How long could it take to become a self taught contortionist?

before you rat me out on this and say what a bad idea it is, please read what i have below

i am 17 years old and back when i was 2 or 3 years old, i was put in gymnastics. i was a gymnast till i was in grade 6 or 7. i honestly wouldve kept going with it but i quit at that age because my coach was a total a$$ to me and i hated it. from being a gymnast for basically 9 - 10 years, i already have a ton of flexibility. i could do my splits at age 4 all the way and do bridges (some call them back bends) really well at that age too. i can still do all those things since my joints and muscles just grew into it since i could do them at such a young age. i just can't do as much as i want to do or as much as a contortionist can (obviously)

recently for the past few months i've been wanting to get even more flexible than i am right now and because contortion is basically a sport of extreme flexibility, it really appeals to me since i'm a bit more flexible than the average person. do you think i could manage to teach myself contortionism in a reasonable period of time given i already have past experiences of physical flexibility? i'm willing to do stretching many times a day to keep my muscles and joints the way they are and i already kind of have to since i'm a figure skater too

i should also mention that i would teach myself by youtube videos being i live in a very small town that doesn't have any contortion/circus/whatever you want to call it clubs and i don't have time to drive an hour to the next city that would have one
How long could it take to become a self taught contortionist?
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