What to think when your boyfriend loses his phone?

I'm unsure what to feel or think.. I have been dating a marine and suddenly he loses his phone. he calls me randomly now using his friends or the office phone, but when he calls it shows up as "unknown" while I have a caller ID app on my phone that works well. For over a week he lost his phone. and suddenly he tells me that he has to leave base for a family emergency. Things are not going well he tells me, and he only calls me randomly with "unknown" calls. what do you think?


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  • Doesn't want you to be able to accesss him? Oh-oh, hiding bad behavior! No proof of this, though but you have a right to be suspicious.

  • 1. The guy is a Marine. For all you know he may be stuck up with some protocol situation / assignment that prevents him from divulging anything. This may explain his calling you from classified numbers and also saying he's lost his phone.

    2. He may genuinely have lost his phone and may not be in a position to get another one immediately.

    3. He is over you and / or doing something else behind your back (if not another woman etc then refer to point 1).

    I think you should ask him plainly either over phone or email rather than linger around and increasing your stress levels with suspicion and anxiety.

    • i have spoken with him over this. he just tells me I shouldn't be thinking this way. because it hurts him to know I can't trust a guy that really wants a chance to be with me. and by me thinking he has something going on, makes him confused and maybe its best he leaves me alone he says. because he sees I have trust issues. but its not what he wants, he wants me to be apart of his life. but he tells me he calls me using his friends phones. I've asked him is there another woman. he said no

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    • thats the thing. the numbers don't appear on my Mr.Number App. and it works well with numbers taht I don't recognize. every single time he calls me with a friends phone or house phone or any phone he's using comes up as unknown. and come on with a friends number... it should show up..

    • Read point one & 3 again. I'd lay more pressure on point 1.

      But if you are not able to take this situation, I recommend move on in life.

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