How do you know your bra size?

I've always struggled with this
I'm a 34c supposedly but my areoles show from my cup? Like stick out and it feels tight (the bra) but when you see me naked, my boobs dont look that big?


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  • You should go a lingerie shop or department and get fitted probably, it sounds like the band size or cup size is too small.


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  • It is actually more likely the style of the bra you're having difficulty with. Depending on the bra style, you may need a different size or find that you have complications with spillage and such, especially sexier styles.

    I recommend you watch this video, it should help you immensely:


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  • lol you need a 32D... check out Victoria secret they'll measure you.

    • But they don't look that big :0

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    • No they won't. They're trained to measure people wrong.

    • @BellePepper how so

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  • You're bra isn't the right size or you're buying the wrong style.

  • Most people are wearing ill fitting bras because manufacturers and stores don't carry the modern range. It's silly that they make bras to modern standards but don't make the range that would fit the average person. Result: we get stuck in shitty fitting bras.

    Just as an example and to rock your world about correctly sized bras, what comes to mind when you hear 32DD? Check out what a 32DD looks like when measured and worn correctly:

    Bet that's not what you had pictured in your head. Now check out a 28G:

    Now that you have a small taste of how modern bras and sizing is supposed to be, go measure yourself!
    Modern bra sizing
    Band = underbust (rounded up to the nearest even number)
    Cup = bust - underbust (1 inch difference=1 cup letter)
    A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K

    While you're at it, learn how to properly put your bra on. (Yes, you probably are wearing it wrong. It's ok, pretty much everyone does before learning about modern sizing ;)