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More Would you rather questions?

Remember you can't add any answers only answers the questions I give you all also non of these aren't sexual questions by the way. Let get ready!
1. Would you rather make a new show for Cartoon Network, or Nickelodeon, Disney Channel?
2. Date Emma Watson or Date Scarlett Johansson?
3. Would you rather be a super spy or a pirate captain?
4. Would you rather be a new parent to a daughter or a son?
5. Marry either Mariah Carey, or Serena Williams, or Halle Berry, or Gabrielle Union?
6. Would you rather be the person who cures cancer or be the person who end world hunger?
7. Be a person who crossdresses (Basically be a man who wear and look like a woman. And be a woman who wear and look like a man.) Or be someone someone who constantly cosplay. ( Basically be either a man or a woman who dressed up as fictional characters.)
8. Would you rather play for The NFL/WNFL or play for The NBA/WNBA ( Basically either a football player or a basketball player.)
9. Would you rather be a Democrat or a Republican?

Of course I definitely give you guys my answers but remember these are only my answers and you can choose whatever you want.

1. I make a show for Cartoon Network
2. Scarlett Johansson
3. I definitely prefer to be a spy.
4. I actually want to have a daughter so I pick daughter.
5. Gabrielle Union definitely
6. Cancer
7. I don't want to crossdress as a woman so I definitely choose, cosplay I definitely can imagine how fun it would be to dress up as my favorite characters.
8. NBA, I don't care for football that much.
9. Both are trash, but if I have to choose I probably pick the republican I could probably have an intelligent conversation with them well only a few of them.

Those are my answers for each questions but what about you ladies and gentlemen which one would you rather choose.
More Would you rather questions?
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