Since when did 179 cm become a short height that too in a country like india?

I am 179 abd below average height among people i know, in fact i have seen girls taller than me


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  • I'm not sure about India but it's short here in the us. I know the male average is 5'10 so I guess it's short if you think of it that way

    • 179 is 5'10.5 lol honestly i feel more average among the tourists who come here than the people in my univ. Damn even black foreign students are just this tall lmaoo

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    • Oh okay thanks. But I don't think 5'8 or 5'10 is that short. But I'm only 5'3 so what so I know

    • And are u telling me all those celebs who are heartthrobs like brad pitt, clooney, adam levine, matthew mcoughaney etc to name a few are barely average height :o?

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  • I am surprised according to net average height for indian male is 165

    • Thats considering the average of whole country which includes alll the malnourished too

  • That's 5'10 its not short

    • It shouldn't be but apparently it is

    • That's above world average height dude

    • I think i might shift to germany later so i stop feeling short lol no kidding like they are 6'5 guys in my univ, my friends who are 6'2-6'3 seems like normal heights lol