Alcoholics, why do you drink... ?

It's so sad and hurtful because my fiancé is an alcoholic and I think it's starting to affect him, mentally, physically, and internally.

He has been having trouble thinking clearly. He gets confused many times about almost everything. His body is starting to ache a lot, mostly his left side. He has never really shown any bruising, but lately, if he bumps into something, his bruises will show up now. He has gotten aggressive and has said some hurtful things, but he doesn't remember it and has no recollection of anything at all. He would remember bits and pieces, but he starts to mix them all up with a whole different situation or other irrelevant information.

We've talked about this and he has promised me he would stop drinking. I know it's hard to stop drinking so I don't expect him to stop right away. But he has told me that if he wanted to stop drinking, he could. But from what I've seen and experienced, he can't. He has gone a few months alcohol-free, but when he started drinking again, he was drinking heavily as if he was thirsty for water.

I have asked him why he drinks and he told me he just likes to drink. I have told him that he can drink but not excessively because you're supposed to have fun when drinking and not he blacked out wasted every day. He has agreed, but he still drinks until he is knocked out for hours, only to wake up to drink more...

He has been to a program that is supposed to help people with issues, but he doesn't care and kept drinking a lot anyway..

I know he drinks like that when someone pisses him off. But I feel like there's so much more to it than that. Several years ago, before we had even met, he was always drinking with a group of friends and mostly drunk walking places, but he would still go to work. Nowadays, he doesn't have a group of friends but he still drinks excessively and sometimes he doesn't wake up in time to go to work or he wakes up early, just to drink and pass out before he is supposed to go to work.

Alcoholics, why do you drink... ?
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