Why I Am Homesick For A Place I've Never Been?

I find that sometimes I think about a place that's feels like home but never been there.Why I Am Homesick For A Place I've Never Been<br />??


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  • I know the feeling. For me, that place is Egypt. I've never been there, but I've always been drawn there for some reason. I can't explain it--even before I knew anything of Egyptian history and culture--I've always felt this urge to go there. The thought of going there and walking amongst the sands just fills me with this bittersweet sense of longing, stronger than the feelings evoked by my fondest childhood memories. I'd call it nostalgia, but how can you be nostalgic for something you've never experienced before?

    • Yeah I wonder too.. It's a feeling sometimes I can't put into words... on a lighter note I have been to Egypt and visited the pyramids it's a place that your mind blowing. I hope you make that trip for yourself someday. When things are more peaceful.

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    • Whoa. That's quite the fall... you would've been in the air for quite some time (assuming you were with a parachute, otherwise it's less than a minute XD)... Wasn't it a bit difficult to breathe, though? I've always wanted to go skydiving at high altitudes, but I'm scared that I'll end up suffocating in that thin air.

    • At that height it's still okay, it's when you move to the 35,000ft, we spend about 20-30 mins rapid breathing to raise the oxygen level in the blood and have a O2 bottle and mask to assist with breathing with the fall. But you would be fine at the normal height of 11,000 for a civilian jump. It's quite a rush to feel but I think you would really enjoy it.

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  • I'm home sick for space I have always dreamt of going there at night I look at the stars and I know I belong there but the closest I can get to it on this planet is the north pole I would spend a whole night watching stars and get a glimpse of aurora borealis

  • Its ur soul searching for answers

  • There's a word for it in German: fernweh.


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