Who Is Your Favorite Character In Pretty Little Liars?

Who Is Your Favorite Character In Pretty Little Liars?
As for me I love them all, But If you want me pick one as favorite, I think I will chose Aria Montgomery! What is yours?

As for the Male character I chose Caleb Rivers Hanna's long hair boyfriend
Who Is Your Favorite Character In Pretty Little Liars?

I won't list all of them, Just pick the major roles!
Pretty Little Liars Female Cast list:Sasha Pieterse As Alison DiLaurentis, Lucy Hale As Aria Montgomery, Ashley Benson As Hanna Marin, Troian Bellisario As Spencer Hastings, Shay Mitchell As Emily Fields, Janel Parrish As Mona, Torrey DeVitto As Melissa Hastings, Shay Mitchell As Maya, Lindsey Shaw as Paige McCullers, Vanessa Ray As CeCe Drake. Pretty Little Liars Male list: Keegan Allen as Toby Cavanaugh, Ian Harding as Ezra Fitz, Tyler Blackburn As Caleb Rivers Ryan Merriman As Ian Thomas, Brant Daugherty As Noel Kahn, Julian Morris As Wren Kim, Yani Gellman As Officer Garrett.

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  • Hannah/Mona, can't decide who I like best, and then Aria :) And as for the guys? Caleb!!! It was really awesome finally seeing all the guys team up, I esp love Toby/Caleb team-ups :D


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  • I don't watch that show anymore, I only watched like first 2 seasons or something. That was a long time ago. From what I remember, I loved Caleb, he's really really cute. And from the girls I liked Aria best, Emily too.

    • Haha, That's my favorite too, All you liked. But why you don't watch it? Because feel bored? Or too long?

    • I stopped watching it like 3 or 4 years ago, I don't even remember how far exactly I got, and I'm sure as hell not gonna start from the beginning again, and tbh that whole A thing was stringed along for too long, it got boring.

  • My sister watches PLL and she loves Aria so I voted B for her :D

    • Thank you for the vote and opinion, Your sister have a good taste !

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    • Nd toby after;
      Office garrett

    • This is very nice show, All the girls are pretty, by the way awesome list, I like spencer and Toby too! Do you still follow this show?

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  • Never seen it. Voted B because she is the best looking

    • Yes, You're right bro, Thank you for the vote!