If a guy winks at you does it still mean flirting?

There is a guy at work who is shy around me but the other day he winked at me when walking past. He's never done that before. Does it mean he has an interest in me or is he just being friendly?

Guys do you normally wink at girls when your just being friendly or does it mean your interested in them on some level?!


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  • Probably had an insect fly into his eye. Joke.

    Guess he finally got the courage to make a move for you to notice him, best thing for you is to return the gesture and keep it going.

    When I used to wink at girls it was to get their attention and say I'm interested.

    Different winks you can have:

    - the slow wink that states that I think your pretty and interested, come here baby.

    - the fast wink ; hi there, good job well done. this can be meant as a friendly gesture.

    - the double eye wink; that's like a nod saying yes or watch out be careful.


    • He winked at me when he walked past me as he arrived at work. I smiled back at him. What category would you say that's in? Is he saying that he finds me attractive and wants todo something about it?

    • That sounds like a good morning how are you doing good looking wink

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  • although a wink is innocent, it does hold some attraction values, because although most blokes won't realize they had winked, we just cannot help ourselves but show appreciation to someone we are attracted to, but don't assume this is always the case, as it can sometimes just be an expression of some sort of other appreciation, ie thanks for your help, but this usually follows with words to be exact, so if he passes and winks, its his sub concious not allowing him to pass with out showing some sort of attraction towards you,x

  • He has a crush on you, so why not you take the opportunity to talk to him? This could be your chance of getting a boyfriend.

    Besides... people love to say, "a guy has miss his chance if a girl was winking at him" so why not the other way around if a guy was doing that do a girl?

    I don't believe in double standards.

  • I usually do this at girls because I have involuntary muscle spasms going on near my eyelids, I usually follow it up with a nice and quick epileptic seizure.

  • Probably more flirting than just being friendly. He might have been in a devil-may-care mood, so it doesn't necessarily mean he was interested in YOU.

    But ... if I were a betting man, I'd guess he likes you and is giving you the equivalent of a 'poke' on Facebook ... perhaps to see if you responded in any way ...

    That's my guess.

    • I've known this guy at work for about 5 years now but this is the first time he has ever winked at me. I was quite surprised he even did that in the first place so I kinda got shy. I smiled back at him and looked down as I passed by.

  • It means "Blow me"

    • Does it heck

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    • Doesn't sound absurd to me!

    • Thats just wrong.

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  • I think he fancies you

  • So the other day, I saw my friend and I called out his name, and he turned around and winked at me. What does it mean because I read it as a friendly gesture until I found out he had this crush on my site last year.