Who is the most complete person you know?

I recently watched a movie (again for the third time now), and was reminded of this beautiful phrase, "He is the most complete person I know." I've never heard this anywhere else.

'A Little Chaos' is a period piece set 1682 France, the time of Louis XIV (played by the fabulous Alan Rickman) and stars Kate Winslet and Matthias Schoenaerts. It's a love story set on the backdrop of the building of The Palace of Versailles, and the elaborate effort needed in designing and building the gardens. This movie is not going to be for everyone, but it's really gorgeous and I always enjoy it. The dialogue is precise, elegant, and no sentence is wasted. Co-written, directed by Alan Rickman. (But this is just a side note.)

Anyway, we've also famously heard a variant of this phrase, "You complete me" in 'Jerry Maguire'. Cameron Crowe didn't think that scene would play well, but Cruise said, "Just let me do it. I've got this" and he stole the scene, it now becoming one of the trademarks of the movie. But technically, this is a different sentiment. If you want to answer that one as well, go ahead, but it's a much harder question, it will be sad for many, so I'm not asking it.

Here's another way to look at it. I've been wanting to use this somewhere, as well.
Have you heard of the phrase "a sense of self"? Here's what it means:
The self, the process of individuation which begins from childhood to an expansive journey of self-discovery whereby one consciously and gradually integrates the unconscious aspects, the parts of ourselves that we refuse to confront, of one’s personality into the whole.
Carl Jung believed that it is the end purpose of human life to experience this coming together of the whole to fully integrate and make conscious everything about ourselves that was hidden in the shadow.
This end is the fullest expression of one’s character and allows one to hold firm their individuality against the collective mass unconscious.

'A Little Chaos' Trailer, if you're interested.
Who is the most complete person you know?
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