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How do I nip work rumors in the butt, or should I scrap it and get a new job?

I started at a new job as a key holder at a store 2 months ago. My second day on the job I was informed by some of my coworkers that the assistant manager has a bad reputation as a married man with a baby on the way who habitually sleeps around with some of the previous girls in my position. As this was good information to know it has helped me keep my guard up about my coworkers, especially him. I have never been nor had the desire to ever be in any kind of relationship with a coworker, not to mention I am happily married.

Some time has passed and I have noticed this guy slowly try and get more friendly with me, always finding me in the store and trying to strike up conversations, finding any and every reason to text me and trying to keep the conversation going. I have been polite for the sake of getting along at work but always somewhat stand-off ish and trying to maintain a boundary. I have kept my husband in the know about all of these things as well.

My husband and I moved this last weekend so I took the weekend off to do that. I came back today and was informed by one of the cashiers that 2 of the other key holders (who are in their own crazy situationship and cause all sorts of drama) have been telling some of my coworkers that the reason I took the weekend off is because my husband and I are getting a divorce because of this assistant manager and I had to move out. Keep in mind, I avoid these 2 like the plague and I don’t talk to them, much less about my personal life so I have no idea where any of this came from. My coworker also went on to say that apparently the assistant manager has been saying things about me and staring at me when I’m not paying attention.

I don’t like any of this at all. It’s very discusting behavior in my eyes. It makes me very wary and I wonder how I can potentially squelch the rumors and keep my job or if it’s best I move on down the road.

How do I nip work rumors in the butt, or should I scrap it and get a new job?
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