Women are inferior to men in every way, so why should they be treated equally?

Let's be honest for one single time. A woman is nothing more than a handicapped version of a man (smaller brains, less muscles, submissive, unable to think rationally/logically and so on...).

The first person (and the last) on the moon was (will be) a man. You can't send a woman to the moon. Women will never be able to rule a powerful country. I've never met a female version of Einstein (intelligence), Obama (leadership qualities, charisma), Shakespeare (creativity, emotional intelligence), Mozart (outstanding musical talent), Ali (superior fighter) and so on. Every single field is dominated by men, even when it comes to emotional intelligence and creativity.

So why should women be treated equally?


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  • If you care to look, you can find many talented, ingenious women throughout history.

    Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victory, Amelia Earhart, Florence Nightingale, Simone de Beaviour, Ursula le Guin, Chrissie Hydne, Annie Lennox.

    You just have a deficit of affection. You don't like yourself so you can't like other people, especially not women, because of your failure to have friendly relations with them.

    • Victoria pardon.

    • "You just have a deficit of affection. You don't like yourself so you can't like other people, especially not women, because of your failure to have friendly relations with them."

      it's true... sadly. I suffer from severe depression and I can't deal with it...

    • I went through depression from 16-30, so I'm not gonna tell you there's any quick fix. Anyway... keep on truckin'. :)

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  • have you ever considered that female geniuses EXIST but are not fairly considered as such?

    my biology professor graduated harvard at the top of her class. at the age of 22, she officially got her name changed from christina to chris just so motherf***ers like you would give her the credit she deserved. after the name change, her scientific articles magically started getting approved left and right.

    • Funny story. Too bad I don't believe that sh*t.

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    • that's revolting

      Fuck academia.

    • I'd believe this, In the 17 and 1800's most women authors would write under a mans name so their book would be read. In most cases you couldn't tell the difference.
      A woman has to do twice as well as a man to even be considered compareable.

  • Eh, obvious troll is obvious. But I'm bored so I'll humour you.

    Queen Elizabeth the 1st- pretty powerful woman, pretty powerful country. Not to mention Margaret Thatcher who, while being a Tori bastard, brought us out of the last recession.

    Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, the Brontes... all brilliant writers who overcame the patriarchy to get their work recognised.

    There were plenty of woman musicians throughout history, the problem was that historians didn't write about them. Fanny Mendelssohn, Felix Mendelssohn's sister, for example- he actually admitted that she was the superior pianist, but her whole family thought it was inappropriate for a woman to have a career in music, so they stifled her. Clara Schumann, married to the famous composer Robert Schumann, was one of the most distinguished pianists of the romantic era. She had to juggle concerts with looking after her kids and her husband who slowly went mad. Ethel Smyth, Louise Farrenc... here's a list of the documented ones: link

    This is still happening today. I studied a module called Music since 1945 for a whole year, and we studied one woman composer. ONE. It's not because women composers don't exist, in many ways I am one. We're just ignored by historians and people teaching the subject.

    As for men being superior fighters, it is true that it's easier for men to develop muscle. But there is another factor at play in this issue; what do you think when you see this picture:

    link ?

    Gross? Steriods? Unfeminine? Ugly? Maybe you even feel a little bit threatened? It's socially unacceptable for a woman to look like that, so pro-wrestling and other sports that require a lot of muscle just aren't attractive to many women. It certainly wouldn't have been acceptable for a woman to fight pre-1960 or 70.

    Had your fill of attention yet?

    • Sadly Fanny and Clara just weren't very good composers, their music was superficial. It's only natural for a husband to be gracious in describing his wife's talents.

    • Really? And your evidence? When calling music 'superficial' you must accpet that it's subjective. What is your authority to label music as superficial or deep?

  • ok

  • societies standards and patterns have changed tremendously since the time of many of the people listed above (einstein, shakespeare, mozart, even ali). all those fields USED to be dominated by men, but recent studies show that for every 2 men that graduate college, there are 3 women. and it is quite difficult to be successful in this world without an education. there are many professional women sport leagues that are on the rise as well. not to mention hilary clinton running to rule one of the most powerful nations in the world (sure, she didn't succeed but there are more elections to come). also it has officially been reported that 51.4% of manager positions in the US are held by women. looks like men are the weaker sex professionally, and in our day and age one profession is equal to ones pwer in the world. women were never given the opportunity to exhibit their abilities because of resraints placed by society in earlier generations. now that society is more open and allowing toward female success, women can finally show what theyre made of

  • haha! wow! rethink what you just said... every single field is dominated by men? I don't think so. Take nursing for example... nursing in the past was a women only field. As time went by, men were allowed to be nurses. Nursing will gain more attention from men in the future, but nursing will most likely always be a field dominated by women. Don't take nurses for granted. When you're 85 in the nursing home or deathly ill in the hospital, you will be so thankful for the nurses wiping your butt and feeding you and providing for your comfort.

    • Cutie, are you a nurse?

