Is MGTOW the fastest growing club in the West?

In Japan, 70% of young men are already herbivores which means they don't want anything to do with girls sexually and are quite content with porn. Their numbers are growing. They have feminist laws, but they are not brainwashed by feminism. In Asian countries like India and China the patriarchy is still somewhat strong, and particularly strong outside cities which is why they don't have all these problems. In Saudi Arabia and muslim countries, women are still not allowed to leave the house without a permission of a man, and they still have many restrictions placed on them.

Poor western men are extensively brainwashed and are becoming mentally ill. Scandinavian people lie about being happy, and their countries are the biggest buyers of anti-depressants by far. But nature seems to be on our side and MGTOW seems to be the fastest growing club here.

NO WOMEN ALLOWED for once... since women's invasion of the man's world


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  • "In Asian countries like India and China the patriarchy is still somewhat strong, and particularly strong outside cities which is why they don't have all these problems. "

    except in these countries, you have the opposite extreme, where women are the ones clearly subjugated under unfair laws and attitudes, and men enjoy most of the benefits. Unlike the USA in my opinion, India is a real example of what a rape culture looks like... where rapists aren't prosecuted as seriously as they should be. In the USA, if a guy is accused of rape, his life is already over before he's even proven guilty of the crime. In india, its pretty much the opposite. So in place of having problems for men, they have huge problems for women. I think you're coming at this from a biased perspective.

    As I've said in the past MGTOW can be a good thing for young men who want to focus on their careers, as women are often a distraction for them. But i don't believe mgtow is a good thing for society as a whole to adopt as sort of a permanent measure. Japan atm has a population crisis due to a lack of relationships starting, and its cited as one of the fastest shrinking populations in the western world, which has huge implications on their society, especially considering how xenophobic they still are, which is why they hardly have any non japanese immigrants living in the country on a permanent basis. The future doesn't look great for them.

    • What do you know about India and its laws? Get your facts clear you stupid Mangina before making claims like these.

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  • Maybe you should stop relating all your disappointments and failings to women. I think men, like women, need to find their own worth and place within this world without attaching that worth to another human. Stop buying into all the stereotypical bullshit of mainstream society. Mainstream society is shit and that's why I try and have as little to do with it as I can manage, while still being a working member of society and paying my dues. Stop buying the shit they sell people, stop thinking women want this shit too, they want what they are told to want. This isn't a gender thing, this is a social thing. Society is fucking lame.

    • Brilliant comment !! People need to wake up & see " society " for what it is , run by a Cartel that seeks to make us all fear & hate each other via their control of the " media " , I've posted about this many times. They are playing the age old " Divide & Rule " game to prevent resistance to their plans. The controlled " media " seems to target women slightly more. Upvoted !!

    • @FatherJack yes, exactly that: divide and conquer then sell you the means to attract the other.

      I never understand the male downvoters who dislike it when I say men should stand up for themselves, it's like they want all the shit in their lives to be the fault of others so they don't have to do anything. So they can continue to live their shit, angry and lonely existence.

  • NO WOMEN ALLOWED... what is that? Big boys version of no girls in the tree house?

  • Oh damn. You're not another bitter guy who can't get laid so he's become desperate and pathetic to the point where he finds women's suffering and subjugation pleasurable?
    There are wayyyyy too many of y'all on the internet.

    I say good riddance to guys like that. If someone is that bitter and condescending to the opposite sex (if they're straight), then let their asses be bitter and single and alone.

    • Right! It's always that type of guy. All the happy types who girls actually like don't talk like this. They're the male version of the old single bitter women who are always screaming "men ain't shit"

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    • Typical shaming response, reveals a lack of understanding. MGTOW aren't definitionally single, just unmarried. Plenty of MGTOW have active sex lives, but it's a shift in the way relationship dynamics are viewed.

    • I'm a guy that has no problem getting laid, in fact I worry more about what I'm gonna have for dinner than getting laid, but I consider my self mgtow, I'm straight, I date women but only short term relationships, there is no club, no meetup, must mgtows are successful, and not the basement dwellers everyone pictures, to be mgtow: no long term relationships and single.
      Also about your comment, this is exactly why we walked away from you gals, all that shaming language, you see your selves as the price, only you are not, only emotional crap, taking our money on divorces, taking our kids, accusing us of false rapes... these is what you bring to the table, and in your thirties when you hit the wall, and age like a banana, and get baby rabies, is when you get more dangerous. we refuse to deal with all that, you say you don't need a man? but yet you take alimony from a man, and take free drinks and dinners from him. We all are able to date, we just refuse to do so

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  • No women allowed? What's next? Boys rule, girls drool?

