing, I really can't think of anything similar atm so I thought maybe if you can't find anything else, you could try to see if you like the original.

    • ah okay, well perhaps ill check it out then. thanks