Which Resident Evil character is your favourite and why?

This is a question for all the RE players out there, I know there must be some on this website. I've never seen an RE question on here before. . So I'm hoping RE players will come out of the woodwork

Other includes any character for any game (or film if you want), even side characters like agent, merchant or Luis.

#residentevil? Resident evil players unite

Also having to go to Re net just to get some skins. . . unbelievable

  • Leon S. Kenedy
    Vote A
  • "Ada Wong"
    Vote B
  • U. S. S. Agent "HUNK"
    Vote C
  • Chris Redfield
    Vote D
  • Rebecca Chambers
    Vote E
  • Jill Valentine
    Vote F
  • Other (nemesis, wesker, BSAA Soldier, Piers, Helena etc.)
    Vote G
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  • Leon kennedy for the win I even have hi as my youtube profile. I really like all the others though I am a huge resident evil fan and dork.


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