Why are white women who date black men considered damaged goods?

i've heard that a lot of white men considered white women who date black men trashy. why is that?


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  • Bc they r silly and have nothing better to do.
    I think it makes them insecure.


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  • That is just insecurity, lack of self esteem and racism showing.

    White women that date black men are damaged goods.

    And black men are hung like horses, because that is the only reason a woman of another race is dating them.

    This attitude will show up more and more in the coming years, as white male privilege disappears and the white male has to really compete for jobs and social status. That at one time, he was guaranteed and took for granted.

    It was not to long ago a black man could be lynched for looking to long at a white woman or charged with rape for having consensual sex with one. There has never been a case of a white man being lynched, for look at or charged with rape for having consensual sex with a woman of any color.

    • There has never been a case in history where white people were treated like subhumans because of their skin color.

      Yes, white people have been enslaved before, and yes the majority of Holocaust victims were white, but neither of those things were done BECAUSE of their skin color. There was always other reasons.

  • It's less about the guys being black themselves, but more what those black guys often display. Ghetto and thug behaviour. Women who are into it are a huge red flag to any guy who is interested in starting something serious.

  • People that say that are trashy so don't waste time on them

  • Black men are more likely abuse and rape their partners.

    Plus its just gross.

    • Where the hell, did you get that misinformation from?

    • Well here's one article on it, there are plenty more too.


    • So you take a few isolated cases, and it becomes the majority huh?

      That is like the bs that the majority of black live in the inner city ghetto that the news media helps to spread, when in reality the majority (3/4) of black live in working class and middle class neighborhoods.

      It never stops amazing me, how the white media is always coming up with figure about what minorities do to whites. But never seem to have real scientific poof, to back up their claims. Yet you rarely see anything negative, about what whites do to minorities in the same situation.

  • I don't know.

  • Usually the only people who say that are some insecure racist white guys.

  • As a white man i feel bad for the black guy


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  • They aren't unless the guy is a part of some bizarre klu klux klan cult or pro nazi regime. Most people aren't so racist as to exclude all people who associate with black people.

  • No idea
    another made up stereotype to me... nonsense