How can a 17 year-old guy still get spanked by his father?

According to the story:

I'm going to assume that guy is weak and probably smaller. My father was a jerk for most part of my life and just like that guy in the story, I also came home drunk at age 17.

The only difference is I took away the belt from him and told him I wasn't freaking scared of him. At that age, there is no way in hell he would have spanked me with a belt 10-11 times nor would I even allow it and I didn't.

But seriously, lol how do you successful spanked a guy at that age (only 1 yr away from being of legal age) without him possibly struggling or like him taking away the belt from you?

Before anyone gets jumpy, my father have given tons of reasons of not respecting him ever since I was a kid (cheating on my mother multiple times, not being involved in my life for several years and only suddenly showing up when I'm already in 2nd yr of HS).

It was a confrontation that day, He demanded asking where I was at, with whom, etc., I cursed him out, he shoved him, I shoved him back, I punched him, he gets ready to take the belt but I took it away from him.


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  • My mother is 5'5 and at 18 she backhanded me and chased me through the house. At 17 my dad picked me up by the collar of my hoodie and firmly placed me on the floor... both of those things I needed to happen, I deserved them, but my point is that I'm not sure a "spanking" will happen but definitely they can still lay hands on you.


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  • Mayb the kid has a fetish?


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  • Some people seriously are afraid of their parents?

    • I guess. That would be the only other possible explanation. Unless that father is some type of martial artist or has the strength of 2 people in 1, a guy that age would usually have the strength to fight him.

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