  • Although I have many different arguments to counteract yours, I'll just tell you a little story about my good friend.
    My friend has just turned twenty and she is half way through her schooling. She has got her bachelor of science and since highschool has out performed everyone in her classes including the men. Her 22 year old brother and her still live with their single mom. Her brother is so pathetic, he still workes at a gas station, and can't save a single dollar. Last time I talked to my friend not only did she go out of her way to pay for parts for her brothers car but she had to fix the damn thing aswell!

    • And currently I'm listening to my full grown male roomate through a tantrum like a little child.

  • Queen Elizabeth rules England which the country in NATO so I would assume that it would be powerful. Ali"s daughter is one of the best female fighters in the world. Women have to the ability to carry children and men are a MUTATION of women considering a part of their y chromosome fell off. So in all actuality you as a male is mutation not something as natural as a woman.

    list of things women are better are then men:

    they perform better during timed tests

    women learn better then men

    women have stronger immune systems

    women live longer

    and this is only a taste there are many articles that women can do things better then men

  • of course the idiot would post the question anonymously. why I'm even answering this I have no idea. he's probably some ugly weirdo and girls never want to talk to him so he gets us to answer his stupid question so he can feel like he has had a converstaion with us. go away jerk off you are funny. WOMEN INFERIOR? Try repopulating the earth without us!

  • Say this without being anonymous.

  • Please go back to your bridge troll... seriously, mommy issues much?

  • I agree & disagree with you. I think there are things men are better at than women, & if a man is more qualified to do a certain job, he should get the job. But you are really belittling women by saying they are not as creative & emotionally intelligent as men. There are tons of famous female poets: Emily Dickenson (my personal hero), Anne Bradstreet (another hero of mine), Alice Walker, Sylvia Plath, Maya Angelou, Anne Sexton, Christina Rossetti, Gertrude Stein, Rita Dove, Gwendolyn Brooks, & the list goes on. As a female poet, I take great offense to your comment. Also, I think one of the most gifted & talented writers of all time is a female, J. K. Rowling. Everyone has their own person taste, but I personally am in awe of J. K. Rowling & her extreme talent, & have always thought she was a better writer than Shakespeare himself. Again, that is my opinion, if you like Shakespeare better, that is your right. But it is wrong of you to take away from the fact that women are talented in this area just because you do not appreciate their art. As for intelligence, I think men & women are equal in their intelligence. Yes, you can argue that they're more reveled scientist in the past, like Einstein, etc., but you have to keep in mind that women in the past could not become scientist. This site lists some of the most intelligent women through history: www.eoht.info/.../IQ%3A+150%2B+%7C+Smartest+woman+ever

    As for men being more physically strong, taller, I will give you that, as that is in their biology. But to deny women the right to vote & have a job is very wrong. If you take that away from women, you are destining women who cannot get a husband or who are left by their husbands to dying on the streets. A woman, like any other human being, should have the right to have a job & support herself. If a job requires someone to be physically fit & strong, then I would not argue with you that a man should get the job if he is more qualified.

    • Here are ten female scientists from the past:
      Emilie du Chatelet (1706 – 1749)
      Caroline Herschel (1750 – 1848)
      Mary Anning (1799 – 1847)
      Mary Somerville (1780 – 1872)
      Maria Mitchell (1818 – 1889)
      Lise Meitner (1878 – 1968
      Irène Curie-Joliot (1897 – 1956)
      Barbara McClintock (1902 – 1992)
      Dorothy Hodgkin (1910 – 1994)
      Rosalind Franklin (1920 – 1958)

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  • Brother you haven't researched well..sunita williams,kalpana chawla(went to space),bachendri pal(mount-everest cliber),madam curi(discoverer of radiation),j.k.rowling(best seller harry potter writer;shekspear's works are only 2 b praised) and lots more.women are in all field & can do works that men can't.

  • Why should you be treated equally? Your boring as f***. Why can't you say something interesting instead of talking about women?

  • Damn dude, you trying to start a war?

    • i have no idea who you are, but when I read your comment, I like heard a voice hahaha. like you reading your comment aloud, with the right inflections and intonations. god I'm going crazy.

  • QA, that's just not true.
    Women are better at some things, especially talking and eating.

  • yeah it makes me wonder why do women want equality but yet expect the guy to be the dominant one in the relationship

  • I agree with you 100%. Now give me the best answer to p*ss everyone off even more.

  • If women are so much inferior to men, then why the hell can't half of the guys on this website talk to a chick without pissing their pants? If men were the superior beings then why the hell are some guys begging their chick for sex everyday or asking her if it's OK to go out with his friends? Hell my boss is a chick what about that, and I wouldn't be surprised if your boss was a chick.

    Have you ever met a mad black woman, holy sh*t that is some scary stuff, especially if they are a big black woman, or have you ever pissed off one of those lesbians that dresses like a man, they can be brutal.

  • sometimes the lack of female scientists &like even in sports you don't get a women who is setting new human records..&blah blah does make me think tht qstn but the moment I see my mom,all qstns disappear...

    had my mom's dad thot tht way &denied her education,who would hv taught me?,who would hv made me the guy I m now(personalitywise)

    the involvement of a lady in your life makes you complete at every stage

    at birth its mom

    wen old enough its gf/wife...so if you open your eyes properly &think using a thing called "brain",u won't troll like this...

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