Are girls born with more feelings than boys?

And is it any wonder men end up with less feelings, if we treat boys like they have less feelings, with less compassion, like their feelings matter less than girls', like they make them weak and unmanly, from day one?

I remember having lots of emotions as a child, emotions I could feel in my whole body, that were there when I woke up, held on the entire day, and changed with the weather.
I remember feeling actual pain in my chest and stomach, or like falling into a pit, just from words someone said.
Everything seemed to be so much more worth.
That all died off, when I realized my role, and it was fucking torture. I woke up with the desire to kill myself for years, losing all feeling. This phase is over, but it feels like I'm blind now.

I don't feel different than other guys, though, so maybe for most that blindness sets in way earlier, and that's why they don't remember it ever being any different.

I find it insulting when someone says that little boys are just born with less heart than girls.
If you treat them like that, they'll feel it, and it's no wonder it becomes true.
How is that any better than treating girls like they're just not as smart or capable as boys?
How are you any better than a man, who thinks women are inferior?
Are girls born with more feelings than boys?
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