How many shots can you take before you pass-out?

i have been drinking vodka like all day just cause so how many shots can you take before you pass out?
How many shots can you take before you pass-out?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Like -1. I'm allergic to alcohol and just the smell of it makes me sick.

    • yea me 2 but after a few shots the smell doesn't really bother me that much

    • LOL! That is one of the nice things about shots XD

    • the trick to taking a shot is don't let it hit your tongue try and let it hit the back of your mouth and then breath in in threw your nose and blow out your mouth its the best way to take a shot in my experience

Most Helpful Guy

  • I guess by "pass out", you mean hungover, right? If it is so, then seven.

    Three friends and I once took seven shots of vodka and one of them started to swear his ex and tried committing suicide by jumping from the fifth floor. I saved him and threw him near the door of the bedroom. And then I started crying for no apparent reason and as far as I remember, I was saying things like "is this the life we live?" 😂
    While third one was okay. He controlled the whole situation and we slept afterwards.

    One more incident happened when I visited to my best friend's room. There was four more guests. We started drinking and one of them gone mad and kicked all of the dish TV. All of the dish of the streets were on the same roof on which we were drinking. They called police and we ran away.
    We hid in a park where a group was playing cricket. We joined them. I remember it was like bowler was throwing two balls at the same time but it was one in reality lol. Police were finding us and we were playing in the park lol and we disputed with those innocent fellas that we are not out. They're cheating and stuff. And it was 2 AM lol 😂 We returned at 4 AM when police gave up. The next morning I needed to go to college for my admission at 8 AM haha.

    I stopped taking alcohol 😇

    • ahh good times with alcohol right? lol yea lot of weird stuff happens when you drink i can't even remember half of all the stuff i been threw cops include but yea good times i won't forget them... xD

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    • changed my life for sure made me the man i am 2 day no regrets

    • That's awesome :) 👍

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What Girls Said 1

  • If you remember how many shots you have had. Then you haven't had enough

    • its been along while since the last time i didn't remember how many i like a mellow buzzz

What Guys Said 6

  • I have never drunk vodka.

    • well 1 beer=1shot and 1 glass of wine is the same and most hard liquor is the same so... what is your drink of choice and how much can you take? if you don't know now sweat

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    • its been awhile since i had one but i will dedicate my next shot 2 ThisDudeHere which i might add is a sweet name to take a shot 2 the DUDE!

    • lol thanks :)

  • lol if you want to party with me kid a bottle a person is minimum.

  • Depending on how fast I take them- probably 30-50, maybe more. Dont really do vodka shots, this would be for whisky.

  • Ummm a lot lol. I've killed that bottle before and kept drinking. Over the course of like 6 hours tho so I don't know. I don't know what's impressive really?

  • You know that sometimes people who pass out from drinking never wake up?

    • well passing out is the body's way of saying basically no more if you were to take a person who was passed out and put one more drink in his mouth yea he could possible die i know its possible but i have never known anyone who has drunk them self's 2 death it would take some effort to accomplish this

    • It happens. I've seen a guy passed out from drinking half a bottle of vodka. We couldn't rouse him and called 911, probably saved his life. If you want to get high, smoke weed instead. No one ever dies from an overdose.

    • most people lose motor function be for they are even able take another a drink if a person drinks 2 much in one go yea its certain danger that's why you should always drink in moderation

  • I once had 6-7 shots straight at once and at least 3 beers after and carried on almost entirely normal throughout the night. I felt it, but felt good. Didn't get overly hung over either. Maybe I drink too much and have become a functioning alcoholic. I don't know.

    • yea the longer you drink the more your body adapts and you need more to get drunk even if your a skinny person i once drank 15 shorts plus some beers not all at once and i was even able to past the field sobriety test after i admitted to how many drinks i had they said there were surprised i could stand up let alone pass the test i did the backwards alphabet they only told me to do five staring from z i think but i did the whole thing ha! and but i failed the breathalyzer miserable obviously they didn't want to arrest me but there was nobody to take custody of me at the time