  • So mgtow's a club now?
    What do you do at the meetings?
    Sit in a circle and take turns bitching about your experiences with women?

    • MGTOW isn't a club. Most of MGTOW are what we call the "sleeping giant." That is men who have checked out of societal expectation and won't marry, but haven't heard of MGTOW.

      Most of MGTOW is emerging organically.

      Author's writing exposes an acceptance of feminist revised history, and an ignorance of MGTOW.

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    • Well, if you check their forums, that's all they ever do. So yeah, you're pretty spot on there.

    • @GirlScoutsRevenge - Being MGTOW doesn't mean that you swear off sex. In fact there are no rules to being MGTOW outside of men exercising their right to go their own way. Which means you do things on your terms. So yea, You can offer to suck men who identify as MGTOW and I'm sure you will find takers.

  • No not really
    Just on the internet

  • I can't answer your question as there are no hard figures on this. If it wasn't for the internet I would have not known about this whole MGTOW thing.

    But I applaud men for stop obsessing about women and doing their own thing. I don't think women have issues with that. If it makes you happy go for it! I don't obsess about men and women, I do my own thing and have casual sexual encounters with both men and women. I focus on myself, my own development and 'hang out' casually with men and women. If someone comes along that I fall in love with.. great.. if not.. also great because I'm still enjoying myself.

    But maybe MGTOW is about something else and I've got the purpose wrong?

  • I heard it was Scientology.

  • Where did you read all this :D?
    Amazing really.
    But why aren't women allowed..
    And what is MGTOW?

    • you really don't know what it is?

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    • Its not about hating women. More like being tired and sick of all the womens bullshit mainly the rise of feminism (stupidism)

    • MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way. You asked "which way is that?" It's not one way. Each man has his own, but it means refusing marriage, and refusing to put yourself in a position that will reduce your autonomy. It is checking out of societal expectation to put yourself dead last every time, to be used as a utility and discarded when convenient.

      People who talk MGTOW in YouTube often speculate about the nature and behavior of women with an emphasis on protecting themselves, even if it means saying unsavory things about women.

      Definitionally a woman can't be a MGTOW because a MGTOW is a type of man. As far as "club MGTOW" goes (those who have put a name to the phenomenon and talk about it online), very, very few women are even interested in talking about it. Most who do are only interested in shaming men "back to the plantation." But theoretically, if you'd like to opine with the guys about MGTOW, you're welcome to. But we will be looking at you sideways the whole time.

  • More and more women are siding with more reasonable divorce and family laws. I think we're in a weird place now legally where a big chunk of the older female population agreed to stay home to raise kids and was financially powerless (a 50 year old with no outside skills won't find a job) but a big chunk of the younger generation has more financial power. As the generations turn over, laws will change.

    Men don't need to dominate and possess women to be happy. I don't buy into the male superiority complex worldview. I don't believe that keeping women subservient is the key to societal success.

    I know plenty of "modern" guys who are happy having a true partner and not a dependent in his wife. Likewise, many love getting to spend more time with their kids and not working 80 hours a week to make ends meet. Some say they resented not having their dad in their lives and find more balanced roles relieving. Others say they enjoy that their wife understands them and they can talk about the pressures they feel.

    Meanwhile, nobody is stopping people from having "traditional" marriages.

    It's not so black and white as a lot of the interwebz suggest. There are many facets.


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  • no women allowed? as in in this post?

    also, MGTOW.. hahaa. really don't know what to fucking think but if guys wanna live without pussy, that's cool, more for me.

    • That's not what MGTOW means.

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    • You have the truth of it. What MGTOW claim it's about has little to do with reality. Every single one of them I've ever come across is angry at women, a bunch of sad, bitter, angry crybabies.

    • @Dandeus that's what I always see when MGTOW is mentioned anywhere lol, guys just complaining.

  • MGTOW is not about hating, its about getting beyond all that, and just being yourself, and being a realist...

    we learn how not to care what anybody thinks, so, enjoy your own opinions, they are meaningless to us other than as discussion points of why we dont go there any more...

    and its not about being self centered, its more about just avoiding problems and enjoying the benefits of doing that...

    most get to MGTOW via experiences like divorces or seeing patterns like women playing head games...

    women think guys are too stupid to see the games, not so, we just realize that women are not going to change unless the society crashes and they have to eat what crawls under rocks, and have to lift the rocks themselves to get the running munchies...

    its not a hate group, its a dispassionate group... (a fart in your general direction)

    all relationships are based on trust...
    we dont have any.. how did that happen?

    mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the most wonderful of them all?

