Do you feel sorry for Brittany Venti?

From a close friend of hers:

"I promised I wouldn't bully her, after she almost cried for almost publicly admitting to the shitty situation she in. She just invokes pity in me.

>Loss both her parents when she was young

>Being in that apartment in New York. Telling herself that she basically has no purpose in life, except for being the attachment to an actually successful person that will sweep her off the feet and give her this awesome, fulfilling life.

>No college, zero career ambitions. No purpose. Can't move away from NY, because she thinks she has to stay here for the few friends she has.

>No parents. No family. Increasing mental illness. Her extended family seems to not really want anything to do with her. No one is saying "hey Brittany is this lonely girl just living by herself in NY, maybe we should help her"

>had a shitty childhood and even talked kinda badly about her mom, despite her being dead

>Low self esteem from being mixed race

>is hated by the very demographic she made her whole identity, but also hates Thots herself

>has issues with her own sexuality, can't barely even stick her own butt out for a squat in the gym for proper form, because it creates an overwhelming sense of dread in her that she is doing something "whoreish"

>has a very mean sense of humor that alienates a ton of people, basically low-key autists, people don't get her humor and think she's weird or an asshole

Brittany is basically one of these mixed-race Incels with a perma-neet loser lifestyle. But female. Brittany constructed a lifestyle, where self-improvement is impossible. Her life will just be to spend all her time on the internet and wait for some prince to sweep her off the feet and fix her life."
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This is a video of her apartment with her then ex-bf
Do you feel sorry for Brittany Venti?
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