    ME! me! me!

    fill in the mirror with your own face...

    anyway, not much to discuss, your criticism is meaningless, we just consider the source, and go back to doing what we want...

    boys will be boys, we were only temporarily distracted by your fake image beauty...

    we soon realized it was magic; a fairy princess with a toad under the magic spell...

    anyway, good luck without us!

    dont go away mad, just go away...

    oh! enjoy your job! and stock up on cat food.

  • It's pretty fast-growing, yes. Just a natural response to sexist laws.

    Hell, some 95 year old farmer was just forced to pay alimony by the courts, despite prenuptial agreements. The amount of alimony is higher than his income, so he will either have to sell his farm or rot in jail.

    It's not even the woman doing this, the courts are doing this themselves. Divorced men are disposable walking ATM's. No wonder MGTOW is growing.

    • Yes, just look at google trends. It's literally spiking!! A very old saying (by socrates I think) is that when woman is made man's equal, she becomes his superior.

    • @Asker
      Be skeptical of anyone who uses Google trends to examine the prevalence of MGTOW. MGTOW also stands for "Maximum Gross Take-Off Weight," w/re: aviation.

  • I like girls but yeah they have effectively scared the piss out of most men and sent them running for the hills. I'll explain how I think they did this.

    - Generations of trashy women fuck up their kids and husbands lives
    - A few men get sick of it eventually and decide to bitch about it on the internet
    - Almost all women, even the good ones, side with the trashy women
    - Men read these comments saying it's okay to let guys pull trains on you and shit and start to think ALL women are like that.

    Good women, stop making excuses for the bad ones. Stop saying it's okay for them to sleep around and cheat and stuff. It makes you all look bad.

  • I sure hope so. Chicks are great and if you self loathing fucks wanna go hang out with each other, more power to ya!

    • And you are... ? Yeah. Men have always known how great chicks are, stop kidding yourself

  • No offense, but MGTOW sounds like a bunch of weenies that blame their problems with life (and more importantly, their problems with women) on women.

    It's like the kid who threatens to take his ball home with him when things don't go his way at the playground. Super childish behavior.

    • This isn't "write an opinion on MGTOW" it's actually a question. Your writing suggests you spend too much time with women... those creatures who were never meant for liberation and who men have always avoided like the plague.

  • It may be the fastest growing club in the west but I certainly have no desire to join it.

  • Hehheh, hoo... Ha.
    ... Oh you're serious.

  • Japan is a crazy country generally speaking.
    As for the MGTOW movement or way of life (call it what you want) I don't know how strong it is in Europe but it is obvious that most men avoid a serious long term relationship.

    • And by the way, because I see some people believe MGTOW means living without a pussy for your cock, that not what this is all about. A man ca still have his fun with the pussy and then continue his own way without boundaries.

    • 50% of americans will now have a diagnosable mental illness and the Japanese are crazy?

    • LOL...

  • Because women are a huge risk. Unless u want kids they use men for money and resources without adding a whole lot to the value of his life.

    Sex is cheap but committed sex from a girlfriend is very expensive. Women cause pain if ur not making money.

    • Women are whores.

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    • Women are different in mind and body. They cannot be treated like men in the man's world.

  • i don't care if women are equal. prove equality is so bad...

  • As stupid as MGTOW is, it's hilarious seeing all the angry women making passive-aggressive, sarcastic comments trying to act like 'Men Only' didn't actually make them mad.

    • I'm guessing you think MGTOW means isolating yourself from women. If not, what is it you think makes MGTOW stupid?

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    • Ok you're just trying to troll as many people as possible, so gl with it.

    • haha... nice try though.

  • It should be balanced between men and women

  • Personally I can't understand why a man should be bitter about not getting laid. There are always prostitutes to buy and since most women are whores anyway, It really doesn't matter if you buy it or get it for free. You give them power over you which is what the feminist society wants. Even jerking off is a better option than the abuse men have to subject themselves to in a matriarchal society. Let their cats give them offspring, better them than us.

  • You make it sound like MGTOW is anti-female. Is that true?

    Going your own way and living by your own rules is one thing. But if it crosses over into gender hatred, isn't that just as bad as the radical feminism you're reacting to?

    • Actually, feminism and gender equality is radical in itself. I don't think MGTOWs hate women, just like we don't hate sharks or poisonous snakes.

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    • Don't forget, it's a man's world

    • you're a sad sad individual, asker.